The New Traxxas Bronco 2021 Review – The Best Looking Traxxas!

Traxxas Bronco has been one of the best off-roading Traxxas RC cars, especially since the design was the same as the 1966 Ford Bronco.

Ford Bronco has a great history and a great reputation when it comes to reliability, fortunately, Traxxas Bronco has inherited that reputation.

But, today, we won’t review the old Bronco because Traxxas has produced the new Traxxas Bronco 2021 with a completely new modern design and a lot of new things that will make you love this RC car!

So, is it really worth it?

Let’s answer this question in the next few lines…

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The Design

Traxxas Bronco Body

If you’re familiar with real cars and cars news, then, you already know that Ford Bronco has just came out.

In fact, Ford wants this car to come back after a long interruption! And everybody is talking about it!

You will definitely notice that Traxxas Bronco we’re reviewing today has the same design as the real one. The realism and the number of details in just incredible!

Yes, there are a lot of details in this Traxxas Bronco’s body. Let’s discover them together:

The Front

Concerning the front, let me tell you that this is one of the most beautiful TRX4 RC cars you’ll ever see.

Whether in terms f details or in terms of imitation of the real car, Traxxas Bronco will amaze you from every angle.

You don’t need to play with this RC car to have fun, just looking at it and at those small details will be enough for you.

The first you’ll notice on the front of the body is the big bumper, but the bumper is not the hero here! The bumper is equipped with a bull bar, it’s fake of course, there is no rope, but still, it looks so real.

The D hooks in the bottom of the bumper also add more realism to this TRX4 Bronco.

Additionally, this RC car comes with the same headlights as the real 4×4. They have an “O” shape with an “I” coming through, it’s really a simple design, but, it’s really eye-catching.

Between the headlights, you’ll find a big “Bronco” written there which is a great idea to identify this RC car.

Also, here is a small point, on the side of each headlight, there is a small orange turn light. That’s incredible!

Other than that, the body of this RC car comes with a smooth touching paint that reflect everything around just like a mirror.

You’ll notice also that the body doesn’t come with any clips! But, wait! where are they?

Actually, Traxxas has made a new technique lately, which is to include a new type of clips right on top of the wheels.

All you need to do is to put your finger there, click the button down there, and the body is removed!

On the other hand, if you want put it back, all you have to do is to place it on top of the chassis and push it! Done! Isn’t that great?

This technique has been done in many RC cars like the Corvette, the Sledge and the E-Revo…

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The Middle and the Rear

The New Traxxas Bronco 2021 Review - The Best Looking Traxxas!

Wait, all these details are just in the front, there are still others in the middle and the back.

One of the great tricks you can find in the Traxxas Bronco is the foldable mirrors on each side. Yes, they can be folded just like any real car. AND, they are equipped with reflective mirrors on the other side.

Also, if you see closely at the windows, you’ll notice that they’re not entirely black, they’re transparent, and you can see what’s inside.

In addition to that, there are also the door handles, you can add some lights to them after buying the light kit.

Concerning the rear, the first thing you’ll notice is the big wheel conquering the whole rear end. Next to it, you’ll find the Bronco’s logo which is also imitated on this Traxxas Bronco 2021.

But, here is the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see on the Traxxas Bronco, it’s the taillights! These things are made with a high attention to the details. They’re also made for lighting, you can light them by buying the light kit from Amazon.

Then, there is the rear bumper connected to the chassis, what will catch your eyes in this bumper is the plaque and the hitch mount which has the same role as the D hooks, it’s real though!

In the end, Traxxas has done a great job regarding the realism that has been added to the Traxxas Bronco. The bumpers, the foldable mirrors, the wipers, the license plate, the rear tire on the back, as well as the door handles.

Traxxas Bronco Body Colors

Traxxas Bronco comes with 6 different colors OX White, Icon Silver, Black, Orange, V Blue and Red.

All these colors are attractive, none of them is better than the other. So, this will depend on what color you like the most.

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The Chassis

traxxas ford bronco 2021

If you’re familiar with TRX4 RC cars, you’ll notice that there are some parts in the Traxxas Bronco chassis similar to the chassis of the Traxxas Defender. Right?

In fact, they have the same platform. Well, that looks good since the Defender platform has proven itself to be one of the best, so having the same base will encourage you to buy this RC car, and by the way, you should!

One of the best things you’ll conclude in this RC car is how high the chassis is! Traxxas Bronco is made for Off-road, so, there you go, a chassis made for climbing everything on the way.

In addition to that, just like the body, Traxxas Bronco chassis comes with a lot of details, engineering, and parts as well.

The Front

As you see, the front of the chassis comes with the front bumper that we mentioned earlier. As I said, it is equipped with D hooks and a fake winch. However, you can buy a real Traxxas winch from Amazon!

You can also see the skid on the bottom right after the bumper for extra protection.

Coming back to the top, after the bumper, there is a wide space, you can add whatever you want there, you can add even a better if you love customizing your RC car.

The servo is the first electronic you’ll encounter in your adventure on the Traxxas Bronco chassis. Despite being in the front, it is so safe there, so, you don’t have to worry about that.

Furthermore, on op of each wheel, you can see a hole, theses holes are the ones where the hidden clips of the body go in order to fix the body.

Regarding the shocks and the suspension system overall, they’re under the chassis plate where most Traxxas Bronco parts are installed. They’re oil-filled GTR shocks.

They’re not the only parts hidden though! There are also the differentials as well as the whole TRX4 driving system.

Still, you can always check them out by flipping the car upside down, I know you’ll do because this is the most favorite part for most of us, TRX4 fans!

We will review the TRX4 driving system in the performance section, so, you can jump right there if you can’t wait.

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The Middle and the Rear

When it comes to the middle, you’ll notice that the Traxxas Bronco 2021 has alsmot the same design and the same structure as the Land Rover Traxxas Defender.

In fact, the come both with the motor in the front middle followed directly by the battery.

On the sides, you can see the ESC, the servos as well as the transmission. On the other hand, down there in addition to the metal diffs, there are a lot of skids.

Finally, regarding the back, you’ll see the same design as the front including the wheels and the suspension system.

The rear bumper that we mentioned earlier in the body section is also a part of the chassis.

So, is there something you would like to add about the chassis? Let me know in the comments below…

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Ford Bronco Tires

When looking at this RC car, you won’t get attracted to the body and the chassis only, the wheels and tires have also their part!

Traxxas Bronco Tires are the Replica Wild Track Black Glass wheels. Theses wheels are new and have never been used in a TRX4 before. However, they look great and powerful with high grip!

They can be fixed with a 12 millimeters hex. This is the standard measure for most 1.9 tires, so, if you would like to change the tires, you’ll have no problem for that.

Wait, what does 1.9 tire mean?

Well, here is the thing, in the real car world, we measure the wheels by 17″, 18″ or 19″ and so on, the bigger the tire, the bigger the number.

In the RC car world, it is the same thing, but, we measure them by 1.9 inch and so on.

For the Traxxas Bronco, the 1.9 wheels are the same as the 17 inch on the real Bronco.

Got the idea? If you have any question, write it in the comments down below, I would love to answer it!

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The Ford Bronco Performance

If you saw our review of the Land Rover Defender, I’m sure that you noticed the superpower of the TRX4 platform. Well, expected from Traxxas, the Bronco 2021 is great when it comes to performance and handling.

Traxxas Bonco comes with a Powerful Titan 21T reverse rotation motor with internal cooling fan which is the same as the one on the Defender, a Trail-tuned XL-5 HV Waterproof Electronic Speed Control as well as a two speed transmission, in addition to so many other electronics and parts that make this RC car what it is today!

Here are some of the parts that come with the Bronco:

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How fast does the Bronco goes?

Well, you know this is a TRX4 RC car where speed doesn’t matter at all, that’s because its mission is not going as fast as possible, but to claim as high as possible. There is no official speed report, but, 12mph – 20mph should be the range.

How Does the TRX4 4WD System work?

The New Traxxas Bronco 2021 Review - The Best Looking Traxxas!

This is now of the most important questions you need to know if you’re TRX4 RC cars fan!

As you know, Traxxas Bronco comes with rear and front solid axles, those axles can’t be hit with the ground like the other crwalers from other brands.

Why? Because the differentials are installed higher!

Usually, most RC crawlers have the diffs in the same level as the center of the wheels, but when it come to the Bronco, they’re higher than the center which makes it harder to be hit by the ground when crawling!

That’s what I call engineering!

Those differentials can locked an unlocked using your transmitter. How’s that?

Well, you know, in a normal car or RC car, the front wheels are independent than each other, which means that they can go at different speeds. In the TRX4 world or the off-roading world in general, it’s called this unlocked differentials.

This means that the two wheels in the front can go at different speeds and rates. This will provide the wheel with traction 100% of the torque while the other will stay still. And The same thing goes for the rear wheels.

On the other hand, the locking differentials make the wheels turn at the same speed whether one of them has a higher grip or not, they’re always equal.

This may be a little bit confusing! I’m not a mechanic either, so, if you have any other info about this topic, please share it with me in the comments below!

When it comes ti controlling the differentials with the transmitter, you’ll find different positions to that, you can check each position and try it until you understand how does this work.

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Low Range and High Range

Other than locking and unlocking differential, Traxxas Bronco comes with another feature that almost all the other TRX4 RC cars come with, it’s the low range and the high range.

To understand this easily, it’s as Kendall from Amain Hobbies said:

“It’s kind of like having on-road and off-road mode available”

Kendall, Amain Hobbies

The low range is making your RC car go as low as possible. This will help you climb the hardest hills, because in this kind of situation, you want the maximum grip possible! And in order to do that, you should go as low as possible.

This also works when climbing down.

On the other hand, the high range allows you to go as you wish, you can use this mode in a normal way, sometimes, this mode becomes more effective than the low range when climbing.

In the end, you should try depending on the situation, try low range, high range, differentials lock, unlock and see what happens, that’s what’s beautiful about TRX4 Off-roading RC car especially with this Traxxas Bronco.

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The Handling

What I love about the TRX4 platform also is that there aren’t many plastic built-in parts like the other Traxxas RC cars.

This means that it will handle much better and longer.

The Bronco has strong Aluminum shocks that are able to handle every single obstacle. The small parts are also built-in steel and metal which is something that proves the car’s superpower and ability to handle everything!

Traxxas Bronco Transmitter and Receiver

Regarding the transmitter, Traxxas Bronco comes with the TQi 2.4GHz 4-channel transmitter which is the same as the Traxxas Defender.

It comes full equipped with different options and buttons that allows to control the different aspects of this RC car especially the off-roading modes.

As mentioned earlier, you can control the low and the high range modes, control the differentials in addition to the telemetry that allows you to know more about your Traxxas Bronco.

Yes, that’s the third great option in this transmitter, it has the Traxxas link option that allows you to connect to the Traxxas app on your smartphone and see all the details you need about your RC car like the speed, the temperature a well as the RPM…

Of course, all these functions wouldn’t be there without the help of the receiver that transfers all these orders you do with your controller to make the RC car execute them.

Of course, this receiver is installed inside a box that keeps it dry from water and clean from the different things that can get through.

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Traxxas Bronco Accessories and Upgrades

As you know, Traxxas Bronco has come out in a while, the older the RC car, the more upgrades and accessories come out as well.

If you’re looking to buy a Traxxas Bronco or upgrade it, then this is the best time to do it, everything you need to customize this car and make it yours is available in the aftermarket.

You can check Amazon and see that there are tons and tons of parts here and there. Some of them are cheap, while others are not, but, you ca still choose whatever you want.

Some of the best upgrades you can add to this RC car are the light kit, it will definitely change the way Traxxas Bronco looks to you!

Also, the Winch kit is also one of the best off-roading upgrades you want to buy, it’s so fun!

Other than the useful Traxxas Bronco accessories that you can buy, there are decorative ones like the salon that you can install inside the car.

In addition to that, you can increase the protection by having the chassis metal skids which will stop the ground from hurting the chassis.

So, as you see, there are a lot of things and accessories to add to your Traxxas Bronco.

Check the rest of them by clicking the button down below:

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What I Don’t Like About This RC Car

Actualy, this is one of the most perfect RC cars that I have reviewed in this website.

From the deisng perspective, the performance perspective or the handling perspective, this thing is just killing it.

However, do you have anything you don’t like about Traxxas Bronco? Let me know in the comments below!

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Great Things About Traxxas Bronco

There are a lot of things that I liked about this vehicle because I see that Traxxas has almost covered every single problem that the users have suffered from in the previous generations.

However, those things I want to talk about are some small details no one pays attention to:

The windscreen wipers: this is a small detail that you don’t see always in every RC car you play with. They’re fake of course, but they’re just there.

Small Bronco and Ford logos: on each side of the spare wheel, you can find those logos which make the identity of this RC car always present.

The Trail Sights: Those small plastic parts are so important in the real Bronco! Actually, they help the driver know the corners of the car when going in a tight corner.

The great thing about this RC car is the closer you look, the more details you’ll find, so discover them and share them with us in the comments below!

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Traxxas Bronco Price

Now, after reading all this article, I know you have an idea about the price of the Traxxas Bronco, aren’t you?

With all these features, these details, and this performance, it’s hard to find something so cheap. And the same thing goes for this RC car, it’s not cheap.

But here is the thing, the amount of fun and enjoyment as well as the amzment you’ll live are far beyond what you imagine!

Check out the Traxxas Bronco price by clicking the button below:

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So, Should You Buy It?

Do you think after all this, I would say no? No way!

Actually, I highly recommend buying this RC car today before tomorrow, it’s a great RC car where you will find everything combined.

There is one case where you shouldn’t buy it if you’re looking for high speed. If you do, you can check the other Traxxas RC trucks like the Sledge, the Maxx as well as the E-Revo, they’re in the same price range.

Check them out!

So, what do you think about the Traxxas Bronco? Do you like it? Would you buy it?

I would love to see your opinion in the comments below!

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