Top 10+ RC Monster Trucks From Traxxas (2022 Update)

Traxxas has always surprised us with great RC Monster trucks that prove themselves in handling, design, and performance.

Now, we have so many RC trucks which are all high performing, well-designed, and powerful with good prices.

For us, the drivers and players, it’s a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. You find yourself in a great circle of RCs where each one of them is amazing.

But, at the same time, you find yourself forced to choose one of them! But which one should you buy?

This is why, in this article, I will help you and show you the best 10 Traxxas RC Monster Trucks you can buy in 2022.

Let’s get started in the next few lines…

Ps. There is a difference between RC trucks and RC Crawlers. This article is about RC trucks!

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Traxxas E-Revo: One of the best RC Monster Trucks

traxxas e-revo RC Monster Trucks

We all know that Traxxas E-Revo was and still is one of the best Traxxas RC Monster Trucks, especially with the 2.0 version that took it to the next level.

This RC Monster Truck comes with a great special design than the rest of the other RC cars which is made for aerodynamics.

This design doesn’t stop here, in fact, the low body clearance and the wide chassis made it impossible for this RC car to flip upside down. Yes, the amount of handling in this RC Monster Trucks is imaginable.

Additionally, Traxxas E-Revo comes in two sizes, the 1/10 scale, and the 1/16 scale. They have almost the same features and characteristics.

Plus, if you look at the chassis, its structure is different than the rest of the other RC Monster Trucks. The only RC car that has the same structure is the Traxxas Summit.

Check out the different engineering of the chassis in the full review of the E-Revo 2.0.

How fast does a Traxxas E-Revo go?

With a Velineon® 2200kV Brushless Motor, a VXL-6s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control, and Two 3s LiPo Batteries, Traxxas E-Revo can reach up to 70+ mph.

Other than that, there are a lot of features that this RC Monster Truck comes with.

These features won’t help you only as a driver, but also, they will make your experience much funnier. Here are some:


  • Avoid making super high jumps since the chassis may not support the huge weight of the landing and bend as a result!
  • Expensive

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Traxxas X-Maxx

traxxas X-Maxx RC Monster Trucks

Who doesn’t know this name? If you don’t, maybe you should stop what you’re doing and pay attention here!

Traxxas X-Maxx is the biggest RC Monster Truck and one of the most powerful RC cars in the Traxxas fleet.

No matter how you imagine it, you’ll be always surprised how big it is in reality.

It is true that this thing doesn’t run as fast as the E-Revo, however, I can say that you can’t break this thing, it is so hard and can handle everything!

Traxxas X-Maxx has almost the same design as the Maxx with some changes in details.

Also, when you buy this RC Monster Truck as a stock, you’ll find aluminum parts already installed which makes avoid buying Aluminum upgrades all over again, and, avoid breaking it as well.

But here is the thing, the biggest Traxxas RC truck isn’t the only record this monster has, it is also the most expensive Traxxas RC car with almost a 4-figures price tag.

So, if you want this beast, you better check your pocket first.

How fast does a Traxxas X-Maxx go?

With a Velineon VXL-8s Brushless Power System, a Velineon 1200XL Brushless Motor, Two 4s LiPo Batteries, and Included Optional Spur Gear, the X-Maxx can reach up to 50+ mph.

Despite being slower than the E-Revo, 50+ mph is still considered a high speed, especially for a such big size RC truck.

The X-Maxx also comes with a lot of features to help you drive and have more fun. Here are some of them:


  • So expensive
  • Slower speed if you want a fast RC Monster Truck
  • This is a level 6 RC car, it’s not convenient for children and inexperienced people.

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Traxxas Sledge

traxxas Sledge RC Monster Trucks

This is one of the latest and new Traxxas RC Monster Trucks in the market with the latest technology and features.

Being the younger brother in the group, Traxxas Sledge has gathered a lot of different features from its different big brothers in terms of design, performance, and stability.

In fact, you may see that the body is a mix between the Traxxas Maxx and E-Revo.

The Sledge has also an aerodynalics-friendly body with a big spoiler in the back. Its wide chassis makes it the perfect RC car for handling and turning fast around corners, not to mention those big wheels.

What’s different about this RC Monster Truck is the new engineering techniques and ideas. In fact, if you’re afraid to bend your chassis in the E-Revo, you don’t have to with the Sledge.

The chassis is much stronger, you can even add metal skids if you want extra protection.

All the handling problems of the previous RC cars are solved in this one!

Just prepare yourself to pay for this RC car, it’s crazy!

How fast does the Traxxas Sledge go?

With a Velineon® 2000kV Brushless Motor, a VXL-6s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control, and Two 3s LiPo Batteries, the Traxxas Sledge can reach up to 70+ mph just like the E-Revo 2.0!

Yes, you can go at this speed out of the box, isn’t that crazy?

Furthermore, this RC car comes with a lot of different features that make it a better RC car to drive. Here are some of these features:


  • No Self-Righting System
  • Expensive

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Traxxas Maxx

traxxas Maxx RC Monster Trucks

Traxxas Maxx or the baby X-Maxx is also a legendary RC truck.

Like the E-Revo 2.0, Traxxas Maxx has got some new updates like the WideMaxx upgrade to be wider, stronger, and can handle better.

It is true that this RC beast comes with fewer Aluminum parts as a stock, which makes it handle less than the X-Maxx. However, its lightweight makes it able to fly and do great jumps with no problems with chassis bending.

When it comes to the body design, we can say that this is one of the most beautiful designs, especially since you can choose from the multiple colors it comes out with like Black, Blue, and Purple.

In the end, Traxxas Maxx can be the perfect RC car for you if you’re looking for something that balances the speed, power, handling, and price as well.

How fast does the Traxxas Maxx go?

Traxxas Maxx doesn’t reach the speed of the Sledge and the E-Revo, but at the same time faster than the X-Maxx.

With a Velineon® 540XL Brushless Motor, a VXL-4s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control, an optional gearing, and a single 4S LiPo battery, this RC Monster Truck is able to reach up to 60+ mph.

With this high speed, it is a little bit hard to control this beast since it is not that wide like the Sledge and the E-Revo, so, there is a risk of flipping over until you’re an expert that knows what he does!

Of course, like all these RC Monster Trucks above, Traxxas Maxx comes with so many features that will make driving easier for you.

Here are some of them:


  • Hard To control in the air
  • Can be Dangerous to children

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Traxxas UDR – Unlimited Desert Racer

traxxas udr RC Monster Trucks

If you love special and different things, then, the Traxxas UDR should be the one for you.

However, if you’re a beginner, you better not have this RC Monster Truck. Believe me, you’ll have no idea where to start!

You can feel that this RC Monster Truck is different just by looking at it. In fact, since the chassis is different, the body is different as well to adapt to it.

The body comes with a lot of details especially inside and in the rear. You can see a driver inside this RC car as well as some realistic things like the wheels (which are usable), the fans as well as fire distinguishers.

The details are so clear because of the big scale of the UDR. Actually, it has a 1/7 and 1/8 scale which is bigger than most of the RC Monster Trucks on this list.

Once you remove the body, you won’t find the chassis, you’ll find a tube cage covering the whole RC car.

Also, this is the only RC Monster Truck in this list that comes with LED lights as stock, these lights aren’t normal, they are high voltage LED lights that can show you the whole road.

Additionally, if you think that the suspension of the E-Revo is weird, wait until you see those of the UDR. We can say that this RC car is the most complicated one in terms of mechanics.

This is why you should be an expert in RC cars before you buy this!

How fast is the Traxxas UDR?

With a Velineon® 2200kV Brushless Motor, a VXL-6s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control, and Two 3s LiPo Batteries, the UDR has the same speed as the X-Maxx which is 50+ mph.

With an RC Monster Truck this big, 50 mph is really a high speed. So make sure you’re in a wide empty space before you test this thing!

What about the features?

Well, I can say that this RC Monster Truck has the most unique features on this list. Here they are:


  • No Self-Righting System
  • Need to be an expert to maintain and upgrade (Not beginner friendly)
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for children

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Traxxas Revo 3.3 RC Monster Truck

traxxas revo 3.3 RC Monster Trucks

The best RC Monster Trucks aren’t only electric, they can nitro as well as the Traxxas Revo 3.3.

As you know, Nitro RC trucks have a different structure than electric RCs. Still, they are also so fun to drive and maintain.

If you’re not familiar with this RC car, you might first about the name, didn’t you?

Yes, the Revo 3.3 RC Monster Truck has some of the characteristics the Traxxas E-Revo has, mostly in the suspension system. It has also those in-board shocks.

Other than that, the Revo 3.3 has its own metal chassis with different components and systems.

Unlike an electric RC Monster Truck that works with electricity, this nitro beast works with fuel that you should inside of the fuel tank.

If you’d like to know more about the Traxxas Revo 3.3 including how its engine works, you can check the full review from here.

How fast does the Revo 3.3 go?

We all know that electric RC cars are faster than nitro ones, but, this doesn’t mean that they can’t reach high speeds!

In fact, the Traxxas Revo 3.3 can reach up to 45+ mph using a Powerful TRX® 3.3 racing engine and a two-speed transmission.

Despite being the least fast one on this list, 45+ mph is still a good speed.

Also, the Revo is offered with a lot of features, some of them are special or Nitro RC Monster Trucks only, while others are common between the two tribes.

Here are some of them:


  • Slow speed if you want an RC with high speed
  • Hard to maintain if you’re a beginner
  • A lot of engine noise
  • No Self-Righting System

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Traxxas Hoss

traxxas hoss RC Monster Trucks

We all know that Traxxas Hoss is one of the best RC Monster Trucks that deserves to be on this list. In fact, this RC car is able to compete against the Traxxas Maxx, and actually, it beats it in some things!

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Traxxas Hoss has the same shape as the Maxx and the X-Maxx which is a pickup truck, but it is smaller. It comes mostly in Green and Orange which are unique colors for it.

This RC Monster Truck has all the features and the qualities as well as the capabilities of the Maxx, AND it is cheaper! That’s the great part.

But, why is it cheaper? Simply, that’s because the Hoss is built on the Slash platform while the Maxx and the X-Maxx have their own platform. And as you know, Traxxas Slash is a cheap RC car.

However, by testing this beast, you can conclude that controlling it is easier than its big brother (Maxx), especially in high jumps and turning in mid-air.

Also, the Traxxas Hoss is smaller, easier to carry, and lighter. It can be a perfect RC Monster Truck for you as a beginner since the Slash platform is one of the easiest platforms to maintain and upgrade.

So, we can say that the Hoss is a Maxx, but with friendly beginner features!

How fast does the Traxxas Hoss go?

With a Velineon® 540XL Brushless Motor, a VXL-3s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control, and a 3S LiPo battery, Traxxas Hoss can reach up to 60+ mph which is the same top speed as the Maxx and faster than the X-Maxx.

Isn’t that crazy?

Traxxas Hoss is offered also with a lot of different features, which are the same as the Maxx except for the material of the parts which is mostly plastic if not all of it!

Here are some of the features:


  • Comes out with no Aluminum parts which decreases the handling (You can use this as an advantage to upgrade it especially if you’re a beginner)

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Traxxas Jato 3.3

traxxas jato 3.3 RC Monster Trucks

Here we go with another Nitro RC Monster Truck. This time, we don’t have a 4×4 RC, it’s a 2WD Jato 3.3.

At first Glance, the Traxxas Jato 3.3 might look like the Rustler Stadium truck. However, the Jato is a little bit different.

Additionally, we all know that Nitro RC cars are slower than electric RC Monster Trucks, not with the Jato 3.3!

How fast is the Traxxas Jato 3.3 Nitro?

As mentioned earlier, Nitro RC Monster Trucks are well known for being slower than electric RC cars. However, the Jato 3.3 will shock you for sure!

In fact, with a 2WD driving system, a TRX 3.3 Racing Engine, and a Two-Speed Transmission, Traxxas Jato 3.3 can reach up to 65+ mph, which is faster than most of the RC Monster Trucks on this list!

Wait, there is another surprise!

The acceleration on this RC car is equal to most real supercars. Actually, it can do 0-60 in 4.2 seconds!

To put that in perspective, a 2021 Mercedes AMG GT 43 can do 0-60 in 4.3 seconds. I’ll let you think about it!

The Traxxas Jato 3.3 doesn’t stop here! It is offered with so many features that will help you the driver have a better experience and increase this nitro RC Monster Truck’s performance and handling.

Here they are:


  • No Self-Righting System
  • 2WD system (In case you’re a 4WD system fan, otherwise, this is not considered inconvenient)
  • Nitro engine noise (Until you like it)
  • Old Body Design

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Traxxas Rustler 4×4 VXL

traxxas rustler 4x4 vxl RC Monster Trucks

If you love small RC Monster Trucks with high performance and stability, the Rustler 4×4 VXL is the best one you can have!

This RC car is based on the same platform as the Slash, however, its capabilities are imaginable. In fact, this RC Monster Truck has almost the same design as the E-Revo which is perfect for handling and stability.

Also, this small beast is able to do high jumps, super high jumps, and land perfectly with no accidents thanks to its lightweight!

If you want an alternative to the E-Revo 1/16, then this is the perfect one!

Also, this RC Monster Truck is ideal for beginners and children as well because of its small size and lightweight.

You can get it in a lot of different body colors and upgrade it as much as you want!

Everything about this RC Monster Truck is great. But, here is something that will shock you…

How fast is the Traxxas Rustler 4×4 VXL?

Using a Velineon® 3500kV Brushless Motor, a VXL-3s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control, and a 3S LiPo battery, Traxxas Rustler can reach up to 65+ mph which is faster than the Maxx, X-Maxx, UDR, and Hoss altogether!

Actually, this is the fastest RC Monster Truck you can find with the Slash platform. It is really fast, super fast!

This is literally a small E-Revo except for the material of the parts since they come with built-in plastic instead of Aluminum (Except for the central driveshaft).

After seeing this huge speed, you may ask, how can this RC Monster Truck be good for kids while having this high speed?

Well, most Traxxas RC Monster Trucks have a training mode that allows you to limit the acceleration and the top speed to low levels if you’re a beginner or if you have a kid.

For the Traxxas Rustler 4×4 VXL, it comes limited to 30 mph as a stock, after that, you’re free to change pinion or spur gears to be faster.

Some pinion and spur gears come in the box while the 65+ mph gear is sold separately.

This means that this RC Monster Truck is safe from day 1.

Other than that, the Rustler 4×4 VXL has the same features as the E-Revo. Here are some of them:


  • The 65+ mph spur and pinion gears are sold separately, they don’t come in the box.

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Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate

traxxas Slash 4x4 Ultimate RC Monster Trucks

Most of us think about the Traxxas Slash as that basic cheap RC Monster Truck that is only for beginners with limited performance.

But this is not the case!

Traxxas Slash has a lot of different versions, there is the 2WD version, 4WD version, 2WD VXL, 4×4 VXL, 4×4 Ultimate as well as 4×4 Slayer pro (Tell me if I didn’t mention a version)

Each one of these versions has its own features and abilities. The most popular ones are the 2WD and 4×4. But no one speaks about the Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate.

Actually, the Slash Ultimate and the Slash 4×4 VXL have the same performance. The only difference is the handling.

In fact, Traxxas Slash Ultimate comes with a lot of Aluminum parts almost like the X-Maxx while the 4×4 VXL comes with normal plastic parts.

This means that this Ultimate RC Monster Truck has a super high handling ability! Isn’t that crazy?

Plus, it’s cheaper than the Hoss. But why? What’s the difference between the Slash 4×4 Ultimate and the Hoss?

It’s simple, the body! Yes, the body of the Hoss is offered with a lot of skids outside as well as a body cage inside which increases the protection. Also, the design of the Hoss body is better than the Slash.

This makes the Hoss stand out but you won’t be able to distinguish this slash from the normal one until you remove the body or see the stickers.

How fast is the Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate?

With a Velineon® 3500 Brushless Motor, Velineon VXL-3s speed control, and a 3s Lipo battery, Traxxas Slash can reach up to 60+ mph. This is the same speed as the Hoss and the Maxx!

So, as you see, we can count this thing as an RC Monster Truck and include it in this list because it deserves it!

Here are some of the other features and qualities that this RC Monster Truck has:


  • Same design as a normal basic Slash
  • You can add a couple of bucks and get the Hoss
  • No Self-Righting System
  • No Skids on the Body
  • Body with Clips (Not Clipless)

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Traxxas Stampede 4×4 VXL

traxxas stampede 4x4 vxl RC Monster Trucks

Based on the same platform as the Slash, the Stampede 4×4 VXL is also one of the most popular RC Monster Trucks.

It does come as well with a lot of versions like the 2WD, 4×4, and the VXL which is the most powerful one.

Regarding the performance, we can say that the Stampede and the Slash have the same parts and upgrades as well.

The only difference remains in the chassis ground clearance as well as the wheels which makes a difference in the handling.

As you see, this RC Monster Truck is so high but not that wide which may not help you turn in corners with high speed!

Still, it is offered more features than the Slash 4×4 Ultimate which gives it the advantage.

How fast is Traxxas Stampede VXL 4X4?

Like Traxxas Maxx, Traxxas Stampede can reach up to 60+ mph using a Velineon® 3500 Brushless Motor, a Velineon® VXL-3s ESC as well as a 3s Lipo battery.

With this speed, you can literally compete against a Traxxas Maxx owner and maybe beat him as long as the race is on a straight track, otherwise, a racing track filled with corners won’t be in your interest.

In addition to this high speed, the stampede comes with most features that high-end RC Monster Trucks have!

Here are some of them:

Although having all these qualities, this RC Monster Truck still lacks some of them!


  • No Body Skids
  • No Clipless body

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In the end,

All these Traxxas RC Monster Trucks are able to make you have a lot of fun and enjoyment.

But, each of us has our own preferences and opinions to choose whatever we want.

So, what about you? Which one of these RC Monster Trucks do you prefer?

Share with us your opinion in the comments below…

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