Traxxas Mustang GT Review. Top Secrets About This RC Supercar!

If you saw all our reviews about Traxxas RC Cars, you’ll definitely notice that most of them, if not all, are constructed for the off-roading experience.

And despite having high speeds like the Maxx and the Rustler, the design and the flow of the air through their body isn’t for high-speed vehicles.

That’s why today, we will review for the first time on my website one of the best-looking Traxxas cars that are similar to a real supercar, not only that, but it’s also crazy fast.

It’s the Traxxas Mustang!

The Ford Mustang GT was and still is one of the best and most popular supercars in the market because of its superpower as well as the sound, speed, the look. Almost everything is perfect in this car. But this was just for real supercars lovers.

However, now, Traxxas has taken the decision to give RC car fans also the right to enjoy the feeling of driving a Mustang GT like the real one.

This version is the 4-Tec 2.0 AWD, which is an all-wheel-drive RC car.

Should you buy this beast? Is it worth it?

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Traxxas Mustang Body

Traxxas Mustang GT Review

The design of Traxxas Mustang is amazing, all I have to say is, this is perfect. The design is so detailed that Traxxas has added even the smallest details in the car like the engine capacity number (5.0) on the side of the car as well as the calipers of the brakes.

The other thing I like about the look of the mustang is how the wheels were constructed exactly like the original ones.

The rear tires are bigger than the ones in the front to create as much traction and handling as possible to increase the efficiency of the car on the road and are perfect for drifting.

Another thing I like about the Mustang show close it is to the ground, and that this gives it more aggressiveness and speed on the road which is super exciting to test this car and drive it.

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Traxxas Mustang Performance

Traxxas Mustang GT Review

The first thing I noticed about the chassis of Traxxas Mustang when I opened it, is that the chassis is so organized and looks so sporty and high performing.

The American beast comes with a brushless powerful Titan 12T 550 Modified Motor with Internal Cooling Fan + a waterproof XL-5 ESC.

The driveshaft that distributes the power to the four wheels is aluminum which is something that you don’t find in any Traxxas RC car, and if you don’t, you’d better change it to aluminum.

The Ultra-shocks are so good and are filled with oil and air as well as using the X-ring technology for a perfect seal and silky-smooth performance to perform and handle more on the road.

With these components, the Mustang can reach up to 30 mph, and more if you add some Lipo batteries!

The Traxxas Mustang isn’t powerful due to these parts only, but there are other parts as well that makes it to be what it is today, here is a list of them:

  • TQ 2.4GHz Transmitter and Traxxas Channel Micro Receiver
  • Receiver Box: Sealed, Watertight, with Custom Blue O-Ring
  • Transmission: Single Speed Direct Drive
  • Springs: Responsive Spring Rate

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Battery And Charger

Despite being a ready-to-race RC car but unfortunately, the Traxxas Mustang doesn’t come with a battery and a charger but don’t worry, you don’t need to go searching for a battery and a charger for your Traxxas.

As a battery, we recommend that you take the 7-Cell NiMH “flat-pack” battery (Click the link) or the 2-Cell LiPo Battery equipped with a Traxxas High Current Connector and the Traxxas EZ-Peak Plus charger.

Just so that you know, the Lipo batteries give the RC car much more power than the NiMH, but if you’re a beginner, I recommend going with the NiMH so that you understand how the car works and you have more chances to control it better, then, you can upgrade to the Lipo where you can go with full throttle!

What I like about the Mustang

As an RC car user, I love everything about the Traxxas Mustang, but there are some things that I loved a lot.

First of all, I’m a Mustang fan, and the look of this car makes me feel the superpower and the pure sound of the real ford Mustang (Despite having no sound in the RC version lol).

And the way Traxxas has designed the car has given it a lot of value and I respected The Traxxas brand because of that!

The other thing I liked about this car is that, even if it’s all-wheel-drive, it’s so easy to drift with it.

Actually, it’s hard to keep it going straight without drifting. It’s easy to lose control.

And this brings me to some things that don’t like that much about this car, or at least I miss in it.

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What I Don’t Like About The Traxxas Mustang

The first thing and maybe the only thing I don’t like and at the same time I miss about this car is the Traxxas Stability Management system.

Not everybody wants to drive with the car, there are a lot of speed test fans like me who want to see the Mustang going with full throttle.

But this is so hard because the slightest mistake can make the car lose balance, drift and lose all the power and maybe crash against something with high speed due to losing control.

I see that this is the only thing that I miss in a legendary car like this one, but we can see in the other Traxxas like the Maxx and the Hoss.

Traxxas Mustang Price

The price is one of the best things about the Traxxas Mustang. It’s so affordable. This is why it might be a great idea to buy it as your first RC, or as a gift for someone like your child.

So, you don’t need to worry about it. Check it out by clicking the button below:

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So, Should You Buy It?

Actually, in real life, there are a lot of Mustang fans out there. And including such a supercar in Traxxas RC models will attract so many RC lovers to buy this Traxxas Mustang.

However, there is another point of view, this supercar isn’t the only RC that comes with such a motor and system. I assume you already know this.

There are other Traxxas RC cars like the corvette, the Supra, the Ford GT as well as others that compete against the Mustang.

But, the good thing is the fact that this won’t hurt you. On the contrary, you have now plenty of options to choose from especially if you’re not a Mustang fan.

In the end, the Traxxas Mustang is a great RC car, you can have a lot of fun with it, especially on wet terrains.

Should you buy it? Definitely yes! Just go ahead and buy it now. Click the button below to order it.

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