10 Best Traxxas Hoss Upgrades You Should Really Have Right Now

Upgrading your RC car is one of the best things to do. And adding some Traxxas Hoss upgrades is no exception!

With its power, high performance, reliability, and beautiful design, Traxxas Hoss is considered one of the best Traxxas RC cars alongside the Maxx and Stampede.

The beautiful thing about the Hoss is the fact that its size comes between the Traxxas Maxx and Stampede, which is considered perfect. Not only the size but also in terms of performance and price.

If you’d like to own a baby X-Maxx’s rival, just go for a Hoss! (Check out our full review of Traxxas Hoss)

However, if you already own it, you should think about something way more fun than that. It’s upgrading it. And trust me, this is the best decision you’ll ever take as an RC car player.

But don’t worry! You don’t have to take the burden of searching about the best Traxxas Hoss Upgrades out there. Because everything you need to know is here in this article.

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The Batteries: Basic Traxxas Hoss Upgrades

This is one of the most basic Traxxas Hoss upgrades that almost anyone can do. Just changing the battery. But guess what!

This is one of the most effective ways to increase your RC car’s speed and performance DRAMATICALLY!

But before doing that, you should know which battery is compatible with it.

For Traxxas Hoss, the NiMH battery can be a great fit. However, Lipo is in another league!

You can choose between the 2s or 3s Lipo that can make your RC car fast enough to impress you if you’re a beginner.

But, if you want to blow your mind up, choose the 4s battery. That’s the same battery that comes with the stock Traxxas Maxx! Isn’t that amazing?

Well, you can add to 6s if the 4s doesn’t make you satisfied!

Check them out on Amazon:

Battery Strap

traxxas hoss upgrades

Since you’re adding a new battery to your Traxxas Hoss, you should be aware that some batteries may not fit the place due to the short height of the battery strap

And unlike Traxxas X-Maxx, Traxxas Hoss comes just with one battery place. Usually, you can add a NiMH battery or a Lipo for more speed.

However, if you’d like to add a bigger one, the stock battery strap (Which is the part that holds the battery in its place, and doesn’t let him go off inside the RC car) isn’t always compatible with it.

And this is simply because the strap isn’t high enough to hold your strong battery! Its height is 36 mm. With this height, you can use a 2s battery and maybe a 3s.

But, a lot of 3s batteries come with a bigger height. And that’s why, if you’d like to have a better performance in your car, a higher battery strap would give you more opportunities to install any type of battery you’d like to.

Here is the perfect one to add to your best Traxxas Hoss Upgrades list:

Traxxas Hoss Tires

traxxas hoss upgrades

A lot of RC cars players don’t like Traxxas Stock tires because they can be shattered quickly under high speed.

Well, this is something true. However, the shattering case is seen a lot with the Traxxas X-Maxx because of its big size and weight. With that being said, the tires can’t handle the pressure, especially with the high speeds and jumps.

This problem can be also for the Hoss with careless driving in addition to the 3s battery upgrade that can make you go up to 60mph.

If you’re in this case, I recommend upgrading your Traxxas Hoss tires to this:

On the other hand, if you’re not willing to take your Traxxas Hoss to its limits, you don’t need really those tires until they’re shattered and no more able to do the work.

The Servo

traxxas hoss upgrades Servo

The servo is the part responsible for getting the commands concerning the steering from your remote control and transform them into mechanical movements.

The problem with the stock steering isn’t always good at controlling the steering under the high pressure of the speed or of the harsh roads that your Hoss is passing on.

So, it loses control and can’t be able to transform the commends into powerful mechanical movements.

This is why you should this internal part to your Traxxas Hoss upgrades list. Indeed, you have two choices, and this can be applied to some other upgrades also:

Whether you can play with the actual stock servo until it’s done, and then, you can change it (Which I call the economical method). OR, you can change it from now to avoid the future headache (Which I call the professional method).

And by the way, the option of changing the parts after their death is not good for all the components in your vehicle. You should be careful.

Some parts when they die, might impact other healthy parts and increase the working pressure on them. So, instead of buying just the lost components, you may end up being buying a bunch of them.

So please be careful with this situation.

Here is a great powerful servo for your Hoss:

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The driveshafts

traxxas hoss upgrades

Alongside the servo, the driveshafts are also so important to change since they’re related to the servo.

Let’s be real! what is the importance of the servo, which is accepting the commands and transforming them to mechanical movements, while the parts responsible for those movements aren’t able to do their task correctly?

That would definitely make it harder for you to control the car. And so you might lose control, have a crush, and lose more than one part!

This is why Traxxas has added new aftermarket driveshafts built from aluminum to handle more pressure and have more control over your vehicle.

Here are some that we chose for your Traxxas Hoss:

The Aluminum Shocks: One Of The Best Traxxas Hoss Aluminum Parts

There is one big problem with Traxxas RC cars that a lot of fans don’t like a lot is the plastic stock parts. Traxxas was always and still putting built-in plastic stock parts especially for some RC cars like the Slash.

And the problem with these is how easy they break and leave unable to have fun. However, this has a bright side also.

It is one of the main reasons why people upgrade besides increasing the performance.

The Shocks are no exception!

So what to do? Easy answer!

All you have to do is to upgrade to the aluminum Shocks. These parts are great and handle way more than the normal ones!

And the great thing is that you can choose which color would match the theme of your Hoss.

Here are some great aluminum shocks to have for your Traxxas Hoss Upgrades:

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The Shock Caps

Do you remember when I said that upgrading or downgrading your parts can result in a negative impact on other parts as well?

Well, this can happen between the Aluminum shocks that you just replaced and the Shock caps which are the parts responsible for fixing the GTR in their places.

Now, the problem that can happen is the extreme unbalance that can result between the powerful shocks and the normal caps.

Those caps will have a big pressure and they will end up being crushed easily.

And the best thing to do now is to change them!

You can choose the matching colors to your shocks also:

The Suspension Arms

traxxas hoss upgrades suspension arms

Suspension arms are also another part of the suspension of your Hoss. It is crucial that you have to change all these parts because the loss of one of them will mean more pressure on the others.

And this will lead you to the loss of more than one part instead of a lot. Which will result in spending more money than you should normally. And this is something you don’t want to do for sure!

Now, as you expect, the problem with the suspension arms is the built-in material which is plastic. However, the aftermarket ones are built-in aluminum.

With the GTR shocks + the caps + the suspension arms combined, your Traxxas Hoss will be unstoppable and can handle every single shock and pressure whether it’s coming from speed or from the off-roading.

And trust me. This will be one of your best decisions to make because you’ll never hear again a crack at the level of the suspension.

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Traxxas Link: One Of The Best Traxxas Hoss Upgrades

This is one of the best and funny upgrades you’ll ever add to Traxxas Hoss upgrades!

Traxxas Link is a device that you install on the back of your controller.

This device is able to be connected with your phone through the app of Traxxas and provides you with all the information about your RC car.

This information includes the location of your RC car, the speed, the temperature of the motor as well as a lot of other metrics. that you’ll need to see in order to know more about your car and make it go to its full potential.

It’s so easy to install. You don’t have to be techy to do it.

Here is it on Amazon:

The Wheels Hexes

The Wheels hexes are the parts responsible for fixing the tires of your Traxxas Hoss and making them well fixed during the high pressured crazy bashing.

With these parts, you don’t have to worry anymore about losing one of your tires when driving.

The difference between the stock hexes and the aftermarket ones is the built-in material (As always). There is a big difference between plastic and aluminum.

And if you’re using new tires, it’s better to go with the aluminum hexes!

Check them out…

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