Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2. Which One Is Better For You?

If you have read the Traxxas XRT review, you know that it has a WideMaxx Suspension. The Maxx V2 has one too! So, where is the Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 difference?

As you know, before the Traxxas XRT come out, Traxxas Maxx got a major upgrade and became the Traxxas Maxx V2 or WideMaxx as some people like to call it.

When the Traxxas XRT came out, one of the main things that attracted people to see it is the WideMaxx suspension which is even wider than the X-Maxx!

So, having almost the same features with different price tags can make you buy the Maxx over the XRT?

Well, this is the answer we will get to in this Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 comparison.

Let’s get started in the next few lines…

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Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 Design

Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 Body

These Two RC cars are completely different and have different bodies.

The Maxx is a monster truck like the X-Maxx while the Traxxas XRT is a Truggy that looks like Traxxas Sledge.

But, when it comes to Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 features, they have almost the same features like the clipless body, the front bumper, the plastic skids as well as the wheelie bar that comes in the box with the stock version.

Still, because it’s new, the Traxxas XRT comes with some additional features like the air vent on the hood and on the top to drive the airflow to the motor and its fans for cooling.

Also, both RC cars have internal cages which have the role of supporting the body. The great thing is that it has a second role that can be used for the light kit.

The difference between the Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 is the spoiler. The Maxx doesn’t come with a spoiler unlike the XRT, however, the Maxx comes with additional skids in the back to add more protection for the body.

If you’d like to know more details about those two RC cars, you can check the full review of Traxxas XRT as well as Traxxas Maxx.

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Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 Chassis

Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 Chassis

While the Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 bodies differ in terms of design and shape while resembling in terms of features, the role now is for the Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 chassis to know if they are the same or not!

Because these two are high-end RC cars, the building way and the techniques used to design the chassis are somehow similar.

You can see some similarities like the included body mount, it looks like it is a part of the chassis rather than an independent part.

This technique helps with adding more rigidity and solidifying the front of the chassis.

The same technique is used with the Traxxas XRT, however, it seems like Traxxas has added some small parts for more flexibility without touching the rigidity. That’s incredible!

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Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 Dimensions

Here comes one of the main similarities that you think they similarities! But, in truth, it’s a difference! It’s the Suspension!

While so many people think that the Traxxas WideMaxx is so wide and it is the second biggest RC car after the X-Maxx, there is something I need to tell you…

The Maxx has no longer that title! Because the new second biggest RC car after the X-Maxx is the XRT! I know it’s hard to swallow even for me, but, that’s the harsh truth!

The biggest shock is that Traxxas Maxx has been destroyed by every single dimension! Traxxas XRT is wider, taller, and longer.

It’s not all bad for the Maxx though! since the XRT is bigger, it is also heavier than the Maxx which is a better advantage.

Here is a chart of the different Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 dimensions:

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Middle of the Chassis

The middle of the chassis is where the electronics are congregated. the Identity of those electronics isn’t the only thing important in the chassis.

The design and the distribution of those electronics also have a big role in weight distribution which is one of the factors responsible for performance and handling.

As mentioned before, the Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 chassis is different in size which makes the XRT has a longer wheelbase than the Maxx.

This means that it has more space to place its electronics and batteries.

The structure of the Traxxas XRT is batteries on the sides while the electronics are in the middle starting with the servo and ending with the big motor.

On the other hand, the Maxx’s structure is different, there are the electronics on the right while the battery holder is on the left.

Both RC cars have a good distribution.

However, it seems like the XRT is having a better balance!

When it comes to the parts, both RC cars come with so many Aluminum and heavy-duty parts like the shocks and the suspension system overall in addition to the driveshaft.

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Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 Tires

Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 Tires

As you know, tires are an important part of any RC car since they make it move (obviously), but they also help it with increasing the handling.

If you read the full review of the XRT, you’ll notice that the huge width of its wheels has highly contributed to the handling of this RC beast!

The XRT tires are the 7.4″ Gravix™ race tires which are new to Traxxas RC cars. On the flip side, the Traxxas Maxx tires are the Tough 2.8” Sledgehammer® extreme tires which are super strong and durable. Still, sometimes they get blown out because of the high acceleration of the Maxx.

The difference between Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 tires is off-road especially when flying.

It’s true that when we compared the Hoss with the Maxx, we found that the Hoss is easier to control in the air than the Maxx which are both great in the air.

However, the Traxxas XRT is hard to control in the air and it’s so hard to do a backflip while jumping!


Simply, because the tires of the XRT are made for racing, si, they have less ballooning and more rigidity which makes them unable to pull r push the RC car forward or backward in the air.

Despite all that, the TRX has just come out and the upgrade parts haven’t been released, we expect to have some off-road tires that will make you enjoy controlling this thing in the air, hopefully!


Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 Performance

Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 Performance

This is where we will get serious! It’s showtime!

Both RC cars we are comparing in this article are fast RC cars and they have the same top speed despite having different electronics.

Traxxas XRT comes with a Velineon® 1200XL Brushless Motor and a VXL-8s™ Waterproof Electronic Speed Control, in addition to double 4s Lipo batteries which makes it 8s in total.

For the Traxxas Maxx, it comes with a Velineon® 540XL Brushless Motor, VXL-4s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control as well as a single 4s Lipo battery.

Of course, to reach that top speed, don’t forget to add the speed pinion gear for each of these RC cars.

By comparing the Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 electronics, it seems like the Traxxas Maxx has the least electronics like the single 4s battery against the double 4s batteries on the XRT. Still, the Maxx can reach the 60mph mark.

Also, there are so many parts that the XRT has brought from the X-Maxx like the 8s driveshafts.

So, in terms of high speed, it looks like both RC cars have the same speed. What about handling?

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Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 Handling

As mentioned earlier, to have great handling, your RC car should have so many powerful factors like the low ground clearance and the tires.

If we’re talking about corners, it seems like the XRT is the winner thanks to its low ground clearance, wide tires, and low body as well. This RC car is so hard to flip over.

On the other hand, the Traxxas Maxx doesn’t have wide tires, but still has the WideMaxx suspension, the low ground clearance that will allow it to handle corners, but, it can’t beat the Traxxas XRT.

If we’re talking about breaking parts, it seems as if both RC cars come with so many heard to break parts, heavy-duty and aluminum parts especially the shocks and the suspension system. Still, you can always upgrade to increase and strengthen them!

So, what do you think about Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 performance and handling? Do you have the same opinion? Let me know in the comments below!

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Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 Transmitter and Receiver

If you’re familiar with Traxxas Maxx, you’ll know that it comes with the best transmitter in Traxxas RC cars that contains all the features and qualities.

The same thing goes for the XRT which comes with the same transmitter and receiver as well. This is unfortunate since the XRT came with so many new parts, the transmitter and receiver stayed the same for a long while and no new upgrades have been made!

What is more unfortunate is the fact the XRT is missing a feature that the Maxx has which is the Self-righting system.

This system is also absent in the previous Traxxas Sledge!

Is Traxxas trying to get rid of that useful and incredible system? What do you think?

Other than that, both CR cars come with other features like the TSM and the Traxxas Link. You can check them out for more details in the Traxxas XRT review or Maxx review.

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Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 Upgrades

By the time writing this article, the Traxxas XRT has just come out and its upgrades haven’t been released yet.

On the other side, the Traxxas Maxx has hundreds and hundreds of upgrades and aftermarket parts that you can enjoy adding to it!

We already wrote an article about the top 10 Traxxas Maxx upgrades you can have, check it out, there are so many cool upgrades out there!

For the XRT, it’s just a matter of time before the upgrades go out, so, wait for a future article about the top 10 Traxxas XRT upgrades you should add!

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Does the Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 upgrades are the same?

Traxxas XRT has a new chassis with new parts, still, it can have a few common parts with the X-Maxx and the Maxx since those two have the same platform. But, you’re most likely not to find so many common parts between the Maxx and the XRT!

Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 Price

As you see in this Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 comparison, the two RC cars are so close in some aspects and have differences in others.

But, for the price, there is a big gap even though they’re both high-end Traxxas RC cars.

The Traxxas XRT comes with a high price that equals the price tag of the X-Maxx which made some people think that is overpriced.

On the other hand, Traxxas Maxx comes with a less expensive price that looks reasonable in comparison to its features and name.

Check out the Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 prices by clicking the buttons below:

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So, which one should you buy?

I think most people that are reading this Traxxas XRT VS Maxx V2 comparison own already a Traxxas Maxx, you’re maybe one of them, aren’t you?

If you are! You may try to get a Traxxas XRT, it’s really fun despite its high price! The XRT will show you another perspective on RC cars even though it is a little bit stubborn and unpredictable, that’s a part of it!

The other reason why you should buy the Traxxas XRT is that a big part of it is from the X-Maxx soul, plus, the XRT soul. This will be an incredible union between the two.

Check out the full comparison between the XRT and X-Maxx.

So, what do you think about that? Will you buy the Traxxas XRT, Maxx or go further and buy the X-Maxx?

Let me know in the comments below!

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