Traxxas Ford GT Review. The Best RC Supercar You Can Buy!

Do you know what people love about supercars? The answer is simple! Their super ability and performance. So is Traxxas Ford GT.

If you saw our previous reviews about the other Traxxas 4-tec 2.0 like the Ford Mustang and 4-tec 3.0 like the Stingray, you’ll notice that these RC cars are some of the best Traxxas you can have!

First of all, they are copies of some real supercars that people love! And second, they are so quick and strong.

Also, they don’t have the typical Slash platform that most Traxxas RC cars have like the Hoss. Instead, they have their own 4-tec 2.0 platform. And they just updated it with the new 4-tec 3.0 platform that came with the Stingray!

Well, let me tell you that Traxxas Ford GT is one of these super performant cars. And here is the surprise! There are a lot of great things about this RC car that the others don’t have.

Excited? Let’s start our Traxxas Ford GT review in the next few lines…

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Traxxas Ford GT Design

Traxxas Ford GT Body

This is what is the most amazing thing about this RC car. The design!

If you’re familiar with supercars, then you already know that this Traxxas is a licensed copy of the real Ford GT. And this car is a piece of art when it comes to its design! It’s astonishing!

But, what’s more, impressive is the fact that Traxxas could make the same design with no mistakes at all including every single detail.

Furthermore, what I love most about it are the aerodynamic wings this RC car has. So far, this is not available in any Traxxas RC car! It’s something exclusive.

Also, the big holes in the front are so great! Traxxas has benefited from them by hiding the clips in each whole.

These clips usually distort the design of any RC car. But with this method, you can’t even know if they exist.

The headlights and the taillights on the other hand are a piece of art. They are the same as the real Ford GT.

Unfortunately, they’re fake. However, you can always add the light kit to your RC car.

What about the exhausts? I’m speechless!

They’re the most beautiful parts. We can say that the Traxxas Ford GT is the most beautiful Traxxas RC car so far.

What about the chassis?

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The Chassis

Traxxas Ford GT. The Best RC Supercar You Can Buy!

As we mentioned in the introduction section, this RC car comes with the Traxxas 4-tec 2.0 like Traxxas Mustang. But it comes with some updates.

What’s great about the chassis of the Traxxas 4-tec 2.0 and Traxxas 4-tec 3.0 is the fact that they have a lot of common features and details with real supercars.

Some of these details are the super low center of gravity of the chassis. (As expected from a supercar). There is also the rear diffuser which is so cool as well as the design of the wheels.

The structure of the chassis of the Traxxas Ford GT is the same as the Ford Mustang.

The first section of the body is filled with all the suspension details including the oil-filled shocks, and the suspension arms. Also, there are power transferring settings that take the power from the motor to the front wheels.

In the middle of the chassis, there are two divisions. The first one is conserved for the battery. On the other half, There is the motor with all the other parts of the car including the ESC, as well as the servos.

While on the back, it looks like the front except for the shock tower that fixes the body on the chassis.

There are also a few other great details about the Traxxas Ford GT. Some of them are the brake clippers that give the RC car a sportier look!

Unfortunately, most of the parts are just built-in plastic. But, unlike the RC trucks, those parts are most likely to stay longer. Simply because all you’re going to do is drive it on-road where there are no rocks.

You won’t make also jumps with your RC car. It’s a supercar after all!

Now that we’ve seen the characteristics of the chassis of the Traxxas Ford GT. Let’s get under the hood and see what she can bring!


Traxxas Ford GT Performance

Traxxas Ford GT Performance

So far, everything about this RC car was amazing! From the body to the chassis and the internal parts, everything seems working smoothly.

Let me tell you that this RC car is so great when it comes to performance and handling!

Traxxas Ford GT is an AWD vehicle and comes with a Powerful Titan 12T 550 modified motor with an internal cooling fan. This motor is brushed. However, you can upgrade to the brushless motor!

It does come also with a High-Performance Waterproof XL-5 Electronic Speed Control. This ESC has three modes which are the Sport, Race, and Training mode. And it is compatible with NiMH and Lipo batteries as well.

In addition to that, by including a Traxxas 2-Cell LiPo Battery, you can reach up to 30 mph at a top speed.

And of course, the batteries and the charger are sold separately.

These numbers and parts we just talked about are proof that this is one of the best Traxxas RC cars you can have.

The handling on the other hand is spectacular. The big width of this RC car allows it to turn easily around corners at high speeds. This also stops the effect of being flipped to the sides in corners.

Drifting will be so fun with the Traxxas Ford GT, especially after the rain! Isn’t that cool?

However, the performance of this RC car is not because of these parts that we mentioned only. It is also because of some high-tech systems!


Traxxas Ford GT has a few systems in place that helps it with increasing its performance. In some Traxxas RC cars, there are three. But, for the Traxxas Ford GT, there are only 2 systems which are the TSM and the Cruise control.

Traxxas Stability Management System (TSM)

The TSM system is included in a lot of Traxxas RC cars and its main mission is to help the car maintain its direction.

In fact, without a TSM, you won’t be able to lunch your RC car freely. It will flip on itself continuously!

But with the TSM in place, you can have easier and more enjoyable driving. But how does it work?

Simply, the TSM controls the front wheels and turns them automatically in the opposite direction of where the RC car is sliding. It prevents the car from sliding creating as a result a drift!

But this drift makes the car comes back in its straight direction.

Also, the great thing about the TSM is the fact that you can control the percentage of interference with your driving. And this is just from your controller.

You can turn it off completely as well. It depends on what you want in the end.

Traxxas Link

The Traxxas Link is an interesting system, especially for fast RC cars. This system helps you analyze the statistics of your RC car.

All you have to do is to get the Traxxas Link which is a device from Traxxas that is sold separately. Fix it on your controller, then, connect it with Traxxas app on your phone using Bluetooth.

Congrats, at this moment, you can see everything on your RC car from your phone. This includes the speed, the temperature as well as its location. That’s so interesting!

This system is something that you won’t regret sure! Especially if you’re the type of owner that loves upgrading internal parts.

Also, it will help you identify if some parts aren’t compatible. This means increasing the safety of your car as well as the safety of your money!

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Traxxas Ford GT Upgrades

The Traxxas 4-tec 2.0 chassis is indeed easy and simple to use. This does mean that it is easy also to upgrade!

You can upgrade everything in your Traxxas Ford GT including the chassis plate, the suspension arms (Aluminum version), and the aluminum front knuckle arms.

You can even upgrade to the brushless motor! Say goodbye to 30 mph.

Not only the chassis that can be modified. Also, for the body, you can have another color or another car model, and you can have more clips if you lost them.

And the great thing is you can have a light kit to make driving at night a lot of fun!

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What I don’t like About Traxxas Ford GT

There is no VXL model

A lot of Traxxas RC cars come with different models like the 2WD version, 4WD version as well as the VXL version which is called also the brushless version.

However, for Traxxas Ford GT. No, for all Traxxas 4-tec 2.0 and 3.0 models, there is nothing like that. There is only one version which is the one we’re reviewing today.

You can upgrade to the brushless version by upgrading the motor to brushless. However, the brushless motor is just a small part of the VXL version.

You have to add a lot of other complicated parts. It may be a little hard.

Limited Speed

Honestly, after hearing the name Traxxas Ford GT, you know that this is a supercar. You may be a little disappointed with the top speed.

Especially, if you’re familiar with high-end RC cars and trucks like the Maxx, the E-Revo as well as the XO-1.

Fortunately, this is not a big problem since you can increase your Traxxas Ford GT speed by upgrading more parts.

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Things I Like About the Traxxas Ford GT

The Number Of Details Is Crazy

This is the best thing about this RC car: The details.

From every angle, you’ll see a lot of details. The rear diffuser, headlights, taillights, exhausts even the motor is detailed.

This is so creative.

Clean And Simple Chassis

We love the chassis of not only Traxxas Ford GT but of all Traxxas 4-tec 2.0 and 3.0. They’re all simple, minimalist, and clean. It is really easy to distinguish between the internal parts!

And this is wonderful.

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So, Should You Buy it?

So, after seeing all this, the only thing we can say is that Traxxas Ford GT is a great supercar!

The best astonishing thing about this Traxxas Ford is its body design. This is what makes it different from the other Traxxas 4-tec 2.0 and 3.0 RC cars! The Design!!

And, if you’re thinking about having a Traxxas 4-tec RC car. You better think about the Traxxas Ford GT. Why, because the amount of creativity in this car is going wild. Something that you won’t find in its peers!

Check its price by clicking the button below:

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How fast does the Traxxas Ford GT go?

Using the Powerful Titan 12T 550 modified motor, Waterproof XL-5 Electronic Speed Control as well as a 2s Lipo battery, Traxxas Ford GT can reach up to 30mph.


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