Top Traxxas Latrax Rally Upgrades You Should Have Right NOW!

If you saw my previous article about the Rally Review, you’ll notice that there are a lot of Latrax Rally Upgrades that you can have.

And this is the great thing about this car! Being able to upgrade multiple parts in a beginner’s RC car will help you learn a lot about RC cars as well as how they work.

However, you should be careful about the upgrading parts that you’re adding to your Latrax Rally. They have to be compatible not only with the version of the RC car but also with the other parts.

This will allow you to avoid unnecessary problems with the other parts.

This is why in this article, I’m going to show you the best parts that you can add to your Latrax Rally upgrades list.

Here they come in the next few lines…

Ps. A lot of Traxxas Latrax Rally upgrades are the same as the Latrax Teton parts!

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Traxxas Rally Brushless Upgrade

From my research, it seems that most Latrax Rally owners are interested in switching the motor of their RC car from Brushed to brushless.

Why? Because the brushless motor uses much more power than the brushed one. And Upgrading your vehicle to this level will give you a lot of fun!

On the other hand, changing a motor sound hard and difficult. However, thanks to the rally’s easiness and parts’ simplicity, you can do it easily just by following the tutorial above of Roadside RC that I want to thank for this video.

And believe me! This will be one of the best Traxxas Latrax Rally Upgrades you’ll have.

Here is the best brushless motor you can have. Check its price by clicking the button below:

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The Battery: One Of The Simplest Latrax Rally Upgrades

If you already bought the Latrax Rally, you’ll find that it came with a 6V 5-cell NiMH battery.

Well, this stock battery is good. However, if you want more speed and joy, you need to upgrade to a 2s Lipo battery (You can add even a 3S Lipo battery).

This will increase your RC car’s speed dramatically.

If you add the 2s Lipo battery in addition to the brushless motor you just put in your Rally. You won’t believe how much fun driving will become!

Maybe the battery doesn’t look like a big deal when it comes to upgrades. But, it has a big impact on the vehicle!

Check out this 2s Lipo battery by clicking the button below:

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The Headlights

Headlights are some of the coolest Latrax Rally upgrades you can add to your vehicle.

The reason why they’re cool is that there is not just one way to do it. There is a lot. It depends on how creative you are.

But being a beginner, or a normal RC cars player, you may not be able to do this. So don’t worry!

I’ll give you everything including the tutorial as well as the links of all the parts you’ll need to fix it.

So here is the tutorial:

And, here are all the pieces you’re going to need in order to create your own headlights:

After getting all these parts, you’ll get the same headlights with the ON/OFF switch.

The advantage of this is that those headlights will be independent of your RC car. Which means that they have their own battery and their own power!

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The Bearings

The bearings are also important when it comes to increasing your Latrax Rally Speed. The bearings are installed inside in the center of the wheels.

They’re responsible for making the wheel turn smoothly.

The stock bearings are generally good and don’t make any harm to the vehicle.

However, the after-market bearings are more developed and can increase your Rally’s speed by making the wheels turn even smoother than the stock ones.

On the other hand, the installation of the bearings is a little bit complex. But, following a tutorial will make things easier for you.

So make sure you follow it because there are some small parts there that you should be careful of!

And, thanks to Greg from RC Driver again. Here is the tutorial on how to install the bearings:

Here are the perfect bearings that you should have:


Oil-Filled Shocks: Some of the Greatest Latrax Rally Upgrades

A lot of RC cars come with oil-filled shocks as a stock. This is what I’m used to getting.

However, when it comes to Traxxas Latrax Rally, the shocks aren’t oil shocks. Instead, they’re friction shocks.

And of course, oil shocks are much better than those with friction.

Besides, the friction can’t last forever! The shock hurts itself over time.

And for me, this is a pretty good reason to upgrade my Latrax Rally to the oil-filled shocks.

And this is not the only reason why you need to change them. The durability and the handling will increase dramatically. And you’ll definitely notice that!

I recommend having these shocks as your Traxxas Latrax Rally upgrades. Check them out by clicking the link below:

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The Shock Towers

Top Traxxas Latrax Rally Upgrades You Should Have Right NOW!

The shock towers are the parts that link between the shocks and the chassis of the RC car.

They’re fixed through the chassis. They have multiple screw places so that you can adjust the shocks as you want.

Now, the reason why you should change your shock towers is because of the handling and the durability. Let me explain…

The shocks normally absorb all the pressure coming from the crashes and the jumps. But, a part of this pressure touches the towers since the shocks and the towers are linked together.

Now, if the Latrax Rally is new. They will handle it. However, after a while of using the car, they won’t be able to sustain that level of handling.

This is why you should change them with the aluminum version of the shock tower. This will increase your RC car’s handling a lot!

And by the way, they’re super easy to install and don’t require a lot of time to be done!

Just remove the screws and the stock shock tower. Install the new one, and you’re ready to go!

Actually, there are a lot more Latrax Rally upgrades to add. However, I would like to give you the most important ones that will increase your Latrax Rally’s performance and give you more fun!

Here are the perfect shock towers for you:

So, do you have any other Traxxas Latrax Rally upgrades to add other than these?

Share them with me in the comments section below!

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