How to Clean an RC Car? Easy 8 Steps For You! [FULL TUTORIAL]

In this article, you’ll learn how to clean an RC Car step by step, so be ready…

As a Traxxas RC car owner, I was always ignoring my RC cars and left them dirty after each run, whether I run into dust or mud, I just leave them in the garage when I finish driving.

Unfortunately, this didn’t go well! Most of them had a hard decrease in their performance and sometimes, I had to change the parts lost just because of that!

At first, I didn’t know the reason, I thought that it is the way it is, RC cars are just this sensitive, so I had to cope with that, until…

Until I asked a friend about this issue, and he asked: “You don’t clean your RC car?”, well, “Who does?” I responded!

Now, I’m thankful to my friend that showed me something that I didn’t know before, which is How to clean an RC car.

And it is time to show you how to clean an RC car from A to Z with all the steps that I do with minimum effort and tools…

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Step1: Prepare The Cleaning Area

How to Clean an RC Car? Easy 8 Steps For You! [FULL TUTORIAL]

Before you start cleaning an RC car, you should first prepare the surrounding area.

Just make sure that the table you’re using is clean and doesn’t have any other RC car parts that would confuse you with your RC car’s actual parts.

Don’t forget to remove some components, such as the battery, and the wheels. If there are some big debris pieces, you can remove them by hoping the RC car upside down to get them out fast.

Step 2: Remove Any Excess Dirt And Debris

Start by removing any excess dirt and debris from the car. You can use a soft brush or a compressed air canister to do this.

Don’t forget to concentrate on the wheels, under the chassis, and around the body of the car as well.

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Step 3: Remove The Wheels

If you didn’t remove the wheels in the beginning, now, you should! It’s easy if this is your first time if you’re a beginner, simply unscrew them from the axles and place them aside.

Step 4: Clean The Wheels

By using a brush or a damp cloth, clean the wheels properly and remove any debris from the treads, also, check to see if there are any damages.

If you notice any damages, it is best to replace the wheels rather than try to repair them.

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Step 5: Clean The Body

Now, moving to the body, clean the body of the car using a damp cloth or sponge.

Be sure to scrub away any stubborn dirt or grime that may have accumulated. You can also use a specialized RC car cleaning solution for this step which will help you with the cleaning.

Step 6: Clean The Chassis

How to Clean an RC Car? Easy 8 Steps For You! [FULL TUTORIAL]

When cleaning the chassis, use a brush and pay close attention to the bottom of the car where most of the dirt and debris accumulates.

Be sure to clean any oil spills, dirt, or gravel stuck in the small openings of the chassis.

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Step 7: Replace The Wheels

As mentioned earlier in step 3, if the wheels are damaged, you better replace them on the axles. Make sure they are fully screwed tightly.

Step 8: Dry The Car

Now that you’re about to finish the cleaning process, dry the car using a clean, dry cloth and make sure it is completely dry to avoid rust or other issues caused by moisture.

Congrats, your RC car is now clean, you didn’t spend a fortune and you didn’t waste precious water!

So, what do you think? Have you applied these steps? What were the results? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, don’t forget to share this with your friend to clean his dirty RC car!

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