Traxxas VS Arrma Comparison. Which One Is Better For You?

Traxxas VS Arrma, are two legendary RC car brands that compete against each other to rule the market, so, which one is the best for you?

If you search on Google about the best RC car brand, you’re most likely to find so many articles featuring Traxxas over Arrma as the best RC brand.

However, if you look closely at those two brands, you’ll find that Arrma has some great features as well, that are not necessarily available in Traxxas RC cars.

So, is Traxxas better than Arrma? Which one has the fastest RC car? And, which one is convenient for beginners?

We will answer all these questions in the following few lines…

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Traxxas VS Arrma Design

Traxxas VS Arrma Design

If you’re familiar with both brands, you’ll notice that Traxxas VS Arrma’s design is different.

Traxxas Body and Design

Traxxas RC cars have all kinds o designs from classic, to modern and duplicate.

RC cars like Traxxas Maxx, Slash, Bandit, and Summit all have a classic ancient design. Still, it is aggressive and gives an impression of the power of the RC car.

On the other hand, Traxxas RC cars like the Mustang, Ford GT, and Supra GT4 are duplicated from real cars with the same design and the same details which amaze all Traxxas fans!

And there is also the new design that Traxxas started with the Traxxas Sledge and XRT. In these two RC cars, the brand changed the style of the design from classic to modern and minimalistic which is better actually for people that care about the look of their RC car.

The design has even got better with the new technics like the Air vents in the XRT, the body skids as well as the clipless body.

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Arrma Body and Design

What about Arrma?

Well, by looking at all Arrma RC cars, you’ll see that they are all well-designed! Minimalistic, modern, and cool design.

It looks like they care much about this aspect more than Traxxas. However, when it comes to functioning design, Arrma still uses primitive technics like normal clips and bodies with almost no protection plastic skids.

The good thing though for Arma is the fact that their design looks futuristic like the Fireteam, Vendetta as well as Kraton.

So, in conclusion, Traxxas VS Arrma’s design is different. Traxxas comes with functionality and body features while Arrma comes with a better-looking design with basic features.

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Traxxas VS Arrma Chassis

Like the body, the Traxxas VS Arrma chassis is also different, the way of building, the parts, and the platforms are different as well.

Traxxas Chassis

The way of the chassis building depends on the purpose of the RC car. For example, most Traxxas RC cars are made for beginners to intermediate RC car fans.

The chassis is easy to modify and understand its working nature, it’s easy to upgrade as well.

The chassis versions are not that many, you’re most likely to find two versions of Traxxas RC cars, the brushed version that comes with a brushed motor and the brushless version (VXL) that comes with a brushless motor.

Also, Traxxas RC cars come ready to run out of the box, they come with a motor, an ESC, a transmitter, and a receiver as well as all the parts that an RC car needs to function properly except for the batteries.

For the building material, most Traxxas RC cars come with plastic parts including the chassis like the Slash. The VXL brushless chassis comes with more Aluminum parts which increase the RC car’s handling.

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Arrma Chassis

Arrma on the other hand has the opposite goal from Traxxas. Their RC car cars aren’t made for beginners, they’re made for experts. Why?

That’s because their RC car building is more complex than Traxxas’s!

Each Arrma RC car comes with at least two versions which are the BLX version and the EXB version.

The BLX version is ready to run with all parts included except for the batteries. The EXB version is offered with only the mechanical parts, no electric parts are there, you should buy them. It’s a customizable version.

The other versions consist of different scales like the 1/5 scale, 1/8, and 1/10.

Concerning the building material, Arrma RC cars come with metal and Aluminum parts from the beginning, like the chassis, the shocks as well as the central bar that supports the chassis.

For the Traxxas VS Arrma parts, unlike Traxxas which uses its parts, Arrma uses Spektrum electric parts like the motor, the ESC, transmitter, and receiver.

So, if you’re a beginner and you bought an Arrma RC car, you’ll have some difficulties dealing with the parts.

On the other hand, if you’re an expert and love upgrading and customizing your RC cars, Arrma can be the best for you since you have a much bigger room to improve your RC car than you have in Traxxas.

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Traxxas VS Arrma Performance

Traxxas VS Arrma Performance

When it comes to Traxxas VS Arrma performance, we can say that the Traxxas VS Arrma have the same in some areas and different in other areas.

For speed, Traxxas releases each RC car with a different speed depending on the audience it is for. Children can be counted too.

In general, the slowest RC car in Traxxas goes in about 5 miles per hour, while the fastest is the Traxxas XO-1 with more than 100mph.

On the other hand, Arrma RC car models all come with high speeds of more than 50 mph.

These RC cars are not made for beginners or children that want to learn, they’re made for expert people that know how to control these beasts.

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Traxxas VS Arrma Handling

Other than the low ground clearance and wide tires, the handling is also measured by the stiffness of the parts that an RC car is made of.

As mentioned earlier, for Traxxas, its parts depend on the price. But, the great thing is the fact that Traxxas RC cars are well known for their high handling whether it’s a plastic RC car like the Slash or a premium RC car like the X-Maxx.

For the Arrma on the other hand, most o its RC cars come with metal and Aluminum parts. They handle well, however, some people suffer from the bending of the chassis of their Arrma RC car. This is something that Traxxas doesn’t have!

So, in conclusion, in the Traxxas VS Arrma handling, we can say that Traxxas has some advantages over Arrma.

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Traxxas VS Arrma Upgrades

When it comes to Traxxas VS Arrma upgrades, they both have the best upgrades and you can upgrade any vehicle from both brands.

You indeed have more freedom with upgrading Arrma RC cars, however, Traxxas upgrades have more availability and affordability.

For new models, you’ll have some difficulties at first finding new parts, but, with time, they get more available.

So, since Traxxas is bigger than Arrma, you have a better chance to find a Traxxas upgrade than an Arrma upgrade.

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Traxxas VS Arrma Price

For the Traxxas VS Arrma pricing, they differ from one model to another!

Traxxas has so many models at affordable prices while others are so much more expensive like the X-Maxx and the XRT.

The Arrma has fewer models but more versions, and each version has a price.

However, if we look at which brand has the most affordable RC cars, we can say that Arrma has cheaper RCs than Traxxas.

The EXB version is even cheaper since they come with no electronics. Don’t get fooled though! The EXB versions can be the most expensive after adding all the required parts especially if you built something special, it can reach up to +3000$ which is crazy!

After all, if you’d like to see each model’s price, you can just go ahead and discover the best Arrma RC cars as well as the best Traxxas RC cars you can get.

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So, Which One Is Better For You?

Finding the convenient RC car for you depends on so many factors like what you want, who you are, and what’s your budget.

What you want means whether you want an off-road or an on-road RC car, a fast one or a crawler, and so on.

Who you are depending on your profile and your experience with RC cars, you’re a beginner? an expert? Decide who you are so that you know what’s better for you!

What your budget means is the money you’re willing to spend to get that RC car. If you’re an expert and have no problem with money, you can buy the latest premium RC car.

So, which brand would you like to buy? Traxxas VS Arrma?

Let me know in the comments below…

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