Traxxas Supra GT4. The Fast New 4-TEC 3.0 Monster!

Do you know what makes a Traxxas Supra GT4 so special than the other Traxxas RC cars? The answer is simple: Because it’s a Supra!

If you’re an RC car fan and a Supra fan, I’m sure you’re so happy now! ‘Cause finally you’re going to have a Supra.

And the great thing about this RC car isn’t just the name! Its shape and performance are at another level!

Also, it’s different than the other 4-Tec 3.0 RC cars like the Stingray. In fact, it’s a pure race RC car.

So, if you’re searching for an RC car that is ready to race, and not a normal super RC car. Then, you better complete this 4-Tec 3.0 Supra review!

Well, in this article, I will show you what this Traxxas Supra GT4 is capable of as well as its greatest features!

Excited? Let’s get started in the next few lines…

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Traxxas Supra GT4 Design

Traxxas Supra GT4 Body

Traxxas Supra GT4. The Fast New 4-TEC 3.0 Monster!

To be clear, so far, this is the best design Traxxas has ever made in any Traxxas RC car before!

The amount of details is just insane.

Traxxas Supra GT4 comes with a white body just like the real one. Besides the white color, there are other red and black lines that add so much aggressiveness to the body.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the beautiful lights of the Traxxas Supra GT4 because they’re fake. However, they still have a high resolution that makes them look real.

The great thing about the front of this race RC car is the front bumper. They literally killed it! The bumper contains three wholes covered with grills to let the air inside the motor with a front splitter.

This, of course, is for the real Supra. However, for this Traxxas Supra GT4, they’re fake but, they still look amazing and real!

What about the rear end of this Traxxas Supra GT4?

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The Rear

Traxxas Supra GT4. The Fast New 4-TEC 3.0 Monster!

Well, this is the place where Traxxas has done the best artwork ever!

The first thing you’ll definitely notice is the big fixed spoiler. It does make the Traxxas Supra GT4 look like a beast, and also, it helps her with the downforce.

By going down a little bit, you find the Toyota Logo as well as the name of the car “Supra GT4”!

There are also some cool taillights that look real. They’re so detailed!

Next to each taillight, there is a small air intake that is fake of course. But, this is a small detail that maybe you won’t pay attention to. Yet, Traxxas does!

Other than all of that, there is one wonderful thing in the rear of the Traxxas Supra GT4, it’s the rear bumper!

This bumper is a separate piece from the rest of the body (Yes, the body is one piece except for the rear bumper). It really makes this RC car stand out!

With these big exhausts and middle taillight like a Ferrari, it’s the best!

Actually, discovering this RC monster is funny because you will find a lot of small details. One of them is the gas tank located on the left side behind the door as well as the different stickers including the logos of the car.

But, didn’t you notice that the design of the Traxxas Supra GT4 is so clean that there is something missing. Something that Traxxas fans are used to seeing on almost any Traxxas RC car? Yes, you’re right, they’re the body clips!

Traxxas Supra GT4 is clipless. In fact, all you have to do is to click a button below the front bumper and the body will come off. The same thing goes for the rear!

In total, there are two clips that hold the body well and don’t make the body look weird. Great step from Traxxas.

If the Traxxas Supra GT4 body is this great, what about the chassis?

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The 4-TEC 3.0 Chassis

Traxxas Supra GT4. The Fast New 4-TEC 3.0 Monster!

You may think that since this is a 4-TEC 3.0 chassis, then it’s the same as the one on the Stingray. But, it’s not the case. In fact, there are some changes and updates that you should know.

The main difference between the 4-TEC 3.0 chassis of Traxxas Supra GT4 and the chassis of the Stingray is the length.

In reality, the length of the new chassis of this monster is shorter by 16mm to increase handling and performance.

However, the other metrics haven’t changed including the diameter of the wheels that reach 73mm. They’re actually wide wheels!

The longest unique part of this Traxxas Supra GT4 is the front splitter and bumper. They’re still doing a great job preventing the internal parts from the impact of any crash as well as helping with the aerodynamics.

Most parts are from plastic but you don’t need to worry about that since it’s high-quality plastic. Other parts are built-in steel like the axles and the center shaft.

Still, there are some parts that will catch your eye like the red oil-filled shocks as well as the fake brakes that are built precisely. They’re amazing!

On the other hand, Traxxas Supra GT4 has the same chassis structure as the one on the Stingray. They lookalike also when it comes to the low center of gravity so that the car goes as fast as possible. It’s engineering!

They have as well some similar parts that will walk into in the next performance section.

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Traxxas Supra GT4 Performance

In this performance section, we will reveal the true identity of the Traxxas Supra GT4. Believe me, it’s a monster!

Traxxas Supra GT4 comes with a Powerful Titan 12T 550 modified motor with an internal cooling fan just like the Stingray as well as a High-Performance Waterproof XL-5 Electronic Speed Control.

Of course, this ESC has 3 modes which are the Sport mode, the Race mode as well as the training mode. And you can switch them by clicking on the ESC at different times.

By adding a 2s Lipo battery to this combination and the optional 22-tooth pinion gear that comes with the box, you can reach a top speed of +30 mph.

That may increase the temperature of the motor, but don’t worry, there is a big fan there eager to shut down this temperature and cool down the motor. So, you have nothing to worry about.

Actually, this is no different than the top speed of the Stingray as well as the mustang of the Ford GT. This doesn’t mean that the driving is the same.

Top speed isn’t the only metric you should an RC car with. There are other measures like aerodynamics as well as handling. And Traxxas Supra GT4 is the best when it comes to those metrics.



The handling of the Traxxas Supra GT4 is super great. And this is because of the low enter of gravity, the high-quality shocks as well as the wide wheels and tires.

Now that we mention the wheel, these wheels are the best wheels Traxxas has ever made!

We know that they’re similar and a lot of sports cars are using them, but still, the design is just amazing and gives the Traxxas Supra GT4 an aggressive look!

Also, what makes them special is the fact that they’re different than the usual wheels that Traxxas use in their RC cars.

And, I see that those are a lot better!

What about the systems?

Like its ancestors, Traxxas Supra GT4 doesn’t have systems. And the only reason is that they’re useless!

If we’re talking about the Self-Righting, well, it’s not something that this RC car really needs, nor the other 4-TEC 3.0 and 2.0 super RC cars.

The Self-Righting has to be in an RC car that is most likely to lose balance and flip on its back like the X-Maxx and the Hoss. However, for such an RC race car, having a low center of gravity is doing the whole job!

You don’t need something like the Self-Righting!

On the other side, when we’re talking about the TSM. I see that this can maybe be another story!

The TSM may help you, the driver, to get more control over your RC Supra or any other 4-TEC 3.0 or 2.0.

And even if you don’t need it, you can turn it off like the other RC Trucks.

Despite having no TSM, the great news is that Traxxas Supra GT4 is easy to control and you won’t find any problems with driving.

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What I Don’t Like About This Traxxas Supra GT4

Despite being of the greatest 4-tec 3.0 RC cars ever made, Traxxas Supra GT4 still has some features that I didn’t like a lot.

No Real Headlights

This was something that I did expect from Traxxas. But, unfortunately, it didn’t come.

The headlights of the Toyota Supra are so beautiful with great design, especially from the inside. If Traxxas has taken those headlights and made real ones out of them, this Traxxas Supra GT4 would be on another level.

And actually, this is possible to make such a design since they could make it in the Traxxas Ford GT. And they were the best headlights ever!

Same Motor Again

What’s annoying a little bit about this Traxxas 4-TEC Range is the fact that they’re so similar in their performance even if the bodies and the shapes differ completely.

And this may not something that a lot of people would like. Users that want something different.

The fact that Traxxas Supra GT4 has the same motor as the Stingray, not only that but the same top speed is not something that you may expect from a new RC car.

The worse thing is that even the 4-TEC 2.0 models have the same top speed!

Well, yes, they have a great driving experience. But, more speed means more fun! Isn’t it?

But still, the Traxxas Supra GT4 is the best 4-TEC 3.0 and has some great features that I like!

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Things I Like About the Traxxas Supra GT4

Great For Drifting

Despite being an all-wheel-drive super RC car, Traxxas Supra GT4 is the best in drifting. And the great thing is, it’s so easy to do that.

Part of this comes back to the absence of the TSM that may bother you when drifting. But, don’t worry because it’s not here.

Drifting is a funny way of enjoying the Traxxas Supra GT4 other than driving straight at top speed. Especially if the ground is wet because this RC car is waterproof.

Brushless Motor

As we mentioned before, the motor and the ECS of the Traxxas Supra GT4 are so powerful. They can even be stronger by adding a 2s Lipo battery and a 22 tooth pinion gear to reach 30 mph.

But, this is only with the brushed motor!

Actually, there is another aftermarket brushless motor that can take your Traxxas Supra GT4 on another level. Just say goodbye to the 30 mph. It’s so slow!

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Traxxas Supra GT4 Upgrades

When it comes to the aftermarket parts, Traxxas Supra GT4 isn’t that different than the rest. Since they have the same chassis with small changes, all 4-TEC 3.0 RC cars can have almost the same updates.

If you have a Traxxas Stingray and you know how to update it, then, you can do the same for the Traxxas Supra GT4!

Easy to upgrade, isn’t it?

One of the best upgrades (that we mentioned earlier) is adding the brushless motor. This may be the best part you will add to your RC car.

Also, adding the optional 22 tooth pinion gear that comes in the box with your Traxxas Supra GT4 is worth the time and the effort.

Other than these parts, you can add also the aluminum parts to increase the handling and have a better driving experience without worrying about harming your RC car.

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Final Judgement

By producing the Traxxas Supra GT4, Traxxas has realized the dream of a lot of RC cars fans that wanted something different than the other RC cars. Something that combines the speed, the design as well as the pure sport feeling!

Actually, all 4-TEC 3.0 and 2.0 RC cars are similar, but the Supra GT4 is different when it comes to the design and the concept.

So, if you want something that is different and new. Then, this Traxxas Supra GT4 is the best choice you have. Especially if you’re a Supra fan!

The Supra isn’t available yet in the market, once it is there, we will provide you with the link to buy it!

So, what do you think about this RC car? Would you like to buy it? Tell me in the comments below!

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