Top 6 Traxxas UDR Upgrades You Should Add Right Now

Adding some Traxxas UDR upgrades is one of the best things you can do for your Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer or any other RC car.

If you read our previous review about the UDR, you’ve definitely noticed that this RC car is a monster that you can compare to the X-Maxx. But, if it is already strong and powerful, why bother adding some upgrades?

Well, if it was strong, who doesn’t want something stronger than strong? Why don’t we go for a much better thing than just a better one? Isn’t that funny?

I bet almost every RC car player would agree with me!

Here are the top 10 Traxxas UDR Upgrades that you should add right now:

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The Steering Servo: Most important Traxxas UDR Upgrades

For me, I see that the servo is the most important part that you have to think about every while.

As you know, the servo is the one responsible for accepting the radio controller commands concerning the wheels and converting them into physical commands.

Which are whether the turn to left or right. With these two tasks, the servo gets a lot of pressure especially under high speed and tough ground like the sand or the mud where the wheels get stuck.

And if the servo fails, the fun ends with it also because you can no more control the destination of your vehicle.

So, the requirement that you need in the servo that you’re going to add to your Traxxas UDR upgrades is having the power, the speed as well as being waterproof (Not WATER-RESISTANT!) also.

This is why I suggest having the Traxxas 2255 Brushless Waterproof with a High-Torque 400. Check its price by clicking the button below:

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The Front Suspension Arms

If you like bashing like crazy, I’m sure you’ve definitely broken the suspension arms of your RC car. And this is why the front suspension arms aren’t something optional to have as one of Traxxas UDR upgrades.

‘Cause let’s be honest, you’re going to break them sooner or later.

The problem with the suspension arms is that they’re the base of the shocks. And, so, if you beak it, the whole suspension system will fall off. This is what makes them important.

Personally, I recommend having the allowed front suspension arms available in Amazon. You can check their price by clicking on the button below:

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Top 6 Traxxas UDR Upgrades You Should Add Right Now

The Rear Suspension Arms

You may say: “Wait, what? Why you didn’t put the rear and the front on the same paragraph” (Or you may not!).

Well, the answer is simple. They’re not the same. The rear suspension system is different than the front one. The reason is that the front suspension is independent of each wheel.

However, when it comes to the rear suspension of the Traxxas UDR, both rear wheels are related. And so the suspension as well. This is why there are suspension bars instead of simple arms!

But don’t get confused, they have the same role as the front one. They also are the base of the shocks.

For these kinds of parts with crucial roles, I always recommend having the aluminum upgrades, or at least those with hard plastic that can handle the pressure.

Here are my suggestions for the rear suspension wheels to add to your Traxxas UDR upgrades:

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Aluminum Hexes: One Of The Coolest Traxxas UDR Upgrades!

Since you’re an owner of a Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer, you are willing for sure to go have fun on the snow, mud, or sand.

This means that there will be a lot of pressure not only on the servo alone. But also on the wheels themselves as well as the hexes responsible for keeping the wheels fixed.

Normally, the stock ones are built from plastic. So the driving pressure can tear them apart.

Using metal or aluminum hexes will solve the problem. No worries about flying tires anymore!

The second reason why you should upgrade is that they look cool!

Here is my pick you can get from Amazon:


Buying a Traxxas UDR and driving it on a normal road isn’t funny at all. You don’t want to do that. No one does!

If you’re not bashing your Traxxas UDR in the sand, mud, or snow, you’re missing a lot of fun out there. You probably should stop being afraid of breaking your RC car and go for it.

But to get the best driving experience, tires are some of the most important parts for any RC car. So you should for sure add them to your Traxxas UDR Upgrades.

The stock tires are good but aren’t great. There are a lot of shapes that you can get depending on the ground you’re driving on.

DISCLAIMER: Be careful when upgrading to these tires. They have some small holes inside to make the air able to go in and out.

If you drive the car on one of these grounds, the sand/snow will get inside the tires, and damage them. This is why it is necessary to close those holes, and you’re ready to go!

Here are my top picks to have the best driving experience:

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Batteries: Traxxas UDR Upgrades that you’re going to need for sure

Batteries are something that you should have normally in your RC cat. Otherwise, you can’t move it!

However, batteries have different levels, and the more powerful the battery, the funniest the driving becomes.

For Traxxas UDR, you have the ability to put 2 batteries up to the capacity of 6s. This means you can put 2 batteries of 2s or 3s. You can put also one battery of 4s + another one of 2s, or just one battery of 6s.

If you’re giving your RC car to a child and you want to limit the power. Just out one battery of 2s or 3s.

However, if you’d like to have the full power of 50mph, you should add a 6s battery.

Here is the list of batteries you can have on Amazon:

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More Upgrades Out There!

And by the way, there are more professional crazy upgrades out there. I found this video on Youtube of RC Review Channel of Neil who has changed literally the look to make stunning!

Check this video out!

Do you have any other upgrades suggestions to add other than the ones I mentioned above? Tell me in the comments. I would love to see your opinions!

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