Best Traxxas Sledge Parts That You Should Definitely Add!

In this article, I will show you the best Traxxas Sledge Parts that you should add to your RC car to become a beast!

Recently, Traxxas Sledge has been the most trending RC car not only because of its high performance but also with its new technology and technics in design, engineering, as well as handling.

All this has made Traxxas Sledge one of the most reliable RC cars without adding any upgrades. But, what if you started thinking about upgrading it even more to become stronger and more reliable than it already is!

Have you ever thought of that before? Have you ever thought of making the ultimate perfect RC car that is hard to break?

And if you did, what are the best parts that you have to change? Are they rare?

Let’s answer all these questions in the next few lines…

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Where Can I Find Traxxas Sledge Parts?

Basically, Traxxas Sledge Parts aren’t particular and unique like those of the E-Revo. These parts are the same as the parts of the Traxxas X-Maxx. There are a lot of places where you can buy them, but my favorite place is amazon.

Still, some accessories aren’t available on Amazon, so, the Traxxas store will be the second-best place to buy these accessories.

You don’t need to worry about thinking about which Traxxas Sledge Parts to fit, I will show you everything including the links to buy them in the list below.

Traxxas Sledge Body Parts

The Body

Best Traxxas Sledge Parts That You Should Definitely Add!

Since this RC car is badass looking, upgrading your body will be the best decision you’ll make it look better!

This body is one of the best Traxxas Sledge Parts that you should have.

It does come in a lot of colors which are orange and black, blue and black, green and black, and red and black.

In addition to that, it comes with the protection accessories like the skids that protect the body from external crashes as well as the internal cage that makes the body more solid. They don’t come with the wing though!

You can even have a clean body with no graphics on it, then, you can customize it yourself. However, it doesn’t come with the skids and the mounts. All you get is just the body.

Check them out here:

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Skids and Wings: Cool Traxxas Sledge Parts

Skids and wings are also some of the best Traxxas Sledge Parts, but, you don’t need them if you already have them. These types of accessories can be needed when you lose them, or when you buy a new body.

The skids are those small parts that you can stick to the body of your RC car to protect the body from scratches.

These skids usually come out with a lot of new RC cars like the Sledge, the X-Maxx, Maxx, and the Hoss.

Why do you need them? You may lose some of them in a crash, or, you may want to change the color!

Yes, they come in different colors too, they’re pretty much the same as the body colors which are: Green, Red, Orange, and Blue.

On the other hand, the wing comes in 5 colors, the additional one is White.

Check them out:

Wheelie Bar

Unfortunately, Traxxas Sledge doesn’t come with a wheelie bar as stock, so, if you want to have strong acceleration without flipping back your RC car, you should definitely get a wheelie bar.

It will limit your Sledge from losing balance due to the high acceleration that lifts the front wheels up.

With this wheelie bar installed on your 6s Traxxas Sledge, losing a race will be a myth!

Here they are:

Those were all the external body Traxxas Sledge Parts. All these accessories help you customize your own RC car and make it more special than the others. Isn’t that great?

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Shocks And Suspension: Important Traxxas Sledge Parts

Best Traxxas Sledge Parts That You Should Definitely Add!

The shocks and the suspension system, in general, is the most upgradable part of any RC car. And this is because of the high pressure it gets from driving and drifting as well as destroying!

Most RC cars come with plastic suspensions which makes them easy to be broken as a result of a crash. Aluminum parts on t other hand can handle more, they don’t break, but they will lose their shape!

So, upgrading, in the end, is necessary.

The A-Arms And Their Covers

We can say that the A-Arms are the foundation of the suspension system of any RC car. Breaking those arms means that you’ll lose control of the whole wheel.

As a result, it will a burden on the other wheels especially if it’s in the front (responsible for the vehicle direction). This is why these Traxxas Sledge Parts are important.

Also, breaking those arms is not the only reason to change them. In fact, the stock A-Arms come in black color in the Traxxas Sledge.

But, the market arms come in different colors. You can choose between red, green, orange, or blue.

In addition to that, a new accessory has been added to the new Sledge. It’s the arms cover.

This cover comes with the stock Sledge. but, you might lose it, so, you can have it. They come also in the same colors as the arms so that you can match them.

Check them out:

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Shock Shafts and Springs

The shock shafts and springs are some of the best Traxxas Sledge Parts since they form the shock that we know.

These parts have a big role and can handle the huge pressure of the high jumps that the Sledge can make.

The shafts may be broken and the springs may be lost. You know, the springs are easy to lose and hard to see if you’re looking for one on the floor!

You can choose the size that you want. If you have no idea about it, you better go to the near RC cars store to fix it.

Click the button to have them

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Aluminum Traxxas Sledge Parts

Just so that you know, none of these previous parts is aluminum made!

There are a lot of aluminum Traxxas Sledge Parts like the shock tower where the body is fixed, the T-bar that is a part of the chassis as well as the shock caps…

The Shock Tower

Traxxas Sledge Full Review. Everything You Need To Know About!

As mentioned before, the shock tower is the part that the body of your RC car is fixed on, but this is not the only role of the shock tower. In fact, this part is the center of fixing a lot of other small parts.

The shocks are linked to the shock tower, the same thing goes for the body. But, its greatest mission is to absorb any shocks coming from the front and the back.

Luckily, Traxxas Sledge comes with the aluminum version of this tower. This means that you’ll spend a lot of time with it before deciding to change it.

It does come in a lot of colors like Blue, Orange, Grey, and Green.

Buy it from here:

T-Bar: One of the Most powerful Traxxas Sledge Parts

Best Traxxas Sledge Parts That You Should Definitely Add!

T-Bar is an important part of the Traxxas Sledge’s chassis. We can say that it is that solid part that makes the bond between the front and the back of the chassis.

This bar comes with built-in aluminum as a stock which is great in comparison to other RC cars. This will make the lifetime of your chassis longer.

It does come in 4 different colors like the shock tower. Green, Red, Orange, and Grey.

Shock Caps

The shock caps are some of the best Traxxas Sledge Parts. They’re so important because they are the base of any shock.

If this cap is broken, the whole shock is done for. This is why you should always look for the aluminum part that we have today.

Have a look at them:

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Electronic Traxxas Sledge Parts

When we’re talking about electronics Traxxas Sledge Parts, we’re talking about increasing the performance of this RC car.

Actually, there aren’t that many electronics to upgrade, but those that we will see are more than enough.


Most RC cars don’t have a great torque right out of the box. But, Traxxas Sledge, does have a great one.

You can always upgrade to a better one to increase the steering response of your RC car.

Check it out from here:


Bluetooth Traxxas Link: Cool Traxxas Sledge Parts

Traxxas Link is a great feature not only in the Sledge but in most Traxxas RC cars. In fact, with this little device that you can connect to your controller, you can change the way you see your RC car.

You can actually see the speed, the location, the temperature as well as a lot of other options on your phone.

All you have to do is to buy this device and connect it to your controller and your phone through Bluetooth by installing the Traxxas app. In the app, you can see everything about your RC car!

Get yours here:

Mechanical Performance

This is the best part for a lot of RC cars fans! It’s the mechanical part.

One of the best Traxxas Sledge Parts to change and that will change your RC completely is the pinion and spur gear!

Spur And Pinion Gear

There is a difference between the spur gear and the pinion gear. However, their mission is almost the same.

The Spur gear is located next to the motor, it is attached to the motor. On the other hand, the pinion gear is attached to the transmission.

In general, these two parts are responsible for increasing or decreasing acceleration and top speed.

These gears have ratios, changing those ratios mean changing the top speed and the acceleration.

Getting a bigger spur gear means more torque and less speed and the opposite is true. for example, your RC car will be able to accelerate to 30mph in a short amount of time, but, it will be limited to 35mph (This is just an example).

On the other hand, getting a bigger pinion gear would increase the top speed, but, the acceleration will be slower and the opposite is true.

It is actually something fun to do. However, be careful, because changing those settings can impact badly other parts of the RC car like increasing the motor temperature.

Check both gears by clicking the buttons below:

Wheel nuts

Wheel nuts are also great Traxxas Sledge Parts They help fix the wheel. No one wants to see the wheels of his RC car pop off while racing his friends. It’s embarrassing.

Luckily, Traxxas Sledge comes already with high-quality nuts, but you can always change the color. They come also in different colors like Black, Green, Red, and Orange.

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Tires And Wheels: Easiest Traxxas Sledge Parts

The great thing about the Traxxas Sledge tires is the fact that they’re similar to the ones on the E-Revo and the X-Maxx. This means that you can change them easily without the search headache!

You can choose between the paddle tires. These tires are so effective in the sand and soft grounds that the friction is hard to ignore.

Or, you can change the wheels including the colors.

Check them by clicking the buttons below:

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Changing not only Traxxas Sledge Parts but any RC car parts and seeing your upgrading efforts working out is one of the best feelings you can ever have.

This is why upgrading your RC car is even better than driving it. You become creative doing what you’re doing.

That’s what makes us love the RC world. You don’t have to have a degree to be an engineer. All you need is an RC car!

So, what do you think about these parts? Which one would you love to have in your Traxxas Sledge?

I would love to see your comments in the comment section below!

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