Aren’t you thinking about having some upgrades for your Traxxas Stampede Parts? If you’re not, you’re missing a lot of fun driving your Traxxas because you didn’t unlock the full potential of your Stampede!

After reviewing the Stampede 2WD in one of the previous articles, I saw how big and high it is from the ground. This feature allows this RC truck to overcome any obstacle.

But, it has one problem, and this problem isn’t just for Traxxas Stampede upgrades. But most Traxxas RC cars have this problem which is the plastic built-in parts except for some others like the Traxxas Maxx and X-Maxx.

The plastic built-in parts are doing a great job for a beginner just starting. But, when it comes to professionals that want to unleash their RC’s full potential, these parts don’t stand a chance and can be broken on the first try.

This is why, if you have a professional RC cars friend, you’ll notice that he’s upgrading his RC cars’ parts constantly and maybe immediately after buying them because he knows exactly that they’ll break anyway!

Upgrading your Traxxas Stampede parts won’t increase your RC’s power only, but also, you’ll have a different new cool look since the upgrading parts come with different colors and you can match the colors with your Stampede’s body.

This will make you proud of your special RC car in front of your friends who wish they do the same as you did!

Here are the best parts of Traxxas Stampede upgrades that you should have in 2021:

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Shock Caps

Why the shock caps are important as Traxxas Stampede upgrades?

If I ask you about the reason why you did buy the Traxxas Stampede, one of those reasons will be the height of this RC car. And since you’re focusing on the height, you won’t drive this thing in your home, and not on the simple ground.

You would like to see its off-roading performance, which means more pressure on the shocks since they absorb (aside from the wheels) any shock coming from the jumps and falls.

And as you know, the shock contains different parts inside, those parts are congregated with the shock cap, which is a part that gets on top of the shock.

This part usually is produced from plastic by Traxxas. And so, if it gets crushed hard, the whole shock parts will be spread and maybe lost.

This is why, you should have the aluminum ones to avoid this mess, and you don’t have to worry anymore about having a problem there.

Here are some Traxxas Stampede shock caps with different colors that you can buy from Amazon:

Caster Blocks (One of the important Traxxas Stampede upgrades)

Credit: http://ksgroup.co.in/

As I said before, when your Traxxas Stampede jumps or gets crashed, a lot of parts have to handle that pressure to protect the truck. And some of those are the wheels.

And the wheels don’t only handle the jumping pressure, but also the speed and the steering pressure. The higher the speed, the more pressure there is.

One of the main parts that are responsible for the steering is the caster block. And this is because the caster block is the part that links the wheel, the steering, and the suspension. Once it’s cracked, you can’t control the steering anymore.

There are two types of caster blocks that you can add to your Traxxas Stampede parts, the aluminum ones produced by Traxxas, and there are other hard plastic ones (Better quality than Traxxas stock plastic parts) from RPM (Which is another brand).

Those two types are the best. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on aluminum ones, the hard plastic blocks are better for you. But don’t forget, you get what you pay for.

Choose what you want:

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The Servo

Credit: kers.net Youtube Channel

What is an RC Car servo?

The servo is the part responsible for the steering. The more powerful the servo, the easier it becomes for your RC car to change direction quickly when you choose to.

The problem with the Traxxas servos that everybody agrees on is their weak durability. So, if you’re a beginner, I see that it’s ok to keep it because it works well. But don’t forget that it will weaken one day.

However, if you’re an expert, you should change it because it’s not that great.

The one I recommend is Traxxas 2075 or you can have the ZOSKAY servo. Both of those are great and handled well.

The Suspension Arms

Suspension arms
Credit. https://www.jteamhobbies.com/

The suspension arms are essential for any Traxxas RC car, and if you read all our articles about upgrading parts for Traxxas RC cars on our website, you’ll notice that we always recommend changing these arms.

Those parts help with the handling of the pressure coming from the high jumps and falling against the ground.

The aluminum ones are perfect for adding them to your Traxxas Stampede parts.

And you can now enjoy every single jump with no fear of breaking your suspension.

The Camber Links (One Of My Favorite Traxxas Stampede Parts)

If you have an RC car, you have seen that sometimes your truck falls on the side instead of falling on the wheels.

If your truck falls on its wheels, that’s good because there is the suspension that protects the other hard parts and handles all the pressure coming from that jump.

However, when your RC car falls on its side, there is nothing that can protect the hard material parts in there. So, there is a high chance that the closest parts to the wheels will shatter.

And, yes, as you expected, the closest parts are the camber links. Those parts are built-in plastic and so they’ll be easily broken.

You can have the aluminum ones, but this doesn’t mean that they can always bear the huge falling pressure. This is why Traxxas has created the aluminum turnbuckles which are adjustable camber links.

Now, you don’t have to worry about falling on the side of your Traxxas Stampede because, you don’t have the up and down suspension only, but you have also the side suspension.

Here are the compatible wheelies for your Stampede:

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The Wheelies (One Of The Great Traxxas Stampede Parts)

Traxxas Stampede Parts

If you have a Traxxas Stampede, you’ll notice that, unlike the other Traxxas RC cars, this truck doesn’t come with a wheelie bar despite being a 2WD vehicle.

So, if you don’t have the Traxxas stampede wheelie bar, you’ll suffer the flipping on its back. This will ruin your acceleration and your control over the car.

This is why you should buy a wheelie ASAP. Also, you have the choice between the plastic or the aluminum wheelies which I recommend.

Here are the compatible wheelies for your Stampede:

Traxxas Stampede Wheels

Credit: Kevin Talbot Youtube Channel

This one is not necessary since the stock ones are working well. There is a slight difference between both versions when it comes to the friction that will help have more stability in your Stampede.

This difference is more likely unnoticeable if you’re a beginner.

The other reason you want to change your tires is because of the look. The design of the aftermarket tires is better than the others that come with your RC car. Also, you can have plenty of colors to choose from to add to your Traxxas Stampede parts.

Wheels Pins

If you’re thinking of changing your wheels, you better also change the pins. Because these pins have the responsibility to fix your tires.

The stock ones come with plastic while the aftermarket pins are built-in aluminum. And since these pins are part of the wheels, this means that they get also a part of the pressure resulting from high speeds, jumps, and crashes.

The great thing also is that you can choose between a variety of colors to add to your Traxxas Stampede parts collection. Here are some from Amazon:

Ps. You should choose the Wheels pins that are compatible with the wheels you buy. The ones we chose for you are compatible with the tires above.


Traxxas Stampede upgraded
Credit: https://www.komodol.com/

If you love customizing your Traxxas RC cars, you’ll love this one. I love having lights also in my Traxxas Stampede parts.

The reason I love that and maybe you do too is that I love enjoying the night driving and seeing all these headlights and red lights. This is so enjoyable and funny.

Here are my favorites from Amazon:

Skid Plates

the Chassis
Credit: https://www.gpmracing-parts.com/

Usually, the chassis of any Traxxas RC car is built-in plastic. And as you know, the chassis is the closest part to the ground.

So, when the car jumps high and hits the ground, be sure that the built-in plastic chassis won’t be the same as it was before the crash.

This is why you should use the skid plates to protect your chassis from being hurt and add it also to your Traxxas Stampede Parts collection.

Here is what we chose for you from Amazon (There are the front ones and the rear ones):

What were the best upgrades for you? Tell us which one would you like to add in the comments section.


How can I make my Traxxas Stampede handle better?

The suspension system, the wheels as well as the servo can be great parts to make your Traxxas Stampede handling better!


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