Traxxas Maxx Review. The Best RC Car You Should Have!

With its innovative design, unparallel strength, and intense power, the X-Maxx is the leading model of RC monster trucks. It dominated the industry and was one of the most popular models until Traxxas unveiled the new 1.10 Traxxas Maxx.

With this model, you get all the innovative features of the original X-Maxx for a Traxxas Mini Maxx. What makes the Maxx so exciting is its compact and lightweight design that can better deal with higher intensity.

And that’s what we are going to see in this review takes us through the top features and everything that the Traxxas Maxx has to offer for any collector of RC monster trucks.

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Top Three Features

The Traxxas Maxx has three innovative features that make it one of the highest performing RC monster trucks on the market, next to the Traxxas Stampede.

Therefore, the focus of the Traxxas Maxx is to give you all-day fun with a vehicle that you can control to push through intense performance activities all day long.

Traxxas Maxx rc monster truck

The Maxx Experience

With this RC monster truck, you get extreme power and durability. You can push it to the limit every time.  

The Maxx is more compact and lighter than the original X-Maxx. This model has a higher top speed, with more reliable performance. The design doubles the strength and durability for a better experience. Isn’t that amazing? 

60+Mph Maxx Muscle

I was amazed by the design of the Traxxas Slash and the Traxxas Rustler 4X4 as well as the Stampede’s, but the design of the Maxx was greater!

The design of the Maxx means it can reach speeds of up to 60+mph. This speed comes from the proline wheels that give this RC car almost an unstoppable force with its advanced 32-bit microprocessor-control Velineon VXL-4s. Importantly, its success comes from the Electronic Speed Control (ESC) that monitors its efficacy to ensure long-running performance.

This Traxxas Mini Maxx comes with a 540XL motor that has a 5mm shaft, a powerful fan, and an aluminum heat sink. The vehicle has a waterproof coating to protect it from the elements. 

Also, the Maxx has built-in telemetry that sends real-time information on the speed, temperature, and voltage of the vehicle directly to your Smartphone. It also incorporates integrated cooling fans that give you an extended running time.

Traxxas Tough

The Traxxas Mini Maxx is designed to be pushed to the limits and deliver intense driving action.

Also, The car is made to deal with sudden impact with absorbing suspension arms that lessen the effects of a direct hit.

Besides that, there is one feature I love which is the chassis material that absorbs and dissipates the impact across the structure of the vehicle to prevent damage.

The Maxx is made using huge threaded aluminum that helps with suspension damping.

The components inside the machine are the same as the ones used in machines heavier and larger than the Maxx, so you can be confident of its performance. You can push this RC monster truck to the limits every time.

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Traxxas Maxx Review: The Performance

What makes the Traxxas Maxx one of the best RC monster trucks on the market is its innovative design and engineering.


Traxxas Maxx rc monster truck

The integrated wheelie bar helps to streamline acceleration and prevents backflips when you’re using full-throttle acceleration.

These Proline wheels help to absorb impact when you have a tough landing. The wheelie bar doubles as a handle to make it easier to carry your new Traxxas Maxx on the go. 

The Traxxas Radio System

You can get the most out of your Traxxas Maxx thanks to Traxxas’ TQi 2.4GHz radio system that gives you control, precision, and an impressive range.

This radio system has the Traxxas Link-enabled, allowing you to add a wireless module and connect it to the Traxxas Link app on your phone.

You can take full advantage of this to customize your vehicle settings and keep track of your performance with the real-time telemetry that comes from the speed control. 

With any RC monster truck, you want to know it can withstand anything you put it through.

The Traxxas Stability Management system

The trademarked Traxxas Stability Management system helps you to utilize the 4s power of the vehicle for maximum acceleration while keeping you in control.

This system keeps the vehicle going exactly where you’ve pointed it. Don’t worry, even when the tires are spinning, it’ll keep following your directions. You can adjust the assistance using your transmitter.


Traxxas Maxx rc monster truck

Traxxas Mini Maxx is protected within the chassis. It encloses the driveshaft with a backbone structure to protect all the vital components of your vehicle. You can replace the non-structural front and rear skid plates as they age and show signs of wear and tear. 

The Drivetrain System Technology

One of the major selling points of the Maxx is its duty drivetrain system. Traxxas has integrated technology that is used in larger trucks that gives you superior strength.

These wide steel gears operate with a steel ring and a splined aluminum center driveshaft. 

For maximum front-to-wear power distribution to keep your Maxx on its four wheels, the vehicle utilizes a Torque-Biasing Centre Drive.

Cush Drive technology

The Maxx also incorporates the brand’s Cush Drive technology to absorb impact and improve durability.

One of the most exciting elements of the Maxx is its self-righting system. This system is a patent-pending innovation by Traxxas that uses 4S LiPo power to help flip the RC monster truck back onto its wheels.

You’ll no longer have to chase after your vehicle and flip it up after a rollover!

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Under the Hood

You can take your Traxxas Mini Maxx anywhere in any climate. The Maxx incorporates the signature waterproof solution. This design element allows you to take the RC monster truck through everything from mud to snow and water. The clipless body mounting has a powerful latching system that makes it easy to install the body with one hand. 

Moreover, the Maxx offers easy battery access with the single 4S LiPo battery secured inside a snap-lock battery retention system that makes the battery more durable, utilizing the same system as the X-Maxx. This RC monster truck uses Traxxas’ Power Cell LiPo batteries that have one-button charging using the brand’s patented iD technology.

You can upgrade your Traxxas Maxx by purchasing the optional LED light kit. This accessory is ideal for anyone who wants to use the Maxx in nighttime settings. 

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