Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx. Which One Is Better For You?

If you have ever heard about the Traxxas XRT, you’ll remember the X-Maxx and compare it to it. So, what is the difference between Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx?

Traxxas XRT has been created lately with so many similarities with the Traxxas X-Maxx even though they don’t look alike.

But, at the same time, they have so many differences especially since the Traxxas XRT comes with a completely new chassis and new parts as well as a new design.

Some people think that the XRT took the X-Maxx place while others see that the X-Maxx is still wearing the king crown of Traxxas. But, which one is better?

This is why, in this comparison, you’ll see the whole difference between the Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx!

Let’s get started in the next few lines…

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The Design

Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx Body

Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx Body

The design in general and the body specifically is the part that looks so different when you look at both RC cars.

The X-Maxx has that big shark look with a wide body and a big front while the Traxxas XRT looks resemble the Traxxas Sledge and has almost the same design style.

The second thing you’ll notice is the big size of the Traxxas XRT. However, once you put it next to the X-Maxx, you’ll see that the X-Maxx is still the biggest Traxxas RC car!

Still, the Traxxas XRT is the second big one!

The Front

As mentioned earlier, the Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx bodies are so different, you can easily recognize which one is which.

Traxxas X-Maxx comes with a classic design, big headlights, as well as a simple body that comes with small skids on the roof.

On the other hand, the Traxxas XRT takes the leadership here since it is offered with some additional features like the modern design, small headlights as well as the big air vent on the hood as well as on the roof.

The XRT is the first one to adopt this new design, and actually, it’s worth it!

Other than giving a great look to the RC car, the air vent works on making the air flow enter to help with motor cooling. You can check the full review of the Traxxas XRT for more details about this.

On the other hand, when it comes to protection, both RC cars come with a big bumper covering the front of the body. They look both strong, however, the front bumper of the X-Maxx is bigger and looks more powerful.

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The Middle

As you read above in the previous section, there are so many differences between the Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx bodies, the X-Maxx comes with a much simpler body than the XRT.

Regarding the middle and the top, the X-Maxx doesn’t come with any skids, it has a simple body. But, you can always add some as upgrades if you want.

On the other hand, the Traxxas XRT is offered with big plastic skids, you can see them, and they add a great look to the roof.

Also, both RC car has an internal cage that supports and strengthen the body. But, the cage of the XRT is much more developed and connects between the air vent in the front, the skids in the middle as well as the rear!

The Rear

What about the rear?

Well, like the front and the middle, the Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx rear is different as well.

The XRT comes with a big developed spoiler where each detail there has a reason why it was created by the engineers, while the X-Maxx doesn’t come with a spoiler, it doesn’t need it after all!

And, of course, both RC cars come with a wheelie bar right out of the box which is something that we don’t see often in the last Traxxas RC cars.

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Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx Chassis

Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx Chassis

Like the body, the Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx chassis is also not similar, each chassis of these two RC cars has its characteristics and features. Still, some parts are the same!

If you look at the chassis of each of these two RC beasts, you’ll notice that the X-Maxx chassis has some similarities with the other Traxxas RC cars at least in design.

However, if you look at the Traxxas XRT chassis, you’ll see something unfamiliar! That’s because it’s a newly designed chassis.

If we’re talking about the ground clearance, the X-Maxx is higher than the XRT. But, if we’re talking about width, the XRT is slightly wider than the X-Maxx!

It’s wider by a few millimeters thanks to the WideMaxx suspension that both RC cars share.

This means that the handling on the XRT is way better than the X-Maxx. A wide chassis with a low ground clearance will beat a high chassis with a high ground clearance.

Despite that, the X-Maxx has an advantage! We will walk through this in detail in the transmitter and receiver section down below.

The Front

The Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx front bumpers are both powerful, the only difference is the fact that the XRT’s bumper has more coverage on the sides which increases the protection of the shocks right behind it.

Also, you may see something different at the level of body mount in the XRT! They are integrated into the chassis, they look like they are one piece with the chassis, isn’t it?

This new technique is empowering the chassis and increasing its handling in terms of holding the shocks and handling the hard crashes that may occur.

The Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx shocks are the same, they are the GTX shocks that the XRT took from the X-Maxx for sure.

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The Middle of the Chassis

By seeing the middle composition of the Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx, you’ll see that they have the same structure, servo in the font, ESC in the middle, and the motor in the back while the batteries are on the sides.

Once you see it again, you realize that for some reason, the XRT chassis is way cooler! Isn’t it? Let me tell you why!

There are some added accessories and some small changes in the chassis of the XRT that makes it look cool.

First of all, the color combination between gray and black made this RC car look so minimalist and simple, your eyes feel comfortable seeing that, right?

The other reason that made the XRT chassis look cooler than the X-Maxx is the motor, not the motor itself, but what’s on top of the motor? Have you guessed what that thing on top of it is?

It’s the heatsink, this heatsink comes with dual fans to cool the motor. It does look like a V8 motor!

What’s similar is the battery packs that both RC cars use. Both of them are 8s, with two 4s Lipo batteries on each side.

The Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx Rear

Concerning the Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx rear, each RC car of those has the same design as the front of its chassis with some small changes for engineering and performance reasons.

The difference though is the spoiler the XRT comes with a big spoiler while the X-Maxx doesn’t come with any.

At the same time, the X-Maxx comes with a rear big bumper while the XRT doesn’t come with any.

And both RCs have an integrated wheelie bar to help with more balance.


Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx Performance

Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx Performance

Before talking about reality and terrain, let’s compare some specs and facts about the Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx!

Do you know why the XRT is compared with the X-Maxx? That’s because they have almost the same performance and handling. Still, there must be a winner! Which one?

Regarding the X-Maxx, it is offered with a Velineon 1200XL Brushless motor a VXL-8s speed controller, as well as two 4s Lipo batteries. With these combined, the X-Maxx can reach up to 50+mph.

Velineon® 1200XL Brushless Motor, VXL-8s™ Waterproof Electronic Speed Control, and a Powerful 365 oz-in steering servo. In addition to the double 4s Lipo batteries, this thing can reach up to more than 60mph. That’s so quicker than the X-Maxx!

Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx Drag Race

As you see, the XRT has a higher speed and would beat the X-Maxx in a drag race. Of course, speed isn’t the only factor, handling, aerodynamics, weight, and acceleration are all factors that determine the winner.

And I think that the XRT would win easily in a drag race against the X-Maxx!

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Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx Drag Race Off-Road

On a drag race, the XRT would win, however, on off-roading, the result might not be the same!

Off-roading requires a lot of power, handling, as well as control!

XRT is indeed quicker, lighter, and smaller than the X-Maxx, but, it’s still not able to beat the X-Maxx off-road.

When you jump high, there is a big probability to do a backflip in the air with the X-Maxx than with the XRT. Here is the reason why…

Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx Tires

Tires are also a super important part that any RC car driver should pay attention to because they can change how your RC car performs!

If you look at the tires of the X-Maxx, you’ll see that they’re all-terrain tires. On the other hand, the XRT tires are made for racing and not off-roading. As a result, it’s hard to balloon them, they are a little bit firm.

The reason why the XRT can’t do a back flip jump is that the tires can’t pull to the rear in the air since they don’t balloon!

This doesn’t mean that the tires of the XRT are bad, they’re super great especially since Traxxas has created a new wheel design, they are so wide and big.

Still, the X-Maxx tires are wider and bigger.

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Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx Handling

The low ground clearance and the wide chassis and tires are some of the most important factors for better handling.

The great thing is that those two RC cars have all these factors except for the low GC in the X-Maxx. Those RC cars are really hard to break or flip over, they just go wherever you direct them to!

Despite this fierce competition, the Traxxas XRT has the upper hand in this due to the low GC and WideMaxx suspension that is even wider than the X-Maxx.

On the other side, the X-Maxx covers that with a system called the Self-righting system. This system allows your RC car, in case of a flip over, to come back on its wheels automatically with the click of one button on your remote control!

The XRT doesn’t have that, unfortunately, so, even though it is hard to flip over, once it does, you need to go all the way to flip it back manually.

Still, both RC cars are so fun to drive and bash!

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Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx Transmitter and Receiver

Concerning the Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx transmitter and receiver, they come with the same parts.

They both have the TQi™ 2-channel transmitter and the 5-channel micro receiver.

The only thing between them is the Self-Righting System that the Traxxas X-Maxx has.

Other than that, everything else is the same.

It’s unfortunate not to see a new transmitter and receiver in the XRT even though the current one is good and works so well. But, making a new one with better features could have been a lot better!

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Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx Upgrades

Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx Upgrades

Since the XRT has a new chassis, so many parts have been renewed, they’re not the same as the X-Maxx.

At the same time, some parts come from the X-Maxx like the shocks.

Despite all that, both RC cars can be freely upgraded, you can add any part you want including the light kits, new bodies as well as Aluminum parts.

For the X-Maxx, the upgrades are widely available, they’re not necessarily cheap.

On the other hand, the XRT upgrades are not widely available at the time of writing this review (This article has been written less than a week after the XRT release), but they will be available with time.

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Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx Price

If you’re familiar with Traxxas RC cars, then, you know that the X-Maxx is the biggest and the most expensive Traxxas RC car.

But, with the release of Traxxas XRT, the X-Maxx is not the only most expensive one in the group! we have another one now!

Yes, they have the same price. However, some people see that the XRT is overpriced while others see that it deserves that price since it is compared with the X-Maxx.

What about you, what do you think?

Check the Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx prices here:

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So, Which One Should You Buy? Traxxas XRT VS X-Maxx?

The X-Maxx was the only one sitting on the king’s Throne, now, we have another competitor that maybe can do it.

In terms of comparison, the XRT is better than the X-Maxx in so many things and so many aspects. At the same time, the Traxxas X-Maxx was the king for a long time, it won’t be taken that easily!

So, in conclusion, in terms of features and fun, the Traxxas XRT is the winner. But, in terms of history, power of the name, and brand, the X-Maxx is the winner!

In this case, what do you prefer? Features or the Name Power? the XRT or the X-Maxx?

Let me know in the comments below!

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