Traxxas TRX4 Sport Review. The Best RC Crawler for Beginners To Buy Now?

Traxxas TRX4 Sport has come out after the TRX4 Defender. And the reason was that TRX4 Defender was too complex for a lot of Traxxas users. Especially the controller!

This is why Traxxas came with the TRX4 Sport. The purpose of this RC Crawler was to have a simpler version of the Defender. But at the same time, they wanted to keep the same funny driving experience.

And you know what? That wish become true!

TRX4 Sport is a simple 4×4 RC car. However, driving is not something that you would forget easily. It is a great experience.

Let’s discover together what are the secrets behind the greatness of the Traxxas TRX4 Sport.

See you in the next few lines…

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TRX4 Sport Design

The Body

The first thing you would notice about the body of the TRX4 Sport is how simple it is. There is just one color, and no stickers except for a small TRX4 in the back as well the fake headlights and red lights.

Traxxas TRX4 Sport comes also with 4 clips spread on the body. And there are nobody mounts as well. This may endanger the body to be cracked. But it’s not a speed RC car. So there is no real need for body mounts.

Also, there is another thing that Traxxas used to do which is make a duplicate of RC cars like the Defender, the mustang, and the Ford Fiesta.

But for the TRX4 Sport body, there is no licensing on it. It’s a generic body that Traxxas has came up with. But, it still has a great and clean design.

In addition to that, when you open the box, you’ll find some stickers included there to customize your body. And this is something I recommend because it will change the look of the body completely.

Besides, you can customize it even more with the Traxxas aftermarket accessories built specifically for this RC crawler.

Here is what you can get for your Traxxas TRX4 Sport body:

  • Clear and Painted Bodies
  • Expedition Rack
  • Auxilliary Exterior LED Lighting for the Roof, Bumper, and Expedition Rack
  • Traction Boards
  • Side View Mirrors
  • Molded Inner Fenders
  • Snorkel
  • Spare Tire Mount
  • Bolt-on Headlights and Tail Lights
  • Shovel, Axe, Jack & More!

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Traxxas TRX4 Sport Chassis

TRX4 Sport. The Best Beginners RC Crawler To Buy Now?

If you already have a Traxxas Defender or any other TRX4 like the Bronco. You’ll notice that they all look the same.

And that’s true because they all have the same platform. But, there are some differences when it comes to some parts.

For example, Traxxas Defender has more parts that TRX4 Sport doesn’t have. And this was the purpose of building TRX4 Sport which is to have a simpler RC car to drive as well as to upgrade!

However, it still has a lot of great features that we will get through in the next section.

Traxxas TRX4 comes with just one battery holder like any other TRX4 chassis. And this battery holder is located in the center of the chassis.

The motor is located in the mid-front as well right behind the front shock tower and the waterproof servo. In addition to that, the aluminum shocks are so high as well as the wheels.

One of the parts I liked a lot is the bumpers. They’re designed so well better than those on the defender. And they have also two cool D hooks!

In conclusion, there are a lot of small details in the TRX4 Sport chassis that deserve to be discovered. They’re so cool. And this is what I like about the TRX4 RC crawlers! You have fun just by looking at them!

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Traxxas TRX4 Sport Performance

This RC car may look so basic in comparison to the other RC TRX4 Crawlers. But, believe me, the performance of the TRX4 Sport is outstanding!

When it comes to the internal parts, Traxxas TRX4 Sport comes with a Powerful Titan 21T reverse rotation motor with an internal cooling fan.

This motor has a lot of torque. And if you’re suspicious about the power of this motor. Then, you don’t have to worry! Because it’s the same motor that is on the TRX4 Defender!

TRX4 Sport comes also with a Trail-Tuned XL-5 HV Waterproof Electronic Speed Control. This XL-5 can accept a 2s to 3s Lipo battery.

With these parts combined, Traxxas TRX4 Sport can overcome a lot of obstacles in its way even if it has just the basic features of an RC crawler.

So, if you’re a beginner and you love TRX4 vehicles, then this RC car is the best one to have as an entry-level crawler before passing to the pro other TRX4 RC cars.

When it comes to systems, unfortunately, there are no systems in there.

Also, you have the basic Traxxas controller which has great quality.

But don’t worry about that! Because this RC car still has a lot of power.

In addition to that, other than being a beginner, you can give this to your son or daughter without worrying about their safety or even the safety of the car. They’ll learn a lot with the TRX4 Sport!

Despite being a basic RC Crawler, the TRX4 Sport can be always upgraded to some great parts!

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Traxxas TRX4 Sport Upgrades

Traxxas TRX4 Sport Upgrades

When it comes to upgrades, you can upgrade as many parts as you need!

For an off-road RC crawler, some of the things you may think to change are the servo, the front bumper as well as adding some headlights.

You can as well get the full-body upgrading aftermarket pack that contains a lot of parts! It will change the way your TRX4 Sport looks!

In conclusion, this RC car is worth it when it comes to upgrades. You can have and learn a lot in this car.

And this will help you graduate to the other TRX4 levels!

Despite being a great RC car, there are some things that I don’t like that much about TRX4 Sport.

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What I don’t like About Traxxas TRX4 Sport

Since I know the purpose of building this RC car. Which is to make it simpler and easier for users, especially beginners.

I know that I won’t talk about a lot of missing features that this RC car needs to give you the best fun ever.

But there are some features I wish they added like the small details in the body like the ones on Traxxas UDR.

And the reason why I see that they had to add that is that most people that will buy this RC crawler are beginners. Or, they’re buying it for their children.

And for a child, seeing these things will increase their interest in this car to play and have more fun.

On the other hand, when it comes to systems and more handling, I think it’s fine to be at this level with just a basic controller and basic settings.

Even with its simplicity, there are a lot of things I love a lot about Traxxas TRX4 Sport.

Things I like about the TRX4 Sport

Basic doesn’t mean bad or weak. It means that there is a big room for improvement! And what I mean by this is the upgrades!

I’m from people that enjoy building and improving things! And for me, upgrading this RC car is the most fun thing I can do. You can try that too, and I bet you’ll be so happy after seeing your work perform well.

On the other hand, I like the number of details that are included in the chassis. not only that, but Traxxas TRX4 Sport has come with a lot of metal and aluminum parts that you don’t need to spend money on to upgrade!

And this feature is missing in a lot of other Traxxas RC cars!

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Final Judgement & Price

So, after seeing how simple and cool this RC car is, I see that I can say it’s like the Slash (Which is one of the best entry-level RC trucks you can buy).

So, if you’re willing to have an RC car that is solid, reliable, that you want to learn from, and with a good price. Then you should just go and buy this RC car. It will be the best decision you’ll ever make.

What about the price?

You can click on the button below to check the price of the TRX4 Sport.


Is TRX-4 sport a good crawler?

It is true that Traxxas TRX-4 Sport can’t be compared to other advanced RC crawlers like the TRX-4 Defender, still, it is the best RC crawler for beginners, it’s the entry-level of the TRX-4 crawlers.

Is the TRX-4 worth it?

Of course, it is! This is the best entry-level RC car for Traxxas crawlers.

How fast does Traxxas TRX4 sport go?

Since Traxxas TRX-4 sport is a crawler, it doesn’t have a high speed. Maybe 20mph.

What is the difference between TRX-4 and sport?

The Defender TRX-4 or any TRX-4 crawler comes with more advanced options for off-roading which are not all available in the TRX-4 Sport.


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