10 Best Powerful Traxxas Maxx Upgrades You Must Have 2023

There are a lot of Traxxas Maxx upgrades that you can add to your Maxx RC car to get more fun and enjoyment in your driving experience. But, before jumping into the section of the upgrades, let’s talk a little bit about why you should upgrade your Maxx today before tomorrow!

Traxxas Maxx has been one of the best production RC cars Traxxas has ever made. For me, it’s close to a perfect RC car with all the powerful features that we mentioned earlier in our full review about Traxxas Maxx.

The power, the speed, the handling, and the great look. All these features are combined in this RC car, which is something that you can’t find a lot of.

I love Traxxas Maxx a lot because it is the lightest version of the Traxxas X-Maxx. This monster is even more powerful, bigger, and more reliable. The problem with the X-Maxx is the expensive price (+$1000) which is something not everybody can afford.

Meanwhile, everybody wanted that X-Monster. An this is how the Maxx has been created.

The Maxx has great power and handling (not the same as the X-Maxx), the same look (Smaller), easier to carry around, and takes a smaller space. Isn’t that a perfect RC car?

But what if you upgrade it? Well, I don’t think you will sleep out of enjoyment!

Let’s discover what are the best Traxxas Maxx upgrades that you can add starting today in the next few lines…

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Traxxas Maxx Wheels

Unlike the Stock tires of the Traxxas X-Maxx that can be easily tear down because of the high weight and size of the vehicle, The Traxxas Maxx’s tires are pretty good and can handle better. However, the reason why you should change the tires of your Maxx, as AMain Hobbies said in this video above, is not because of the tires themselves, but because of the wheels.

The wheels of the Maxx are made from plastic. They are flexible. But, If you’re having aggressive driving in which you love making high jumps, going with high speeds off-road, then, these wheels might not handle all that pressure, and maybe cracked.

This is why you should change with the aftermarket wheels because:

  1. They have better quality and give your Traxxas a better performance on the ground.
  2. They look more aggressive especially if their color matches the color of the vehicle.
  3. They’re bigger than the stock ones.

Here are some of the best option we found for you to get on Amazon:

The servo (One Of The Best Traxxas Maxx Upgrades)

If you read our article about the upgrading parts of all Traxxas Cars, you’ll see that we recommend having a new servo almost every time.

maxx 4s servo

What is an RC Car servo?

The servo is the part responsible for the steering. The more powerful the servo, the easier it becomes for your RC car to change direction quickly when you choose to.

The stock servo of the Maxx is basically good and can handle well. But not too long. So, if you see that you’re steering is a little bit slower, you might think that it’s time to change your servo. Don’t forget that it has to be waterproof!

The servo I recommend, and that I found that AMain Hobbies are also recommending is the TRA2085X. I searched on Amazon for that servo and all I found is just the X-Maxx size. But don’t worry, because you can make it fixed by adding a Traxxas X-Maxx servo adapter.

Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be the servo itself. All you have to do is to check the other parts made of plastic.

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Traxxas Maxx Fan

traxxas maxx 4s fan upgrade

The fan is one of the most important parts not only in an RC car but also in any real car. Because this part is the responsibility of cooling the motor down, and if it’s not there, the motor of your Traxxas Maxx will heat up and it will be most as well as other parts with it!

This is why you should always pay attention to the motor temperature. Don’t worry, it’s easy because Traxxas gives you the opportunity to link your Traxxas controller and Maxx with your phone using their app.

This way, you can see all the analytics of your vehicle including the temperature, speed, as well as RPM…

Here is the fan that I chose for you on Amazon:

Suspension Kit

maxx 6s upgrade

This is one of the best Traxxas Maxx upgrades that you have to add to your Maxx. And if I had to choose one thing to upgrade in my Traxxas Maxx of all these 10 upgrades, I would choose this one!

Your Traxxas will be upgraded not only in performance but also on the look as well as the handling, stability, and cornering. This suspension kit gives your Traxxas a wider look from the sides for an extra 20mm on each side.

If you have aggressive driving, this one is for you. It concludes the Extreme duty Traxxas Suspension Arms, links, rear springs, and an extended plastic drive shaft.

Traxxas Maxx Driveshafts

widemaxx driveshafts

If you notice, not only Traxxas Maxx upgrades but upgrading any other RC car needs not just one upgrade. Once you upgrade one part, you need to upgrades other ones related to it.

If you don’t, you risk having a lack of balance between the performance of each part. And you may lose them.

The drive shafts on any Stock Traxxas RC car are made from plastic. And, as you know, a big part of our upgrades is because of the weak and flexing plastic parts that break easily.

And the driveshafts are some of the parts that you don’t want them to do that. This is why you should upgrade to the steel ones.

You have to pay attention when it comes to buying these driveshafts because there are two versions. The Driveshaft compatible with the suspension kit we mentioned before, and the other ones compatible with the normal suspension.

But, don’t worry, here are both of them. You can choose based on what you have in your Traxxas Maxx:

Wheel Hubs

traxxas maxx 17mm hubs

If you change the suspension kit, the driveshafts, and the tires, this means more power and handling. And as we said earlier, changing some parts without the other might impact them. This is why you should also change your wheel hubs from plastic ones to aluminum ones.

The reason to upgrade to the aluminum ones is that they can fix your Traxxas Maxx’s wheels perfectly and can handle all the pressure given by the wheels.

Here are the best ones to have from Amazon:

Traxxas Link Bluetooth

If you notice, I wrote earlier in this article about connecting your Traxxas Maxx with your phone to get more data and details about Your Maxx. I will explain this more in this section…

Traxxas Link is a device that you put in your Traxxas Maxx’s controller. This device works with Bluetooth and allows you to connect it to your phone.

But before doing this, you need first to install the Traxxas app on your phone, and then, connect Traxxas Link with your phone through the app that uses Bluetooth to detect the device.

This will allow you to know every single detail about your Traxxas Maxx. You can have more fun seeing the number of details including the temperature of the motor, the speed as well as locating your Maxx using integrated GPS.

Traxxas Maxx Carbon Battery Tray

If you love more power and would to change your battery’s Maxx from the 4s to the 6s, the 6s won’t fit because it’s bigger than the holder.

This is why you should use the carbon battery tray that will help you fit your 6s battery in easily and enjoy your new speed recode with one of the best Traxxas Maxx upgrades.

The setup needs some tutorials. This is why you can watch this tutorial to see exactly the setup and how it does work:

The Gearing

10 Best Powerful Traxxas Upgrades You Must Have 2021

One of the great ways to increase the speed of your Traxxas Maxx is to upgrade the gearing.

What is gearing?

To make it clear, let’s explain it in the real world normal car. The gear is installed in the transmission of the car. Generally, cars have nowadays 5 or 6 gears, the higher the gear (From 1 to 6), the faster the car becomes.

This means that the bigger the gear, the faster the car moves.

The difference between the car and the RC car is that the normal car has a lot of different sizes of gears. The smallest one is the first gear, and the biggest one is the fifth gear. However, an RC car doesn’t have a lot of gears, all it has is one gear.

Now, if you’d like to increase the speed of your Traxxas Maxx, all you have to do is to take off the stock gear already installed, and install a bigger one. And see how your Traxxas Maxx goes faster than before.

You should be aware the gearing can cause higher temperatures to the motor and the other parts. This is why you should install a fan (I wrote about in the section above) that will prevent increasing temperature.

Here is a convenient gearing to start with when starting your Traxxas Maxx upgrades:

Shock Caps

The shock caps are the ones that support the shocks from the top. They usually come with built-in plastic. But, generally, they are not good for hard driving.

This is why you should replace them with the aluminum version of the shock caps. This aluminum version can handle more pressure especially if you’re using your Traxxas Maxx to jump higher. They are perfect for such driving.

Here are some colorful ones to choose from:

Now that you have all the 10 Traxxas Maxx upgrades that you can add to your RC car. Which one do you prefer? and what is the last upgrade that you would add to your Traxxas? Tell us in the comments below.

Also, don’t forget to tell us if you have any additional upgrades that you did to your Traxxas Maxx.

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