Hoss vs Maxx – Which Is Better Traxxas Maxx or Hoss?

Which is better Traxxas Maxx or Hoss? This question is asked by many people who want to buy one of these two Traxxas giants, but they don’t know which one to pick.

The reason is that the Hoss and the Maxx are two close when it comes to the look, the power, and the performance as we saw in their reviews. (Check out the full Traxxas Maxx review and the Traxxas Hoss full review).

But when it comes to the price, there is a difference of almost $80 between those RC Trucks.

So the question most people ask: Should I pick the Hoss because it’s worth it, or should I add an $80 and take the the Maxx? Which is better Traxxas Maxx or Hoss?

We will answer these questions about Hoss vs Maxx in the next few lines…

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Hoss vs Maxx Design Comparison

The Body

In general, the Hoss and the Maxx look as they have the same size, but it is not. Traxxas Maxx is slightly bigger and heavier than Traxxas Hoss.

On the other hand, the two bodies are greatly designed and have all the parts that make an RC car powerful like the wheelie bar and the body mounts support.

The other difference that allows you to tell which one is which is colors. Usually, Traxxas Hoss comes with a green and blue body with a big HOSS written on the side, it comes with other options but this one is the most popular one that you can get.

Meanwhile, the Maxx comes in the popular orange and blue color with a big MAXX written on the side which is something cool.

The Chassis Of The Hoss VS Maxx

Hoss vs Maxx - Which Is Better Traxxas Maxx or Hoss?

There is a big difference between Hoss and Maxx when it comes to the chassis. Basically, all the parts, that normally an RC car would need to start are in both cars including some other parts and systems like TSM.

However, the platform of the Hoss is the same as the Slash 4×4, while the platform of the Maxx is based on the X-Maxx platform.

This doesn’t mean that the Maxx is better than the hoss since Traxxas Slash is well known for its durability and reliability.

And this leads us to the performance of these 2 cars. So which is better Traxxas Maxx or Hoss?

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The Performance Comparison

Durability and Handling

Briefly and without even thinking, an RC car coming from the X-Maxx platform will definitely beat another RC coming from the Slash platform. This is including speed, durability, and handling.

In case you’re asking about durability, I see that both cars have great durability. For Traxxas Hoss, it’s durable and this is because of the platform coming from the Slash.

And if you’re not familiar with Traxxas RC cars, let me tell you that the Slash is the most favorite for a lot of people because of its ability to handle crashes and high pressure.

On the other hand, Traxxas Maxx is coming from the beast of Traxxas RC cars which is the X-Maxx, the mother of power and handling.

If you’d like to see more details about the performance of each of these RC cars, please check the Hoss review from here and the Maxx review from here.

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Weight And Battery

In the video above, you’ll see that in the tug of war section, the Maxx has beaten Traxxas Hoss easily.

And this is not because of the motor because they have the same, but because of different factors like the batteries that each car uses and the weight.

Traxxas Maxx usually uses a 4s Lipo battery, or at least, this is what s recommended, and you can upgrade it to the 6s if you’d like more speed and power. On the other hand, Traxxas Hoss uses the 3s and you can upgrade it to the 4s also.

When it comes to weight, Traxxas Hoss has less weight than the Maxx. This difference in the weight is giving the Hoss a big advantage when it comes to controlling it, especially in the air while jumping.

This is why, you’ll find that a lot of beginners when they test both RC cars, would choose the Hoss rather than the Maxx because it’s more stable and easier to control.

However, this lightweight isn’t playing well when it comes to power challenges like the tug of war we mentioned above.

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Maximum Speed

When it comes to speed, both cars have the same maximum speed of 60mph.

Traxxas Hoss vs Maxx Upgrading Comparison

Hoss vs Maxx - Which Is Better Traxxas Maxx or Hoss?

When you buy a Maxx and Hoss as stock RC cars, they come with mostly plastic parts as for any other stock Traxxas RC car.

However, Traxxas RC cars are well known for their ability to be highly upgraded whether by Traxxas aftermarket parts or any other aftermarket RC cars brand.

The best parts to upgrade your Traxxas Hoss or Maxx to are the aluminum parts. And the great thing is that they cost almost the same for both cars. So you don’t have to worry about cracking and breaking anymore.

You can read our article about the best 10 Traxxas Maxx upgrades you should have in 2021.

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Hoss or Maxx, Which One To Take Home?

Well, after this comparison, it seems that both RC cars are great, and there isn’t much difference between the two.

However, I see that the Hoss is more beginner-friendly than Traxxas Maxx. This is why, if you’re just starting this hobby, and you’re thinking about something better than the slash, can compete with the Maxx, and are less expensive.

The Hoss is the best one for you.

But, if you’re an expert, and you want a badass RC car, I bet you already know the answer! Because Traxxas Maxx is yours!

Nevertheless, if you have extra money, why don’t you have both?

Tell us in the comments below which one do you prefer. And have fun!

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