Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx. Which One Is Better For You?

The release of Traxxas Sledge made a lot of people compare it to a lot of other RC cars. One of these comparisons is Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx!

We all know how powerful the Traxxas Sledge is. Not only that, this RC car is the most advanced Traxxas in technology and mechanics. A lot of parts have been added to protect the parts and make them live longer.

On the same track, Traxxas Maxx has been also upgraded almost completely to be stronger and more aggressive!

So, which one is better? Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx?

In this Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx comparison, you’ll get everything you need about these two RC cars as well as which one is the winner!

Let’s get started in the next few lines…

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Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx Design


By looking at Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx designs, they both look great, strong, and aggressive.

But, their designs are different.

When it comes to Traxxas Maxx, it has the usual look that we’re used to seeing on the other Traxxas RC Cars like the X-Maxx, Rustler, Hoss, and so on, which is a truck design.

On the other hand, Traxxas Sledge is the first Traxxas RC car to adopt this new design which makes it special.

It does indeed look like some other RC cars from other brands, however, it is still something new to Traxxas!

Choosing which one is better for you might rely on personal opinions in this case.

Here are some differences between the Traxxas Sledge and Maxx bodies:

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Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx Dimensions

But here is the surprise, Traxxas Sledge’s body is bigger than Maxx’s body. If you look at each one alone, you’ll imagine that Traxxas Maxx is bigger until you meet them!

Wait! We are talking about the body itself, not the whole RC car! If you compare the whole RC car, Traxxas Maxx is higher!

However, Traxxas Sledge is wider than Maxx.

In fact, according to Traxxas’s Official Website, Traxxas Maxx comes with 15.95 inches (405mm) while the Sledge comes with 18.10 inches (459mm) in width.

Concerning the Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx length, due to its big spoiler, Traxxas Sledge is longer.

Here is a summary of the Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx dimensions:

As you see, Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx dimensions isn’t that far from each other.

But, when it comes to the weight and the ground clearance, there is a difference that you can see with your naked eye!

The ground clearance of the Sledge looks like the one on the E-Revo. That gives the car huge stability.

This means that you can drift as much as you want with this RC car without worrying about being flipped.

By adding the heavyweight of the Sledge, this RC car becomes a perfect beast for handling.

On the other hand, Traxxas Maxx has a higher ground clearance. That will be convenient if you’re racing or playing on harsh ground with a lot of rocks.

Also, the lightweight of the Maxx makes it able to climb anything easily, let alone jump so high.

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Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx Chassis

Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx. Which One Is Better For You?

Despite the different bodies on both RC cars, they still have some similarities. Is it the same thing for Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx chassis?

Well, if you see the picture, I don’t think you’ll notice any similarity at least in the structure of the suspension system!

Ground Clearance

First of all, the first thing you would notice is the ground clearance of the chassis that we mentioned before!

The low ground clearance on the Sledge makes the tires higher than the chassis. This has a bright side since they can protect it.

The other bright side that we mentioned earlier as well as the handling.

This has a dark side though, if you’re playing on rocks, your chassis may get hurt.

Well, it won’t get hurt badly since there is a metal skid down there. Still, you have to be careful.

On the other side, the Traxxas Maxx chassis is higher than the wheels. This will prevent the chassis from getting hurt by rocks. However, you won’t have the same stability and handling as the Sledge.

This Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx clearance difference hasn’t changed the suspension system a lot. Both RC cars have the same pieces with the Sledge having some extra protection parts like the A-Arms covers.

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The angles may differ, but, that’s because of the clearance.

Other than that, both RC cars have the same suspension system material and building quality which is great.

Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx Mechanical Parts

When it comes to the Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx mechanical parts, both RC cars have almost the same parts. There are some parts on each car missing the other like the fans that come with the Maxx and the aluminum T-Bar that comes with the Sledge.

Unfortunately, no fans are coming with the Sledge. However, the motor is fan compatible. This means that you can an after-market fan and put it there. It’s perfect.

Other than those parts, everything else is pretty similar. You can check the full review of Traxxas Sledge as well as the review of Traxxas Maxx for more details!

Chassis’s Handling

After all of these details, which one do you think has a more solid chassis?

Here is the short answer, Traxxas Sledge has the most solid Chassis ever! It is supported by a lot of aluminum parts like the skid in the bottom as well as the T-Bar in the middle.

Also, it does come with some additional supports on the edges of the chassis.

This doesn’t mean that the Maxx isn’t solid, on the contrary, it is one of the most reliable Traxxas RC cars you can have!

In the end, they’re both strong, but the Sledge has some advantages.

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Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx Performance

Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx. Which One Is Better For You?

This is where the fun begins!

Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx Motor And Speed

If you have checked our full reviews of the Traxxas Sledge and Maxx, you’ll see that both RC cars come with a brushless motor.

Traxxas Sledge comes with a Velineon® 2000kV Brushless Motor that is new while the Traxxas Maxx comes with Velineon® 540XL Brushless Motor.

Both motors are strong. However, when driving, you may feel that the Sledge motor is a little bit extra with a faster response.

Alongside the motor, The Sledge comes with a VXL-6s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control. This ESC is 6s battery compatible.

It does come with two battery holders, which means that you can include two 3s Lipo batteries. With these two included, your Sledge can reach up to 70+ mph.

When it comes to Traxxas Maxx, it does come with a VXL-4s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control. With the 4s battery, you can reach up to 55+ mph. And if you upgrade the gearing, you can reach +60 super fast mph!

As you see, Traxxas Sledge has the same speed as the E-Revo which is amazing! It is faster than Traxxas Maxx and X-Maxx!

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Both RC cars are great at handling. However, due to its low ground clearance, Traxxas Sledge might be easier to control. It has a faster response than the Maxx.

When it comes to the jump; Traxxas Sledge can be easily flipped in the air with no problem.

Traxxas Maxx can be also easy to control. Even if you flip it on its back, you can use the Self-Righting system that can make it flip back again on its wheels.

This is something that Traxxas Sledge doesn’t have which is disappointing.

In the end, we can say that Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx handling is almost the same. Each of these RC cars has an advantage and a disadvantage.

For Traxxas Maxx, you have the high ground clearance that makes it a little slow to respond, but, it does have the self-righting system that helps it.

On the other hand, Traxxas Sledge comes with low ground clearance that makes it easy and fast to respond. However, if it’s flipped on the back, you have nothing but to run all the way where it is!

Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx Technology And Systems

For RC cars with such huge power and speed, it is impossible not to have some systems that will help you control these beasts. Otherwise, a disaster may happen.


As you expect, both Sledge and Maxx come with the same system except for the Self-righting system which is not included in the Sledge.

Why There is no Self-Righting System on Traxxas Sledge?

The reason why this system isn’t there is because of the shape of the body. As you know, the self-righting system uses the curve of the body to go back and forth and create momentum to flip the RC car back.

In the Sledge case, there is no curve, the spoiler and the top of the car are on the same level, and there is no curve to use it there!

If we compare this to Traxxas E-Revo, you’ll find that its spoiler isn’t at the same level as its top! That’s why the E-Revo has the Self-Righting system while the Sledge doesn’t despite their similar shapes.

Other than that, Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx system is the same.

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Traxxas Stability Management

This includes the (TSM) Traxxas Stability Management. This system helps you with keeping the same direction while going at high speeds even if the car is sliding!

You can control the degree of interference of this system using the remote control.

Traxxas Link

Traxxas Link is a well-known system that is included only on high-end Traxxas RC cars. This system allows you to unlock the true potential of your RC car.

You can know more info about your RC car including the top speed, the location as well as the temperature.

All you have to do is to buy the Traxxas Link device, install Traxxas App, and connect the device to your remote control as well as to your smartphone using Bluetooth. Then, you’re ready to go!

Traxxas Maxx and Sledge both have this system.

Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx Upgrades

Concerning the Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx upgrades, both RC cars have their upgrades. They may have some common parts.

However, they have special upgrades that no other RC car can have.

For example, Traxxas Maxx’s recent upgrades are crazy. Now, you can have a wideMaxx as a stock RC car rather than buying the WideMaxx kit as an aftermarket option.

Other than the upgrades their goal is to change the design or to replace a broken part, there are other upgrades whose goal is to improve the performance of the RC car.

In Traxxas Maxx’s case, there is the WideMaxx kit that increases the handling. There is also the gearing upgrade if you want to have a higher top speed.

You can check the best Traxxas Maxx upgrades if you’d like to know more about them.

Concerning the Sledge, it has also its upgrades. Most of these upgrades are for design and replacement purposes. We can say that the only upgrade that can increase performance is gearing.

Why doesn’t Traxxas Sledge have performance upgrades?

Well, that’s because it is so powerful as a stock. Not only powerful in terms of speed but also in terms of building material.

You don’t need to spend any extra money upgrading this car to be more powerful or to prevent breaking it! That’s the great thing about Traxxas Sledge!

In the end, for these two RC cars, Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx upgrades aren’t that important to have except for a broken part. That’s simply because these RC cars are so powerful as stock.

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Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx Remote Control

Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx has the same remote control with the same features and the same TQi™ 2.4GHz High Output Radio System.

Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx Price

I bet you already know this quote: “You get what you pay for” right?

After reading this article, I think that you already know which one is stronger, thus which one is more expensive!

Yes, you’re right. Traxxas Sledge is the most expensive one.

There is a big difference between the two prices. This is because of the new model of Sledge as well as the new platform, technology, as well as performance that come with it.

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So, Which One Is Better For You?

Both RC cars are great when it comes to performance, design, and building quality. We can say that both of them are nearly perfect.

They have some missing things, but, that doesn’t matter!

Choosing between Traxxas Maxx and Sledge depends on your financial situation first. Which one are you willing to spend money on?

Also, your choice will depend on the design as well as the performance. If you’re a beginner with no experience, you better choose something less than both of these RC cars.

Don’t forget that they have high speeds. Losing control may cause a lot of damage to yourself or other people. You can go for the Hoss as their younger brother and has the same spirit as they have.

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If you’re intermediate and have some experience with RC cars, Traxxas Maxx can be a perfect fit for you since it can be controlled easily (we’re talking about high speed).

Finally, if you’re a professional, Traxxas Sledge is the one for you! You should go for it! It’s a whole new experience.

So, what do you think? Which one would you like to buy after reading this Traxxas Sledge vs Maxx comparison? The Sledge or the Maxx?

I would love to see your opinion in the comment section below!

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