Top 10 Traxxas Summit Upgrades You Should Add NOW!

Traxxas Summit upgrades can be enormous especially that this RC car is considered one of the best RCs that you can upgrade.

Besides its super powerful ability to handle off-roading, adding more Traxxas Summit parts will definitely make this beast unbreakable.

There are a lot of parts that you can add. However, you should be aware that there are two versions of the Summit. The 1/10 version, and the 1/16 version.

And the most important thing is that their parts don’t have the same size.

But don’t worry! In this article, I will show you the 1/10 version as well as the 1/16 version for each part. (If Available)

Here are the top 10 Traxxas Summit Upgrades you should add right now:

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The Battery

The battery is the first thing I want to talk about since Traxxas Summit has 2 battery holders. To make it work perfectly, it’s better to have a 2s Lipo battery in each holder.

That will make 4s power batteries in total to increase your RC car’s performance.

Here are the best batteries you can add to your Traxxas Summit upgrades list:


The tires are some of the most important things to take care of especially for an off-roading monster truck.

Changing your wheels won’t just increase your RC car’s performance only, but also the look of your car. Getting some wheels that match your color’s car is something you’d be proud of. Isn’t it?

You have multiple choices when it comes to having tires from the proline tires to the chrome tires depending on your budget. But, in general, upgrading to better tires is better than nothing!

Here are my best choices for you:

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The Body: The Easiest Traxxas Summit Parts

Top 10 Traxxas Summit Upgrades You Should Add NOW

Did you know that before buying a Traxxas Summit, you can choose between a variety of bodies? However, if you already bought a Summit, you can still have upgraded to other bodies with different colors.

Having a lot of different bodies for one RC car is great. It keeps always motivated to drive with the new body. On the other side, you can have it as a backup if the original or one of them had broken.

This will allow you to enjoy your driving experience without worrying much about it.

Here is a great body I found on Amazon:

Servos: One Of The Best Traxxas Summit Upgrades

If you have seen my Traxxas Summit full review, you’ll see that it has 2 servos which are amazing. But these servos are just the stock ones.

Well, they have a good quality, but having better servos will increase your Summit’s performance.

Here is a great servo you can have to enjoy your next driving:

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Another One of the Traxxas Summit Upgrades: The Wheelie Bar

Did you notice that your Traxxas Summit doesn’t have a wheelie bar? A lot of people may think that they don’t need a wheelie bar since this RC car isn’t built for speed.

So there will be no acceleration that will make the vehicle flip on its back.

But, let me tell you that the wheelie bar isn’t useful just for stopping the car from flipping back. It can be also useful to help the car when it comes to big obstacles!

Here is the best stainless steel wheelie bar:

The Aluminum Push Rods

The Push Rods are a big part of the suspension system of the Traxxas Summit. And the problem with the stock ones is their built-in quality.

This is for sure something that I used to get from Traxxas! But no worries!

The aluminum pushrods are the greatest alternatives for such a case. Having them will take off the pain of getting broken every time your car crash or fall.

Here are the best pushrods you can get:

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The Suspension Arms

As I said earlier, changing some Traxxas Summit Upgrades or any other RC car parts without changing others can be harmful.

The suspension system is composed of different parts like the pushrods that I mentioned in the previous section. As well as the arms.

And by the way, the arms are so important in any suspension system. They can handle all the obstacles.

But, the problem with the Summit is the fact that the suspension is exposed to any danger. So having an aluminum built-in part in that endangered place can harm the vehicle.

This is why it is better to use aluminum suspension arms.

Here are the best ones to add to your Traxxas Summit parts list:

Rocker Arms: One of the Important Traxxas Summit Upgrades

Depending on my experience, Traxxas Summit is the only Traxxas RC car that saw with these new Rocker Arms.

Well, that’s what I expect from an RC beast that is eager to climb the hardest obstacles. And, of course, to help it with that, it should contain strong equipment and parts that will handle all that pressure!

The rocker arms are some of those parts that the Traxxas Summit needs in order to be stronger.

Technically, the rocker arms are the parts that link between the pushrods and the horizontal shocks. Losing them means that the shocks will never work since they have no connection to the wheel receiving the shocks.

Even the pushrods won’t help in such a case.

And of course, no one wants to be in that situation. This is why It would be better to replace them with the aluminum version to make sure your Summit is safe!

And don’t worry about the replacement! They’re the easiest to replace.

Here are the best ones of my choice:


The Hex Hubs

Top 10 Traxxas Summit Upgrades You Should Add NOW

The wheels can also be considered as a part of the suspension system. Since it is also responsible for absorbing some parts of the crashes and shocks coming from the ground and obstacles.

This means that the hexes, which are the small parts that fix the wheels to the body, should be strong also to keep the wheels fixed.

The stock ones are generally good. But, they won’t handle that much. So, if you would like to have something that you replace and won’t bother you again, aluminum is the best choice!

Here are the best ones from my choice:

The Skid Plates: Great Traxxas Summit Upgrades!

If you’re not going for mountains, rocks, and hard grounds with your Traxxas Summit. Then, you’re missing a lot!

Traxxas Summit is super-specialized in those types of obstacles! and despite having a high chassis of the ground, it can be endangered by high rocks.

And as you know, the built-in plastic bottom of the Summit can be easily scratched or even cracked which is something you don’t want to have!

This is why the skid plates will give your RC car the best protection. No more breaking anymore!

Here are the best Skid plates you can have. You can choose between the aluminum ones or the stainless steel ones:

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Do you have any other Traxxas Summit parts that you would share with us? Tell us in the comments section below.

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