Traxxas XRT VS Sledge. Which One Is Better For You?

The Traxxas XRT VS Sledge design is so similar, doesn’t this mean that they have the same performance and capabilities? This is what we’ll know in this comparison!

As you know, Traxxas XRT has just been released and most of us were shocked by its capabilities that are complete with the X-Maxx.

But, in terms of design, the XRT resembles the Sledge. Sometimes, you might even get confused between the two.

So, does having a design similarity between the Traxxas XRT VS Sledge mean that they’re similar in performance also? And which one is better for you?

Well, this is what we will know in this Traxxas XRT VS Sledge comparison!

Let’s get started in the next few lines…

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Traxxas XRT VS Sledge Body

Despite being so close in appearance, the Traxxas XRT VS Sledge body details are so different once you get close.

So many new parts have been added to the Traxxas XRT that has never been on any Traxxas RC car before like the air vents on the hood as well as on the top.

We can say that the Traxxas XRT came to complete what’s missing in the Traxxas Sledge since so many parts of the Sledge exist on the XRT.

Of course, we won’t deny that they have also some common features like the clipless body.

Let’s get into more details…

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The Front

While we’re used to seeing big front bumpers on most of the high-end RC cars, the Traxxas Sled doesn’t come with one, on the other hand, the Traxxas XRT has a big one covering the front part of the body.

When it comes to the Traxxas XRT VS Sledge headlights, they look different the Traxxas XRT has sharper and thinner headlights, but this doesn’t mean that the Sledge has an ugly face! The Sledge is one of the best-looking Traxxas RC cars, it’s just that the XRT looks more futuristic!

The advantage e the Sledge has though is that you can see the details in the front more than the XRT! The front end on the Sledge is much simpler which makes the view so clear.

Regarding the Traxxas XRT VS Sledge hood, here is where it gets different!

This part is one of the best parts that made the XRT different not only then the Sledge, but the rest of all RC cars, it’s the big air vent, and it’s really on top of that which has a role of cooling the motor and the vents around it.

It’s not all bad for the Sledge though! It comes with cool fake air vents as well, they’re fake, but, still, they give it a great look!

The Middle and the Rear

Traxxas XRT VS Sledge. Which One Is Better For You?

Like the hood, the body top of both RC cars is different as well. The Sledge, like the high-end Traxxas RC cars, comes with powerful plastic skids that protect the body in case of a flip-over as well as add a great look to it.

The Traxxas XRT on the other hand comes with a new part, it’s a two-in-one part where there are skids and at the same time an air vent.

These two are combined in one part sitting on the top of the XRT, this air vent has been made also for cooling reasons.

Regarding the Traxxas XRT VS Sledge rear, if you take a general look, you’ll see that they have so many common things.

However, once you take a closer look, you’ll see so many different details in there!

The rear of the Traxxas XRT is more supported with, let’s say “Rear Skids”. And both have big spoilers!

from an engineering point, of view, these spoilers have different dimensions as well as different angles, the XRT spoiler looks more developed than the Sledge.

But, in the end, they both do a great job with downforce, especially since these are made for speed.

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Traxxas XRT VS Sledge Chassis

Traxxas XRT VS Sledge Chassis

If you read the previous Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx comparison, you’ll notice that the chassis of these two RC cars have the same structure despite being different in some aspects.

For the Traxxas XRT VS Sledge, it’s completely the opposite. Those two chassis are different in terms of structure and engineering!

Even though the Traxxas XRT is newer than the Sledge, there are some parts on the Sledge than have been removed in the XRT like the suspension Arms protectors located in the rear of the Sledge. These parts aren’t available on the XRT.

At the same time, some parts on the XRT aren’t available on the Sledge such as the front bumper.

Chassis Dimensions

Unlike the X-Maxx which is a monster truck, the Sledge and the XRT are both truggies. They both have a low ground clearance and a wide chassis.

Still, with the WideMaxx suspension that the Traxxas XRT has, it is much wider.

The width of the XRT is 23.4 inches which are 595mm! That’s a lot!

On the other hand, the Sledge is much smaller its width is only 18.10 inches which are 459mm.

This doesn’t make the Sledge small, it is a wide RC car in comparison to the other Traxxas RC cars, but for this one, it does look small!

Additionally, the same thing goes for the height, the XRT reaches 10.2 inches (258mm) while the Sledge is 8.43 (214mm).

This means that despite its size, the Sledge will look like a baby next to the XRT.

Here are more details about the Traxxas XRT VS Sledge dimensions:

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The Front Of The Chassis

As mentioned earlier, one of the Traxxas XRT VS Sledge differences in the chassis is the first bumper. Like the X-Maxx, Traxxas XRT comes with a bumper that protects the body from frontal crashes, while the Traxxas Sledge doesn’t have any bumper.

That makes the body endangered by the different obstacles that come in the way of the RC car while running.

In addition to the front bumper, there is a brace that increases the protection and helps with absorbing the crash.

Traxxas Sledge has non of that which is unfortunate!

After the bumper, the design gets different! If you look at the XRT, you’ll see that the body mount is a part of the chassis! In addition to that, it is a heavy-duty body mount! This is a lot of protection there!

The Sledge also has a great Aluminum body mount that will handle anything that comes in the way.

For the shocks and the suspension system, both RC cars come with Aluminum shocks. However, the suspension arms differ since the XRT comes with the WideMaxx suspension, while the Sledge has normal Aluminum suspension arms.

This WideMaxx suspension is one of the factors that made the XRT overtake the Sledge and the X-Maxx in handling especially in corners! This thing is really hard to flip on the side!

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The Middle and the Rear

Traxxas XRT VS Sledge. Which One Is Better For You?

As you read in the previous sections of this Traxxas XRT VS Sledge comparison, the design of the middle chassis differs completely from that of the Sledge.

All the electronics in the XRT are located in the middle while the batteries are on the side since this RC car comes with two batteries instead of one: Two 4s Lip batteries, which makes it an 8s RC car.

On the other hand, the Sledge has the design that is more common in the rest of Traxxas RC cars. Despite that, it comes with two 3s Lipo batteries which make 6s power.

Also, some of the first parts that will draw your attention in the Traxxas Sledge is the central differential this is not the central differential, it’s an Aluminum T-bar for the chassis support.

The XRT doesn’t have that part!

When it comes to the rear, both RC cars have the same body mount as their front. Also; the Sledge comes with some protective plats for the cool suspension system.

However, Traxxas didn’t include that in the new XRT. Why?

The other difference between the Traxxas XRT VS Sledge is the wheelie bar. The XRT is one of the few RC cars that come with a wheelie bar like the X-Maxx. The Sledge on the other side doesn’t come with one. Still, you can always buy an aftermarket one.

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Traxxas XRT VS Sledge Tires

Traxxas XRT VS Sledge Tires

I’m sure that when you looked at both RC cars, you noticed that the size of the Traxxas XRT tires is so big in comparison to those of the Traxxas Sledge, isn’t it?

The tires of the Traxxas XRT are 7.4″ Gravix™ race tires made for racing more than off-roading.

The Traxxas Sledge though comes with 6.7” Sledgehammer® all-terrain tires.

The bad thing about the tires of the XRT is the fact that they can’t make the RC car do a back flip in the air for example due to their lack of ballooning! This is controversial to the tires of the Sledge that are made for back flipping and will give you a great time off-road.

Still, the Traxxas XRT will always impress you with their big witness!

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Traxxas XRT VS Sledge Performance

After all these great features and engineering ideas that have been put into those two RC cars? Which one do you think the winner could be in the Traxxas XRT VS Sledge performance?

Before answering this question, let’s dig deeper into the Traxxas XRT VS Sledge specs…

For the Traxxas Sledge, it comes with a Velineon® 2000kV Brushless Motor, and a VXL-6s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control, with these two combined in addition to the double 3s Lipo batteries, the Sledge can reach up to 70+mph.

On the other hand, the Traxxas XRT comes with a Velineon® 1200XL Brushless Motor and a VXL-8s™ Waterproof Electronic Speed Control, in addition to double 4s Lipo batteries. With all these parts, this RC car can do 60+mph. That’s the same speed as the Traxxas Maxx and faster than the X-Maxx.

As you see, in terms of speed and drag racing, the Traxxas Sledge would beat the XRT. Maybe the tires of the XRT can change the result? Tell me your opinion in the comments below!

Concerning the steering servo, both RC cars are offered powerful steering servos with the servo of the Traxxas XRT slightly more powerful than the one on the Sledge.

But, overall, the stock servos don’t last that much, they tend to lose power after a short period. This is why you better have a more powerful servo.

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Traxxas XRT VS Sledge Handling

As you know, the handling depends a lot on the width of the chassis, the low ground clearance as well as on the width of the tires as well.

All these conditions are met in the Sledge as well as in the XRT. However, the XRT looks like it has a better application for those conditions. This is why so many people have compared it to the X-Maxx!

The WiedMaxx suspension, the 7.4 wheels, and the low-ground chassis are all factors that make this RC car one of the best cars in handling, if not the best.

Traxxas Sledge is great, however, it can’t compete with the XRT! That’s the harsh truth!

Still, if you upgrade your Traxxas Sledge and add some cool parts that will boost the handling, then, was can talk about a Traxxas XRT VS Sledge competition. Check out the top 10 Traxxas Sledge upgrades you should add.

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Traxxas XRT VS Sledge Transmitter and Receiver

In the XRT VS X-Maxx comparison, we mentioned that the X-Maxx and the XRT have the same remote control with the same controlling range. The only difference was the Self-Righting system that the XRT misses.

Here is the surprise, the XRT isn’t the only one missing this feature, the Sledge also is!

Other than that, the Traxxas XRT VS Sledge transmission and receivers are the same. They both have the TQi™ 2.4GHz High Output Radio System and the 5-channel micro receiver.

This receiver supports the TSM which is the Traxxas Stability Management that allows you to maintain the same direction while driving your RC car and prevents you from losing balance.

The other great feature this transmitter and receiver have is the Traxxas Link. This is a device that helps you track your RC car’s performance like the temperature of the motor, the top speed, and so on…

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Traxxas XRT VS Sledge Upgrades

At the moment of writing this Traxxas XRT VS Sledge comparison, the Traxxas XRT has just been released, it’s only available for pre-order online, and the upgrades and the aftermarket parts aren’t available fully yet.

However, once the XRT starts hitting the market, so many upgrades will appear and you’ll have the freedom to choose a variety of aftermarket parts that will improve your car.

Whereas the Sledge, there are hundreds and hundreds of upgrades and cool parts that will make your Sledge the best.

In conclusion, whether you have the Sledge or the XRT, you won’t have a problem buying or finding the aftermarket parts, they are widely available.

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Traxxas XRT VS Sledge Price

One of the reasons that so many people compared the XRT to the X-Maxx is the high price tag that was put on it!

The Traxxas Sledge and XRT are both expensive high-end RC cars. However, the XRT is way more expensive, it has the same price as the X-Maxx.

The Sledge on the other hand is a little bit cheaper and affordable to so many people.

Check out the Traxxas XRT VS Sledge prices and tell me which one deserves that price tag, the Sledge or the XRT?

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So, Which One Should You Buy?

Well, as you saw in this Traxxas XRT VS Sledge comparison, the competition between these two RC cars was fierce.

Both have some advantages ad disadvantages. The XRT comes with incredible handling and wide suspension arms while the Sledge has high speed as well as flexibility as well as ease of control.

Here is a small summary of the Traxxas XRT VS Sledge comparison, check it out:

So, which one would you buy, the Traxxas Sledge or the Traxxas XRT?

Let me know in the comments below!

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