Traxxas XRT Full Review – Everything You Need To Know!

If I ask you what is the best Traxxas RC car? You will tell me the X-Maxx or the Sledge. But once you read this Traxxas XRT review, you will change your mind!

Here we are with another newly produced Traxxas RC car, after blowing people out with the Traxxas Sledge with its power and handling, the new Traxxas XRT came to say “I’m the new king!”.

This new RC car comes with so many features, including the big numbers that will drop your jaw especially since it comes with a lot of new techniques!

This is why, if you think the X-Maxx is the best RC car, MAYBE, you will change your mind after seeing this new beast.

In this review, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Traxxas XRT.

Let’s get started in the next few lines…

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Traxxas XRT Full Review - Everything You Need To Know!

Traxxas XRT Body

At first glance, you might see that the Traxxas XRT looks a little bit like the Traxxas Sledge, they have the same style.

However, if you get closer, you’ll see so many details on the body.

The design and the identity are also different than the Sledge!

Some of the great features that Traxxas has kept is the clipless body. This feature allows you to remove the body by clicking under the fender wells. It’s simple and practical.


The Front

By looking at this RC beast, you’ll notice those sharp-looking headlights, they’re so thin and aggressive despite being fake (Stickers).

These headlights are connected to a black grill that adds an incredible look.

Of course, in front of the body, there is a big bumper that looks like the big chin of Thanos from Avengers or Morgan from One piece.

This bumper is meant to protect the body from any crashes, and it looks like it is capable of that mission!

The hood is one of the places that have been changed the most in the Traxxas XRT body. There is a new thing here! It’s a big air vent that allows air to flow inside the body for cooling reasons as well as aerodynamic reasons! It’s engineering baby!

That air vent is designed in a way that makes it look like a hood of a muscle RC car.

On the mention of muscles, you’ll see that there are some muscles on the sides that are bigger than those on the Traxxas Sledge!

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The Middle and the Rear

While the front of the Traxxas XRT body was stunning, so are the middle and the rear!

As expected from Traxxas, the XRT comes with huge plate skids that protect the top of the body from being cracked in case of a flip-over.

Here is another great upgrade on the roof! It comes with another air vent, this one has the same role as the one on the hood which is cooling the motor as well as the vents on top of the motor.

Regarding protection, under the body, there is a cage that connects the front air vent with the middle and rear skids, these three connections create an internal cage that makes the body so hard and safe from being broken.

You can also use this internal cage to add some aftermarket lights since it is light-ready!

And finally, there is the best part of all, it’s the big spoiler. If you have a Traxxas Sledge, you might see some similarities between the spoilers of these Two RC cars.

In the overall look; yes, they lookalike. However, if you see more details, you’ll notice that they are different!

The dimensions are not the same, and neither is the design. They are both great spoilers, but the XRT spoiler is better!

After the soiler, you’ll find the wheelie bar which is something we don’t see always in a stock RC car version. Usually, you have to buy one, but with the new Traxxas XRT, you don’t have to.

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Traxxas XRT Dimensions

Traxxas XRT Full Review - Everything You Need To Know!

When it comes to dimensions, the Traxxas XRT is smaller than the X-Maxx of course, which is something you’ll know right away after seeing it.

On the other hand, it is a little bit bigger than the Sledge, especially in the width where the difference is more than 150mm and 2.2 mm than the X-Maxx! That’s a lot wider than the Sledge which means more handling and stability! It’s called the WideMaxx suspension!

The length of the XRT is 31.41 inches (798mm), the width is 23.43 inches (595mm) and the height is 10.15 inches (258mm).

Traxxas XRT Colors

When it comes to Traxxas XRT colors, it is offered in 4 different colors: Blue, Red, Green, and Orange.

All the colors look great on this vehicle, however, the best one for personal preference is Blue. What about you? What is the best color on this RC car?

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Traxxas XRT Chassis

Traxxas XRT Full Review - Everything You Need To Know!

Here is the great thing about the Traxxas XRT chassis. It’s a new chassis! You will guess that right after looking at it. Its design is amazing and different!

The first thing you will notice Ith this chassis is the low ground clearance and the big width due to the WideMaxx suspension of the X-Maxx.

But this is nothing in comparison to the secrets you’re about to know!

First of all, this chassis has a mix between plastic, metal, and Aluminum parts and materials, it comes with some new parts as well as new techniques to prevent dust as well as to have easy access to the different other parts.

In addition to that, the chassis has a skid passing in the middle to support the chassis.

The great thing about the skid is the fact there are so many openings, some of them are right under the steering to prevent the dust and dirt from entering and blocking the steering.

The other openings are made for easy access to the parts mounts in the chassis like the motor.

In the end, this chassis is made o prevent dirt from blocking the functioning of the car for better performance which is amazing.

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The Front

As mentioned earlier, the chassis starts with the front bumper plastic bumper that is made to absorb front crashes.

It is connected to a brace that increases the protection and absorbs what’s left from the crash.

What’s different though from the rest of the previous Traxxas RC cars is the body mount.

With this new design, the body mounts look like they’re integrated into the chassis more than separate parts that you can remove easily if you want.

Now, they look like a one-piece with chassis. Some people may think it’s a negative thing, but that makes the chassis more rigid and a solid one-piece.

The shocks are the GTX Race shocks, they are installed in front of the heavy-duty big long suspension arms!

The Middle

The middle of the chassis is the most interesting part since it is filled with all the vital electronics for the perfect RC car’s functioning. And like the front, the middle part’s design has also changed!

As you see, there is a big organization in the electronics and the batteries the electronics are centered in the middle like the ESC, the Motor, and the servo.

On the other hand, each of the battery mounts is separated on the sides. Yes, the Traxxas XRT comes with two batteries, combined, they create an 8s powerful beast.

These electronics are waterproof, which allows you to take your time playing on the water, dust, or even mud. Just pull the throttle and go wild.

When it comes to the driveshafts, all the driveshafts are made from Aluminum and steel (Aluminum central driveshaft and steel side driveshafts) while the differentials are built to stand the heavy-duty and the hard bashing that you will do on your RC car.

This is what makes the Traxxas XRT an unbeatable 4-wheel drive RC car!

We will get through more details about the electronics in the performance section.

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The Rear

The rear of the chassis comes also with a big integrated body mount. The GTX shocks are connected to it from the top while standing on the heavy-duty suspension arms. This is the same design as the front of the chassis with some changes in the dimensions as well as the angles for performance reasons.

After that, you’ll find that big spoiler, which is, apart from the chassis, but, we mention it in the body section since it looks like a part of it.

This spoiler is made to increase the downforce and increase performance as well as handling while going at high speeds and in corners.

And finally, we have the wheelie bar that we don’t see often in the stock versions of Traxxas RC cars like the Sledge. Still, the X-Maxx come out with it.

It’s so useful to prevent the car from getting flipped over with high acceleration as well as to keep the balance while accelerating so fast.

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The Traxxas XRT Performance

After all these features, engineering, and design, you know how this RC car would act on the scene. It will be super powerful.

The Traxxas XRT comes with Velineon® 1200XL Brushless Motor, VXL-8s™ Waterproof Electronic Speed Control, and a Powerful 365 oz-in steering servo. In addition to the double 4s Lipo batteries, this thing can reach up to more than 60mph which is quicker than the X-Maxx and equal to the Sledge.

Don’t forget to add the speed pinion gear to reach that speed.

These parts and electronics are not the only factors of the power of this RC car.

The rigid chassis with the GTX shocks and the WideMaxx suspension make this RC car able to handle the hardest corners and go with super high speeds with high stability on the road.

You don’t need to be scared of the dust, water, or mud either, it’s all protected and prevents that from happening.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget the aerodynamics of the body and the chassis are designed.

Those big openings in the body are made to help the motor as well as the dual fans which are part of the big Aluminum heatsink. This one wraps around 75% of the motor’s surface, this shows you how the motor gets cooled.

With this heatsink, the motor looks like a V8 engine! That’s so funny!

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Traxxas XRT Tires

Traxxas XRT Tires

Oh Lord, look at these tires, look how big and wide they are! Isn’t that crazy?

These tires are some of the widest tires to be ever put on a Traxxas RC car! Even though they are so wide, they’re still smaller than the X-Maxx’s tires!

The Traxxas XRT comes with 7.4 Gravix™ race tires while the X-Maxx comes with 8x4x4 inch all-terrain tires or 8.0.

These tires are quieter than the off-roading ones! They’re 8s rated.

Next to the tires, there are the wheels, the wheels have also a new design which is a little bit classic but still fits perfectly into the XTR’s design.

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Traxxas XRT Transmitter and Receiver

Even though we listed all these parts, and electronics that added a big value to the performance of the Traxxas XRT, something is still missing!

It’s the transmitter and the receiver!

Like any high-end Traxxas RC car, the XRT comes with the one and only TQi™ 2.4GHz High Output Radio System.

Unfortunately, they didn’t upgrade the transmitter after being the same for a long time. However, it is so comfortable in your hand and supports so many features.

The receiver, on the other hand, is a 5-channel micro receiver with fail-safe security that supports TSM which is Traxxas Stability Management that helps you with maintaining the same direction.

This system will make driving and controlling your RC car much more accessible. Also, you can control the amount of interference of the TSM with your driving.

If you want it to interfere 100%, you’ll have a good time driving your RC car and avoiding so many crashes, this would work for you perfectly if you’re a beginner or if you want to get used to the RC car first.

On the other hand, you can disable it completely or leave it at 50/50 depending on your driving style.

By the way, allowing the system 100% doesn’t mean you don’t know how to drive, it’s just a driving style like any other style.

Here is something that disappointed me, it’s the absence of a self-righting system. This system wasn’t either on the Traxxas Sledge and is still not available on the new Traxxas XRT which is unfortunate.

Still, you can drive this RC car without the need for the self-righting system since it is so wide that it’s tough to flip it over.

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Traxxas XRT Upgrades

At the time of writing this article, Traxxas XRT has just come out. You can find the aftermarket parts only at the official store of Traxxas.

However, if you want to tune it, it may be hard to find some cool parts and accessories.

Therefore, you better wait a little bit for upgrades, they will be available soon at the different RC stores including Amazon.

The great thing about the Traxxas XRT upgrades is the fact that even though it has a lot of new parts in the new chassis, you can still find some common upgrades like the WideMaxx suspension taken from the WideMaxx V2.

You can also add some lights since these types of parts are usually standard for most RC cars.

If you’re looking for something else, you better wait a little bit.

Could be this a reason for breaking the deal of buying the new Traxxas XRT?

Of course, not and it shouldn’t, the upgrades are coming out anyways, even if you break something, you can still get it from the official website of Traxxas or any other Traxxas physical store near you since the basic and essential parts are available.

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Unseen Features About the Traxxas XRT

  • By looking at the motor and the heatsink combination, they make a great design if you look at the motor from the front, it’ll look like a V8 engine of a real supercar. Isn’t that amazing?
  • The internal cage inside the body is only for support and protection, it can be used as well for the light kit wires.

Be Careful with these things in the Traxxas XRT!

  • Despite being a powerful RC car, the Traxxas XRT still can’t do a backflip because of how rigid and firm the tires are. This may make it fall on the wrong side and break something!
  • Even though the tires are great and stunning, they’re race tires, they’re not made for off-road, so take that in mind while playing with this RC car.
  • As always, to reach the top speed of 60mph, you need 4s Lipo batteries which are sold separately, but the gearing is included as they say.

If have ever tried the Traxxas XRT and have another conclusion or observation about it, don’t forget to share it with us in the comments below!

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Traxxas XRT Price

All these features and power should have a price. However, it’s not the price that we were used to hearing from Traxxas in the previous RC cars like the Sledge or the E-Revo.

The Traxxas XRT may shock so many people, why? because this RC car has the same price as the X-Maxx!

This may be a turn-off for so many people, while others may see it as a convenient price for an X-Maxx rival!

Which one are you from those two groups? Do you think the price of the Traxxas XRT is worth buying?

Don’t forget that it has some advantages over the X-Maxx which makes it deserve that price.

Share with us your opinions in the comments below!

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