New Traxxas TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler Review. Is It The Best RC Hauler?

Do you love big trucks? Well, here is some great news, it’s the new TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler coming from Traxxas. However, is it the best RC hauler?

The TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler is the second TRX 6 RC Truck that Traxxas has produced after the Mercedes TRX6.

However, these two are completely different, they have different bodies, different parts (not all of them), and different missions as well!

It is true that it does look cool and fun to drive, But, is the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler really worth it?

Well, this is the question that we will answer in this article.

Let’s get started in the next few lines…

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The Design

TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler Body

Actually, this is the first time I see a Hauler body from Traxxas, this thing is really great!

The amount of the details on this body is tremendous, this includes some cool LED lights all over it.

In the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler body, there are two parts, the front part which is the cab of the driver, and there is the flatbed where you can carry your RC cars.

The Driver Cab

Concerning the driver’s cab, there is a black chrome bumper with two hooks which can be useful.

Right above, there is a cool-looking big grill. Unfortunately, it’s just a sticker, it’s not real. It would be great if they have added a black chrome grill like the bumper, it would be really awesome!

On the side, there is the most interesting thing you’ll ever see in this truck, it’s the headlights.

Here is the surprise, those headlights aren’t fake, they’re actually real blue LED headlights with orange corner signals as well.

At night, the view of this TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler is on another level! Not only because of the front headlights, but because of all the LED lights surrounding the truck! (More details later in the article)

When it comes to the windows, unfortunately, they’re not real as well. However, the side mirrors are molded which is adding some reality to the truck.

On the top of the driver’s cab, there are 5 real orange LED lights, 3 in the middle, and two on the sides. They’re really great-looking lights!

These headlights have the power bank in the chassis as their energy source, you can unplug them when you want to take off the body and plug them when you put it back.

Another disappointing thing about this TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler, it’s the clips. Traxxas has made us think that they stopped using the normal clips that give the body a bad view which was great. They started to make clipless bodies like the Traxxas Sledge and Maxx.

But, they’re using them again this time on the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler which is disappointing a little bit.

The bright side about these clips is the fact that the body is already black, so, your eyes are most likely to ignore them.

It’s not only the top that is interesting though! The sides have their part as well.

Each side of the truck comes with a fuel tank and a storage box, they don’t open, they’re black chrome parts and not real. There are also the steps where the driver should stop to get on the truck, they look cool.

There are other two clips in the rear part of the driver’s cab.

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The Flatbed

TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler Body

When it comes to the flatbed, it looks so realistic with those hard plastic side wheels that prevent your RC car from sliding when driving the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler.

What amazed me in the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler is how realistic it is, in fact, the deck is a plastic deck that comes with a texture.

Also, the wheel chucks are looking great, these are used to put the wheels in between. Not only that, you can add some rings to fix the wheels by wrapping them around them.

This means that your RC car won’t move an inch. So, don’t worry about it.

In the front of the flatbed, there are 5 red LED lights, small 3 in the middle and 2 big on the sides. They’re installed on the utility loop and give a great view from the back.

They’re not the only ones though! On each side of the flatbed, there are 3 LED lights.

The first two are orange while the third one which is installed almost in the rear end is red.

Then, there is the great part of all of this, it’s under the flatbed where the rear bumper is located, it’s the red lights.

It has also three small red lights in the middle and two big ones on the sides with two hooks near the middle lights.

In general, the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler body is filled with a lot of realistic details. It’s really fun to discover all these by yourself!

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TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler Chassis

TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler Chassis

Here is the thing about the chassis of the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler.

You can’t take off the whole body to see the chassis. In fact, the internal parts are gathered in the front part under the driver’s cab which is the only one that can be removed.

On the other hand, the flatbed is fixed, and there are no electronics below, instead, there are a lot of driveshafts that work altogether to make the 6×6 drive system work perfectly.

So, if you want to see those driveshafts, you need to flip the truck over.

The TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler chassis has the same structure and platform as the one on the TRX4 and the TRX6 Mercedes, it’s the exact same thing.

What’s different though is the wheelbase which is so much longer than the Mercedes since this is a flatbed RC truck.

When you remove the body, the first thing you will notice is the big body mount right after the steering servo which takes the lead in this chassis.

The motor and the transmission are in the middle, right after them, there is the battery while the ESC is on the sides as well as other parts like the axles’ servos responsible for the 4WD lock and the power bank which is the source of the LED lights.

In the second part which is the non-removable flatbed, there are lots and lots of driveshafts. Let me tell you this, you’ll love how structured these driveshafts are!

The shocks on the other hand are really great looking, they’re oil-filled shocks and are working so well.

So, overall, despite having the same chassis, there are still some new additional things like the long wheelbase which is cool.

What about the performance?

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TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler Performance

As you know, the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauleris a 6×6 RC truck that comes with a Powerful Titan® 21T reverse rotation motor with an internal cooling fan, a Trail-tuned XL-5 HV Waterproof Electronic Speed Control that supports a 2s/3s Lipo battery.

As you see, the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler comes with the same parts as the TRX6 Mercedes, this means that basically, they have the same performance in terms of numbers.

Still, we can say that the long wheelbase that the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler has can make some difference off-road. Sometimes, it may be holding back the truck especially when crawling.

With those high grip wheels, the TRX 6 RC Hauler can climb everything in its way. You can have more fun by putting your RC car on the flatbed, fixing it there with the rings, and going off-road.

Actually, it’s not that important to wrap the wheels of your RC car unless you’ll go fast and there is a risk of falling off the RC truck.

However, not all RC cars can be put on this RC hauler. In fact, big RC cars can’t fit, small RC cars especially the 4-tec RC cars like the Supra GT4, The Stingray and the Mustang are the perfect fit for the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler.

If you’d like to know more details about how TRX6 works, go check the full review of the 6×6 Mercedes.

TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler Transmitter

As you know, normal RC cars and trucks don’t have that many drive modes, all you need to do is ut some batteries and go wild.

This is unlike the RC trucks like the TRX4 and the TRX6 where you have a special transmitter that comes with different modes.

You can change these modes depending on the situation your TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler is in.

There are two crawling modes in the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler like any other Traxxas Crawler: The low range and the high range.

In the low range, the speed gets limited while in the high range, you can go at full speed.

There are also the 4WD lock modes where you can control locking the 6 wheels to work all together at the same time or unlock them.

The transmitter also comes with a lot of features like Traxxas Link which is a device that you can buy in the aftermarket parts, connect it to your RC truck, then, you can connect it to your smartphone using Bluetooth.

Then, install Traxxas App and see all the info you need about your RC truck.

All these features and qualities are the same as the TRX6 G63, what makes the Mercedes slightly better than the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler is the long wheels base.

But, in terms of fun, this RC hauler is definitely the winner.

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TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler Upgrades

TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler Upgrades

Actually, since the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler has just been released, it’s hard to find some aftermarket parts and upgrades to customize it or fix it in case of breaking some parts.

If you break a part of the chassis, you can find it in the TRX6 upgrades since they have the same chassis.

However, when it comes to something about the body, I don’t think there are any available right now.

Plus, you don’t need really to upgrade this RC hauler, it’s already filled with coom things like the headlights and great details.

Breaking it? It’s not an option, it’s rare that we can break a part of the RC trucks since they don’t get crashed because of the speed, they’re slow machines!

Other than that, we’re still waiting for Traxxas to release the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler parts so you can enjoy your upgrades.

Still, there are some small accessories that come in the box. You should check them.

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Annoying Things About this RC hauler

Actually, everything about the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler is built perfectly.

There is one thing that, if it was available, this RC hauler would be on another level.

It’s the flatbed that doesn’t move. Yes, how can you do that to us, Traxxas?

The bed is fixed and cannot tilt down so that your RC car can get on.

There are some modern solutions though, you can go to a curb and make your RC car get on the bed using the curb which is fun also.

Or, you can simply take your RC car with your hands and put it on the bed (the most boring practical way).

Other than that, the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauleris working incredibly fine and it is so much fun to drive.

Great Things About the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler

Actually, everything that we mentioned during this review is great about this RC truck.

But the coolest thing that you can’t find on any other Traxxas RC car is the lights surrounding this truck, they’re really incredible.

The realistic look that these LED lights give to this RC truck is imaginable.

Traxxas team has thought of every detail in this aspect which is amazing!

This will be even better if you drive this thing in the dark.

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TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler Price

Actually, the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler is not a cheap RC truck!

The number of details, the high engineering, and the crawling systems all make this RC hauler an incredible RC car by which you can have not only a lot of fun but also, you can learn about a lot of things including the 4WD system and more!

Also, since this is a newly released RC truck, you still can’t order or pre-order it online, but, you can take it from any Traxxas shop near you.

So, hurry up and get yourself one, they’re more likely to be out of stock in no time! You have some competitors there!

Check the price of the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler by clicking the link below:

So, Should You Buy It?

I think, there is no way that anyone can say not to purchase such a great RC ruck.

To be honest, it’s true that it’s a little bit expensive. However, if you see what you can get for that price, you’ll find it reasonable, right?

Also, the fact that this is a newly released RC truck makes it a little scarce and can be out of stock anytime. Having it will always make you special and different than your rivals and friends.

However, if you want something that can grab more attention, you may consider the TRX6 6×6 Mercedes. It’s the same structure as the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler, but it is also worth it.

So, what do you think? Will you buy the TRX 6 Flatbed Hauler? What do you like about it the most?

What about the TRX6 Mercedes? Which one is better for you?

I would love to see your opinions and experiences in the comments down below!

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