Traxxas Sledge Full Review. No RC Car Will Satisfy You After Buying This!

Finally, here is another beast that Traxxas has released. It’s the Traxxas Sledge. Spoiler Alert: This RC car is comparable to Traxxas Maxx and E-Revo!

The Traxxas Sledge has just been released recently with super high performance. We can say that this new RC car is a better update for the E-Revo with more handling and stability.

The question though is whether it has the same power as the E-Revo and the Maxx. Is it worth it?

Well, if you’re asking for the short answer, then here it is: Yes, it is worth it especially since Traxxas is well known for the high-performance RC beasts.

And we say beasts, we are talking about the Traxxas X-Maxx, Maxx, E-Revo, Hoss, and so on. These RC cars were and still are some of the best in the market despite being released a long ago.

So, what do you think of the new technology and power that is included in the new Traxxas Sledge?

Let’s discover together what’s under the hood in the next few lines…

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Traxxas Sledge Design

The Body

The first thing you’ll notice when seeing the Traxxas Sledge is the fact that this is completely a new body.

As you know, we’re used to seeing a lot of similar RC cars from Traxxas with different sizes. The X-Maxx, Maxx, Hoss, Slash, and others all have the same concept.

For the Traxxas Sledge, it’s not the same. We can say it’s somehow a little bit similar to the E-Revo.

The design of the body is so sporty and eye-catching, especially with those big wheels protecting the body.

The best part about the Traxxas Sledge is the big spoiler in the end. This is the biggest spoiler in the Traxxas fleet! It’s even bigger than the one on the E-Revo. As expected from an RC car that can reach up to 70mph!

When it comes to the back of this beast, you’ll see the entire suspension system including the arms. They’re not protected directly by the body. But, they’re covered by the big spoiler on top of them.

Also, there is no wheelie bar included. Still, you can buy it yourself after.

Concerning the top of the Traxxas Sledge, it is equipped with plastic shields (We can call them) that protect the body in case of an accident.

In addition to that, there are no clips. it’s much easier now to open and close this RC car. There are two buttons under the body next to the rear wheels, with just one click on each of them, you can open it.

When it comes to closing, it’s no less easy. You have to slide back the front first, then press the rear, and you’re ready to go.

The body from inside comes with a whole internal cage to support cool handling.

There are a lot more details about the Traxxas Sledge body that you should FEEL yourself. It’s a cool design. No complaint about it!

That was the body! What about the chassis?

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Traxxas Sledge Chassis

Traxxas Sledge Full Review. Everything You Need To Know About!

If you think that the body is the most improved part of the Traxxas Sledge, you’re wrong. There is so much going on in the chassis!

If you notice down the chassis, you’ll see that it’s different than the rest of Traxxas RC cars. This is because this is an aluminum chassis! It’s so much stronger and can handle more and more crashes.

The chassis of this RC car including its components and structure are completely new.

Traxxas has focused this time on increasing the handling of this Traxxas Sledge by adding a lot of aluminum materials.

This includes the new bar passing from the center of the chassis. This bar will help the aluminum bottom to stay rigid and not bend, which is a problem for a lot of people that upgrade their RC cars to aluminum.

A lot of new parts have been added. For example, Traxxas has added some covers in front of the driveshafts of the rear wheels to prevent dust and water. That’s not only a cool feature but, it is smart as well. That will save you a lot of time, isn’t it?

The same thing goes for suspension arms that have flexible plastic parts to prevent dust and water from getting in the way of their performance.

Other than that, the structure of the same parts that the other Traxxas RC cars have is also on the Traxxas Sledge including the motor, the double battery, and the ESC as well as others… (We will walk through more details in the next section)

In the end, after reviewing the Traxxas Sledge chassis, you’ll see that Traxxas has focused so much on increasing the strength and the handling of the chassis not only by adding more aluminum parts but also by adding new parts that prevent the problems from happening.

That will save you a lot of time and money as well.

This is something cool from Traxxas.

Having all these parts and improvements together will add a lot of power to the Traxxas Sledge! Let’s see more about the performance of this RC car.

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Traxxas Sledge Performance

Remember what we said in the introduction? This beast is comparable to the Traxxas X-Maxx, Maxx, and E-Revo!

Traxxas Sledge comes with a Velineon® 2000kV Brushless Motor. This motor is so powerful and it is supported with an aluminum mount to fix it no matter how hard the crash is.

(If your motor didn’t get ripped off as a result of a crash, then, you’re not enjoying your RC car!)

The Traxxas Sledge comes also with a fully waterproof metal gear servo, a VXL-6s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control that supports 6s batteries, and two battery holders. Each one of them can hold a 3s Lipo battery.

With these two batteries, Traxxas Sledge can reach up to 70mph which is crazy. That’s the same speed as the E-Revo and faster than the Maxx!

In addition to that, the Traxxas Sledge is equipped with Oil-filled GT-Maxx® Shocks which are super powerful and handle a lot of pressure.

The Sledgehammer tires of the Traxxas Sledge have high friction to help with speed and stability. They do balloons a little bit. Some of you might like them, some others may not.

So, if you don’t like the Sledgehammer ballooning tires, you better go for the Pro-Line tires.

There are a lot more technical details about this RC car that you should discover!

Still, this is not everything for the Traxxas Sledge! The technology and the systems are also a big part of the strength of this RC car!

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Traxxas Management System

The first system that is great to have and that a lot of high-end Traxxas RC cars have is the Traxxas Stability Management (TSM).

This is a great system for you to help you drive better and maintain the same direction especially if you’re a beginner.

This system helps you keep the same direction by turning the wheels of the car in case it slipped and you lost control of it. In this case, the TSM turns the wheels in the direction of the RC car.

Just like a drift, you do the slipping, the system turns the wheels.

Self-Righting System: Not Included!

Concerning the Self Righting system, there is nothing that shows that Traxxas Sledge has this system included.

First, it’s not mentioned on the official page of Traxxas Sledge.

Second, because of the shape of this RC car. Since the top of this RC car is on the same level as the rear spoiler, when reversed, the Sledge won’t be able to move back and forth to reverse back!

This is because there is no gap! The front and the back sides are balanced.

In the end, there is a big probability that this system is not available on this RC car despite having the price and the strength of the E-Revo and the Maxx that are supposed to have it!

Traxxas Link

The Traxxas Link allows you to have more info about the Traxxas Sledge from your smartphone.

This is done by connecting the Traxxas Link device with the remote control and installing the Traxxas App.

This will give you the ability to track a lot of things about your RC car including the temperature, location, speed as well as other settings.

It’s so fun to do!

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The Remote Control

The remote control is one of the parts of the Traxxas Sledge that haven’t changed. It’s the same remote with the same functions and frequency.

It is equipped with all the things that you’re going to need when driving this beast!

Also, it is so comfy in my hands.

Of course, it does come with the Traxxas Sledge in the box.

Traxxas Sledge Upgrades

Since the Traxxas Sledge has been just released and is completely a new RC car with new parts, I think it’s hard actually to find upgrading parts.

Also, you don’t need to worry about that because the parts that come with the Traxxas Sledge are stronger than any other Traxxas RC car before!

It’s all aluminum and has some plastic parts that were added for a reason which is the flexibility that Aluminum parts can’t afford.

Lately, Traxxas has released the new chassis skid plates for extra protection, you can even choose it in seven colors.

In addition to the skids, the new high-output LED light kit specialized for the Traxxas Sledge is finally out as well.

So, in conclusion, you will have a really incredible time with those upgrades!

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Annoying things about Traxxas Sledge

Traxxas Sledge is one of the best Traxxas that has ever been produced and there isn’t something that bad to complain about.

However, I think you already know the one thing that has disappointed me in this RC car which is the self-righting system!

Still, this is not a necessary system to have in your RC car to have fun. So, there is nothing to worry about.

Great Things About Traxxas Sledge

All you have seen in this review are great things about the Traxxas Sledge. The great and special thing though is the new handling power that this RC car has got!

The new aluminum parts and functions give you a hint of how great the engineering of this RC car is.

It’s the best RC car to have especially if you want something to last more.

After buying Traxxas Sledge, you don’t need to worry about breaking something. It’s hard to break apart!

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Traxxas Sledge Price

As you know, the Traxxas Sledge is competing with the Traxxas Maxx and E-Revo in terms of performance and handling.

So, it is normal to expect that it will compete with them in terms of price as well!

After all, this is a high-performance RC car, so don’t expect to buy it for little money!

In the end, it is worth it. And always remember, you get what you pay for!

Check the price of the Traxxas Sledge by clicking the button below:

So, Should You Buy The Traxxas Sledge

The great thing about the Traxxas Sledge is the creativity it came with. You have now another level of handling that no other Traxxas RC car has!

The design is also eye-catching and perfectly done!

For people who want to spend their money on something worth it, the Traxxas Sledge is the one that you should go for!

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this RC car can handle all kinds of crashes and accidents. You don’t need to worry about it.

Other than that, if you prefer the Maxx or the E-Revo, you can go for them as well. They all have almost the same performance especially the Sledge and the E-Revo!

You can check their prices as well from here:

So, what do you think about the Traxxas Sledge, is it worth it? What would you prefer, the new Sledge or the E-Revo 2.0? Let me know in the comments sections below!

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How fast does the Traxxas Sledge go?

Traxxas Sledge can reach up to 70mph using a 6s Lipo battery or a double 3s Lipo battery, a Velineon 2000kV Brushless Motor, and a VXL-6s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control.

Does Traxxas Sledge have self-righting?

Unfortunately, Traxxas Sledge doesn’t come with this option which is the only disadvantage that it has. Still, it compensates for that with the wide body and the low chassis. This RC car is really hard to flip!

When did the Traxxas Sledge come out?

Traxxas Sledge has come out in late March 2022.

What are the best Traxxas Sledge batteries?

According to Traxxas, the recommended batteries are dual 5000mAh 3-cell 11.1V Power Cell LiPo batteries.

What scale is the Sledge?


Does the Traxxas Sledge come with batteries?

No, you should buy them yourself, check the recommended ones above in the article.


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