Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo 2.0. Which One Is Better For You?

Do you know what’s the most similar Traxxas RC car to the Sledge? Traxxas E-Revo. What is the Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo difference?

We all know that Traxxas Sledge is the latest Traxxas RC car that has come out. Not only this but also, it has positioned its place among the best and most powerful Traxxas RC cars in terms of price and shape as well.

On the other hand, Traxxas E-Revo has always been a legendary RC car, it’s the fastest and the most beautiful.

Comparing the Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo is actually so difficult because they are so similar especially when it comes to the performance and speed.

However, there are some dissimilarities that can make the difference and decide the winner in this Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo comparison!

Let’s get started in the next few lines…

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Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo Design

The Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo design is the most similar thing between these two RC cars. You can still know which one is which, but, in the overall design and shape, they’re almost the same.

The Body

Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo 2.0. Which One Is Better For You?

As mentioned earlier, the Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo body is almost the same. However, if you look closer, you’ll find that they have a lot of different details.

Overall, the body of Traxxas Sledge looks bigger and longer than the E-Revo’s.

Also, the Sledge comes with an edgy design while the E-Revo comes with a curvy design. This may help with the aerodynamics, but, it won’t affect the performance that much.

Both designs look aggressive. The E-Revo looks more aero-friendly with its small front bumper. On the other hand, with its big front bumper, the Sledge looks more aggressive.

Clipless Bodies

Both bodies are clipless, however, the clipping technology has changed! In fact, the E-Revo comes with the usual button in the back, you can remove the body just by clicking it.

This is a great idea to make the removal easy, however, it may interfere with the beauty of the design and looks like a black spot on a white ground.

When it comes to the Sledge, it’s different. Actually, it is still a button, but, it is now included under the body. This method looks better in terms of looks.

The Skids And The Spoiler

Some of the great features that Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo bodies have are the skids as well as the internal cage.

Actually, those skids don’t just protect your RC car, but also, add a greater look, you have now an armored RC car ready for anything you put it into. Especially for some 70mph beasts like those!

Despite all of that, here is the coolest thing about these two RC cars, I know you know it! Yes, you’re right, it’s the big spoiler!

The spoilers on those two RC cars look amazing. However, if we compare the Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo spoilers, you’ll notice that the Traxxas Sledge spoiler has more details, it is improved.

We can say that the Sledge has a double spoiler with a small opening in the middle to improve the air movement. On the other hand, Traxxas E-Revo’s spoiler has almost the same spoiler, it is also divided. But, it does look simpler.

Still, both spoilers are great and do a great job adding some downforce to these beasts.

So, as you see, the Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo bodies are not designed to be just bodies. They’re actually engineered to work and add more to the performance of these two RC cars.

At least, we can now know why they are expensive!

In conclusion, the Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo bodies are both great and have the same features. So, the verdict is yours in the end, it’s about your taste.

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Traxxas Sledge and E-Revo both come in a lot of colors. Here they are:

Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo Dimensions

In general, the Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo dimensions are so similar. The difference is not even by millimeters, it’s by micrometers.

This includes the length, the height, and the width. But, when it comes to the Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo ground clearance, there is a slight difference.

In fact, the ground clearance of the Traxxas Sledge is less than the one on the E-Revo. This means that Traxxas Sledge has more stability than the E-Revo.

The ground clearance on the Traxxas Sledge is 1.95 inches (50mm) while the E-Revo’s is 2.9 inches (73mm).

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The Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo Chassis

Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo 2.0. Which One Is Better For You?

We all know how special and unique the chassis of the E-Revo is (Plastic chassis). And we all know as well that Traxxas Sledge has come out with a new chassis and a new platform (Aluminum Chassis). They look similar, but they’re not!

If you see the full review of the Traxxas E-Revo as well as Traxxas Sledge, then, you can distinguish clearly the difference between their chassis.

The first thing you’d notice after seeing these two chassis is the T-Bar that is showing up on the Sledge. This is something that no other RC car has on its chassis, at least as a stock!

This T-Bar is a big plus for the handling of the chassis in addition to the bottom skid. Actually, we can say that the most solid chassis is the Sledge chassis!

The second big Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo chassis difference is the suspensions system. Despite having high-quality solid material, Traxxas Sledge’s suspensions system looks like any other Traxxas RC car.

But, when it comes to the E-Revo, you’ll notice that this system is completely different. In fact, the shocks are installed horizontally instead of vertically.

According to Traxxas, that helps with increasing performance. But, I wonder why they didn’t put this system on the Sledge, that would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Well, that may be because they want to make the E-Revo always looks like a special different RC car built for different people! What do you think? let me know in the comments below!

The organization of the components is also another difference. The Sledge is a little bit similar to the other RC cars. The E-Revo has its own organization.

Check the full review of the E-Revo 2.0 if you would like to know more about that!

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With horizontal shocks, a motor in the middle, and double servos, the E-Revo is totally in another world than the rest of the other Traxxas RC cars.

When it comes to batteries, they both have two battery holders.

As you see, the Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo chassis is different. They’re great on the performance level.

However, if you want something with a huge handling ability, Traxxas Sledge should be yours. This doesn’t mean that the E-Revo chassis can’t handle well, it is actually great.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an alien RC car with a strange different building, then, the E-Revo is the one.

Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo Performance

Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo 2.0. Which One Is Better For You?

As you know, these two RC cars are some of the fastest Traxxas RC cars up to now with a top speed of 70mph.

This high speed requires a brushless motor which is available in both RC cars.

Traxxas Sledge comes with a Velineon® 2000kV Brushless Motor and a VXL-6s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control and can reach up to 70+ mph with Two 3s LiPo Batteries.

On the other hand, Traxxas E-Revo comes with a Velineon® 2200kV Brushless Motor and a VXL-6s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control and can reach also Up to 70+ mph with Two 3s LiPo Batteries.

As you see, it is true that they have different motors, but the numbers are the same. Still, speed isn’t the only factor that decides which one is the winner.

The building material, the handling, as well as a lot of other factors all make an impact on how an RC car will function and perform.

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There are two types of handling, handling in terms of building quality. In this case, we already mentioned that the Traxxas Sledge has the upper hand since it does come with an aluminum chassis while the E-Revo comes with a plastic chassis.

The second handling is how the RC car can handle high speeds, hard corners, and turning at high speed without losing control or flipping on the back.

In this case, we can say that both RC cars have the same ability to handle those things. This is because of the low ground clearance that they have.

As mentioned earlier, the ground clearance on the Traxxas Sledge is 1.95 inches (50mm) which is less than th E-Revo’s which is 2.9 inches (73mm).

Now, in comparison to the other Traxxas RC cars, these two are the best in handling. But, in comparison to Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo, Traxxas Sledge is the winner in this case.

Lower ground clearance is an important factor to test how stable the RC car is.

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Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo Systems

Such powerful RC cars definitely need some systems for the purpose of protection as well as the help of you, the driver.

The more the systems, the better and the easier it gets to control an RC car, especially under high speeds.

Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo systems are almost the same. However, Traxxas Sledge this time isn’t winning. In fact, there is a missing system that has disappointed a lot of people. It’s the Self-Righting System.


In case your RC car has flipped on its back while it was so far from you, instead of going all the way to where it is to flip it back on its wheels, you can use this system that will do it for you.

Basically, the Self-righting system uses the curves on the RC car to bounce it back and forth and create momentum to flip the car back.

In our case, Traxxas E-Revo is a great fit for this system. First, because of its curvy edges, and because its top isn’t on the same level as its spoiler. This gap is the one that is used by this system to bounce and create that momentum.

In Traxxas Sledge’s case, it can’t do that, that’s because the top of the car is on the same level as the spoiler. There is no gap!

Still, this has been balanced by the low ground clearance.

Traxxas Stability Management (TSM)

Traxxas Stability Management is the most popular system for Traxxas RC cars. You can find it in a lot of RC cars.

It’s a great system for beginners and experts as well.

This system is available in the Sledge as well as on the E-Revo which is perfect to make the control over these beasts easier.

This system helps you with keeping the same direction when going at high speeds. It prevents your RC car from losing balance by turning the front wheels in the opposite direction of the sliding direction. Just like drifting in the real cars world.

You can always control the degree of interference of this system with your driving using your remote control. After all, not all people like it.

Traxxas Link System

This is also one of the coolest systems that you have within your RC car. It is not included, but, you can set it up easily.

Traxxas Link is available on the Sledge as well as on the E-Revo.

This system allows you to see more detailed info about your RC car through your smartphone. All you have to do is to install the Traxxas app, buy the aftermarket Traxxas Link Device, and connect it to the remote control as well as to the app using Bluetooth.

And you’re ready to go.

At this stage, you can see a lot of interesting things about your RC car like the temperature, the top speed, and the location.

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Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo Upgrades

It is true that these RC cars are different and have special structures. Still, there are a lot of common parts with other popular RC cars like the X-Maxx and the Maxx.

So, you don’t have to worry about the availability of their parts.

If you’d like to see the best Traxxas Sledge upgrades, check them from here.

Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo Remote Control

When it comes to the Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo remote control, they have the same with the same TQi 2.4GHz High Output Radio System.

You can use this system for connecting your RC car with your smartphone using Traxxas Link that we mentioned earlier.

Other than that, the remote control works perfectly for both the Sledge and the E-Revo.

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Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo Price

Despite being similar in a lot of aspects, the Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo price is not the same. In fact, Traxxas Sledge is more expensive.

By taking into consideration the novelty, the new tech as well as the great performance, we expect that Traxxas Sledge would have that price.

On the other hand, for similar performance that the E-Revo has, you can save a lot of money!

Here are the prices of the E-Revo as well as the Sledge:

So, Which One Should You Buy?

As you see in this Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo comparison, both RC cars have a lot to show. They’re actually some of the best Traxxas RC cars!

First of all, if money is a problem for you, you better find a smaller RC car like the Hoss or Stampede 4×4.

You can even go for the 1/16 Traxxas E-Revo! Check its full review from here!

Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo 2.0. Which One Is Better For You?

If you’re looking for the winner in this Traxxas Sledge VS E-Revo comparison, Traxxas Sledge won this comparison!

However, there is something that you can’t have on the Sledge, the only RC car that can give it to you is the E-Revo, it’s the uniqueness!

If you like different things, special and outstanding, Traxxas E-Revo is the best RC car you can have today!

Here is another RC car that is as weird as the E-Revo!

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But, if you want a reliable, fast, strong, and eye-catching RC car, the Sledge is the best one to have.

So, what do you think? Which one would you choose? Traxxas Sledge or E-Revo? Let me know in the comments below!

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