Traxxas BIGFOOT Upgrades You Should Have NOW!

Adding some Traxxas BIGFOOT upgrades and parts to your BIGFOOT is something you won’t only enjoy doing. But, it will be one of the decisions that you’ll definitely be glad you did!

Why? Let me tell you…

This isn’t for only Traxxas BIGFOOT, but for any other RC car. Upgrading your RC car will give you the opportunity to be more knowledgeable about RC cars and how they work.

Also, you’ll see the results of your effort right after doing the work. Which is more speed, easier to control, and higher performance.

Having all these things in your RC car will definitely make you happy and want more! Yes, it’s addicting!

And Traxxas BIGFOOT Upgrades aren’t different. However, the more you know, the better you choose right. (You can see our full review of the Traxxas BIGFOOT from here)

Here are the top Traxxas BIGFOOT parts you should have right now:

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The Shock Caps: Important Traxxas BIGFOOT Parts

Shock caps are so important for any RC car. But, I mentioned them first because they’re important for Traxxas BIGFOOT since it is an off-road vehicle.

And as you know, off-road cars need and rely on shocks more than anything because it is one of the important ways to absorb all the pressure coming from the bad ground to the RC car.

Let me explain how this works…

A shock cap is a part installed at the top of the shock. It is the one responsible for keeping the internal shock parts fixed.

This means that the cap receives also a part of the pressure. This is why it has to be strong enough to handle that.

And unfortunately, plastic shock caps aren’t that good especially if you increase the speed of your BIGFOOT. High jumps can also affect it.

So the best thing to do is to replace them with aluminum shock caps. They are more reliable and you don’t need to worry anymore about that.

They are available in different colors. This will give you the chance not only to strengthen your vehicle but also to customize it as you wish.

Here are the best aluminum shock caps you can have:

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The Suspension Arms

Traxxas BIGFOOT Upgrades You Should Have NOW

After upgrading the top of the shock. Now it’s time to change its bottom.

The shock is linked to another piece called the suspension arm. It is the one link between the chassis of the car, the wheel, and the shocks.

This means that the suspension arms are the base of everything. If they break, the whole suspension system will fall off.

There are a lot of reasons why they could break. And the first one is because they’re not protected by the body of the car like the other Traxxas RC cars.

And the second reason is the fact that they’re so close to the ground. With one wrong big jump, they can be shattered.

But you don’t have to be sorry about changing them every time. Because all you need to do is to upgrade to the aluminum ones. They’re solid and so reliable.

They come also in different colors so that you can choose the one you like the most.

You can get them from here:

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The Bearings: One of the greatest Traxxas BIGFOOT Upgrades

The bearing is small pieces that can be fixed in the center of the wheels. Despite being small, they can make your Traxxas BIGFOOT so much faster. How’s that?

Simply, because they’re more developed than the traditional stock bearings. You can test them yourself by spinning the wheel with the new bearing, and the wheel with the old bearing.

Believe me, you’ll be so much surprised by the difference between these two.

The spinning traction between the axle of the wheel and the wheel itself is 10 times decreasing with the new bearings.

This will help you with a lot of things:

  • Your Traxxas BIGFOOT will be much faster
  • The motor will be less exhausted
  • This means that a lot of battery energy will be saved

And they’re so much cheap! Minimizing the cost while maximizing the benefits. Isn’t that great?

Well, if you’d like to have all that, check them on Amazon in the link below:


The Caster Blocks

All these Traxxas BIGFOOT parts are so important. But if you noticed, almost all the Traxxas BIGFOOT upgrades were at the level of the wheels and the suspension.

And this is because those changes are the most crucial for an off-roading RC car. These upgrades can go as well for the Traxxas Summit, the Defender, and as well as some other Traxxas RC cars like the E-Revo and the Maxx.

Now, the caster blocks are some other Traxxas BIGFOOT Upgrades that you want to think about adding in the future.

The reason is that they are the center of all these parts that I just told you about in the paragraphs above.

The suspension arms, the driveshafts as well as other pieces have all to link to the caster blocks. And the caster blocks are linked to the wheels.

In other words, this piece unifies the other pieces and makes them work together perfectly.

The caster block may be broken most likely because of a crash or a high unbalanced jump.

Fortunately, there are aluminum blocks that you can use, and they last forever!

Multiple colors are also provided, so you’re free to choose what you want.

Check the button below:

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The Wheels Nuts

After strengthening your BIGFOOT by adding some upgrades to it. It has to be fast enough and great.

However, there are some Traxxas BIGFOOT Upgrades that cannot always handle the new increased pressure on them.

Some of these parts are the wheels nuts.

These nuts are responsible for fixing the wheel to the RC car.

The problem with those Nuts is their built-in plastic. So, with much pressure on them, they might pop out and make your driving experience bad.

What you have to do instead is simple: Just upgrade them to the aluminum ones.

They’re so reliable, can handle much more pressure, and give your Traxxas BIGFOOT a better view since they come in different colors.

Check them on Amazon by clicking the button below:

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Traxxas BIGFOOT Body: One of the easiest Traxxas BIGFOOT Upgrades

What I love about Traxxas is not only their high-quality RC car but also their creativity when it comes to bodies.

And the body is the easiest upgrade you can have. You can choose between a variety of pre-painted bodies, or you can paint your own.

For Traxxas BIGFOOT, there are some really good painted bodies that I would love to share with you.

Here are the best that I’ve found:

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The Pinion Gear

The Pinion Gear is one of the most effective ways to increase the speed of your Traxxas BIGFOOT or any other Traxxas RC car you have.

For me, if you’re a beginner, you don’t need to change that because it has some downsides that you should know how to deal with if they happen.

Otherwise, you can just add the upgrades we mentioned above except this one.

Other than having the wrong gear, (You won’t have the wrong one because I already know what’s working) can change the effort of other Traxxas BIGFOOT Upgrades like the motor, the servo, or the controller.

This is why,

I always say that you should be careful when it comes to upgrades to keep that balance between the parts.

This balance is so important! It will allow you to make your Traxxas BIGFOOT Upgrades’ lives longer.

By changing the pinion gear, the motor and the other parts may add extra power. This will increase their temperature. (Of course, with the pinion gear I giving you, there won’t be too much increasing temperature, which is safe for the car)

And with time, you’ll lose them. Which means more costs and expenses that you could avoid as a beginner.

However, if you’re a professional, trying these things is definitely funny. And you don’t need to worry about that because I suppose you know what you’re doing!

And by the way, if you follow this video of Driftomaniacs above, it will show you how to use the pinion gear, the Spur, and the wheels nuts together to add more than 50% speed to your RC car!

Here are the most compatible pinion gears on Amazon (Add them both):

What do you think about all these Traxxas BIGFOOT Upgrades and parts? Do you have any other parts to add?

Share them with us in the comments section below!

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