Many RC car fans think that the Traxxas Maxx V2 WideMaxx is just a wider Traxxas Maxx using some longer arms, but this is totally wrong! It’s more than that…

Before the release of the Traxxas Maxx V2 WideMaxx, the Maxx came with a WideMaxx kit that was an aftermarket kit, you can buy it and add it to your RC car.

After that, the new version of the Traxxas Maxx appeared to confuse people about the difference between the aftermarket kit Maxx and the Maxx V2.

Why should I buy the Traxxas Maxx V2 WideMaxx while I can buy a cheaper kit and add it to my existing Maxx?

So, what’s the difference between the Maxx V2 and the normal Maxx?

This is the question we will answer in the next few lines…

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The Design

The Body

When it comes to the body of the WideMaxx, you might think, it’s the same, nothing has changed!

But, there is a difference!

Unfortunately, the old body of your old Maxx can’t fit in the new one! That’s because of the new changes that have been applied to the chassis.

Now, you have a similar body with longer dimensions that comes with an internal cage, skid plates as well as the clipless feature.

The internal cage is longer though which makes it impossible to fit this new body into the old chassis.

If you’d like to see a detailed review of the Traxxas Maxx body, check its full review by clicking here.

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Traxxas Maxx V2 Chassis


In this new upgrade, the chassis is one of the main parts that have been changed from the previous version.

In fact, this upgrade is something you can’t get just by adding the WideMaxx kit to your old Maxx!

Actually, the chassis has been extended by 1 inch more than the old version.

This small distance can create a big difference in handling and performance. This will help with more stability, especially for the front wheels to help keep them down when accelerating.

That was the length, what about the width? Come on! It’s called the WideMaxx!

Regarding the width, Traxxas Maxx V2 comes with a 20mm difference from the old one on each side, which is a total of 40mm on the whole chassis. That’s a lot!

This is not everything!

The Battery compartment or the battery holder has also grown to fit a bigger battery. You can now fit the 6700 mah 4s Lipo battery which is made only for the X-Maxx in the Maxx.

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Traxxas Maxx V2 Tires


In addition to the chassis and the battery holder, Traxxas Maxx tires had also their own changes!

The new tires of the Maxx are bigger than the previous ones, they’re 2.8 inches and they’re called the Sledgehammer tires.

These tires are made for off-roading, they can go through everything including, water, mud, sand, and snow. They are more efficient and performant with a high grip!

They’re vented, of course, however, it is on the wheels not on the tires. So, if you’re driving in water, you better cover that hole to prevent water from coming in.

The great thing about these tires is the fact that they have 17mm hexes. That means that you can fit any wheels with the same hex size.

Still, the Sledgehammer tires look and work the best.

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Traxxas Maxx V2 Performance

So, do all these changes impact the performance of the Traxxas Maxx V2?

Of course yes! They don’t impact the maximum speed though, however, the conditions to reach that top speed have changed as well!

Due to the bigger size of the wheels, Traxxas has changed some gears. One of them is the pinion gear that has dropped from 24 teeth to 23 teeth in order to reach +50mph.

On the other hand, in order to reach 60+ mph, you need to get the pinion and the spur gear which are sold separately. Also, you should use them only in racing situations. Otherwise, if you bash with them, you risk heating the electronics inside!

Other than that, you can enjoy this RC car more than ever! It’s so fun to drive and bash with.

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Traxxas Maxx V2 Transmitter and Receiver

The transmitter and the receiver of the Traxxas Maxx V2 haven’t changed, they remain the same!

They have the same features that were before like the Self-righting system, TSM (Traxxas Stability Management), Traxxas Link that allows you to see more info about your RC car through your smartphone as well as other small features.

The receiver is also the same as the waterproof feature.

So, in the end, you’ll have the same remote in your hand, but with more performance in the RC car.

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Traxxas Maxx V2 Upgrades

We all know that Traxxas Maxx V1 has a lot of upgrades, some of them are Aluminum while others are just plastic.

For the new Traxxas Maxx V2, you can get those upgrades as well.

However, put into consideration the new change of dimensions as well as the parts affected especially since the old Maxx upgrades are widely available.

Otherwise, you don’t really need any upgrades if you buy this beast! It’s full of great parts!

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Traxxas Maxx V2 Price

This RC car’s price is about the same price as the previous version.

Check out the price of the Traxxas Maxx V2 WideMaxx here:

That may let you think about whether to buy it or not, especially if you just bought the previous version!

But don’t worry, I have the right answer for you in the next section below…

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So, Should You Buy It?

Well, to explain this well, there are 3 cases, and you may be one of them.

  1. You already have a Traxxas Maxx (the Old version) and you’re thinking about upgrading to the new Traxxas Maxx V2.
  2. You just bought the old version of the Traxxas Maxx just before the release of the new WideMaxx.
  3. You don’t have a Traxxas Maxxx at all and you’re thinking about buying it.

For the first case, if you have an old version of the Maxx that you bought several years ago, upgrading to the Traxxas Maxx V2 is definitely worth it.

You’ll see a big difference between these two!

For the second case, if you already have an old version of the Traxxas Maxx that you just bought and want to upgrade to the Traxxas Maxx V2, I would recommend reconsidering doing that.

Why? the Traxxas Maxx V2 has the same price, so spending another fortune on this RC car may not seem worth it. Getting the WideMaxx kit is better in this situation.

In the third case, you should definitely buy it today before tomorrow, it is more than worth it. No brainer!

So, which case you are? and, what do you think about the Traxxas Maxx V2? Would you like to buy it?

I would love to see your opinions in the comments below!

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