Traxxas Tactical Unit Review. Everything You Need to Know

Traxxas Tactical Unit is one of the few monsters that have a lot of features! This truck that I’m reviewing today is different than any Traxxas RC car I reviewed on my website!

Well, it’s not completely different. There are some similar things that we already saw in some other TRX4 crawlers.

However, this Traxxas TRX4 Tactical Unit is still somehow different. Especially that we’re not used to seeing these types of RC cars, especially military trucks from Traxxas!

If you love military trucks, then this review is for you! But, if you’re not a big fan of the RC military trucks, no worries.

Do you know why? Because I’m sure that you’ll be obsessed with this beast at the end of this review!

You will know everything in the next few lines…

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Traxxas Tactical Unit Design

The Body

For the Traxxas Tactical Unit, there is nothing that catches people’s attention more than its body! Whether you put a Traxxas X-Maxx or a Stingray next to it, the Tactical Unit stays the best when it comes to the look.

And the reason is simple! It’s a military truck. That means that it’s a symbol of an unbreakable power, something that is super aggressive and nothing can stop it!

Even the shape of the body is different than the rest despite being a TRX4!

It does comes also with a high-resolution designed body with great accessories and features on it. But the part that I like most and that no Traxxas RC car has is the coupe back.

It’s not flat like a TRX4 Defender or G500, and it’s not like a truck. It’s a coupe. That feature makes it so special!

Also, the design of the front and side windows gives you the impression that this is the hardest RC body in the world. Well, it’s a normal body like the others. But the design is what makes it special!

Traxxas Tactical Unit’s body comes also with some cool features like a great front bumper equipped with D-rings in the front. On the back, like the Defender, there is an additional wheel.


This body is not clipless. So, it has just the traditional 4 clips spread on the front and the back.

There is another thing I like about this RC car which is the front part. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the front grill looks so real as well as the designs around the headlights.

This high-resolution design gives it a great aggressive look!

Also, the front headlights are not real. But, you can add them as well as more headlights on the roof as upgrades if you want to.

Honestly, I wish there were real headlights in the stock version like the Defender.

But, this is the best body I’ve ever seen.

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Traxxas Tactical Unit Chassis

Traxxas Tactical Unit. The Best Traxxas Military Truck

For the Traxxas Tactical Unit chassis, there are some good news and some bad news. Which one do you want first?

Well, let’s start with the bad news! the chassis of this RC beast is based on the TRX4 platform (Here is the bad part). This means that it has almost the same chassis as the TRX4 Defender.

No, it is the same. The bad thing about that is there are no innovations, features, or systems that would make this Traxxas military truck different.

What about the good news?

Well, the good news is the same as the bad news which is the same chassis. But, from a different perspective!

Traxxas TRX4 chassis is well-known for its strength, handling, and reliability in addition to its high building parts quality. This means that a lot of people won’t worry about having some unknown problems. Why?

Because this chassis has proven itself in a lot of RC cars like the Bronco, the G500 as well as the TRX4 Sport. And they’re all wonderful!

Having this chassis on your Traxxas military truck won’t make you able to crawl anything you want. But also, you won’t bother replacing low-quality parts because they’re so hard and performant to replace them.

There are the GTS Aluminum shocks that you can’t find in any other stock Traxxas RC cars other than the TRX4 crawlers. There are also fully waterproof electronics and a steel rigid frame.

You can’t find these parts even in high-range RC cars like the stock Traxxas X-Maxx or E-Revo!

With that being said, the good news is better than the bad news. (You can check our Traxxas Defender’s full review for more details about the TRX4 chassis).

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Traxxas Tactical Unit Performance

As you’ve read, this crazy beast is not something special on the chassis. But it is still super powerful. What about the performance? Let’s find out.

Traxxas Tactical Unit comes with a Powerful Titan 21T reverse rotation motor with an internal cooling fan. This motor has a high torque and gives this Traxxas military truck a huge boost.

In addition to that, it comes also with a Trail-tuned XL-5 HV Waterproof Electronic Speed Control. Like the other TRX4 RC cars, this ESC comes with 5 driving modes.

Three of them come with any Traxxas RC car including the Slash. While the other 2 are exclusive only to the TRX4 RC cars which are the Trail mode and the Crawl mode.

Here are more details about them from the Traxxas official website:

  • Trail Mode — forward / brake / reverse / with trail-tuned drag brake in neutral
  • Crawl Mode — forward / instant reverse – no neutral with 100% hill-holding brake

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Battery and Wheels

The battery of the Traxxas Tactical Unit doesn’t come in the box (as expected from Traxxas). It doesn’t come with a charger also.

For this Traxxas military truck, you can add a 6 or 7-cell NiMH battery. OR, you can add a 2s to 3s Lipo battery to get maximum performance from your RC truck.

For the charger, I recommend getting the Traxxas EZ-Peak Live charger. It’s the best!

In addition to the battery, the wheels are some of the most remarkable parts that don’t only give this RC crawler a great look. But they’re making it unstoppable!

With these wheels, you can crawl anything and overcome any obstacles you want due to their high grip!


The other features that any Traxxas RC car should have are systems. The TRX4 family, they have all the same systems.

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Remote Locking Differentials

The first one that is so famous when it comes to off-road vehicles is the remote locking differentials. This system allows you to change the wheels mode depending on the situation you’re in!

Let me explain more…

Traxxas Tactical Unit is a 4WD truck where all the wheels can move accordingly to each other at the same speed. This is the mode where the differentials are locked!

Well, this system sometimes doesn’t work in some situations on some terrain.

So, what you can do is unlock the differentials. This means that each wheel can move more freely and independently of the other.

In conclusion, you can lock or unlock the front and the rear differentials as you want just from your remote controller!

High/Low Range Transmission

There is another system where you can change the transmission to a high or a low range.

The high range means that your Traxxas military truck can go at full speed.

On the other hand, setting your transmission to the low gear limit your RC car’s speed even if you push the full throttle.

All these systems can help you in different situations, and you can enable or disable them just from your controller.

The Cruise Control

In addition to these systems, there is another cool system. It’s the cruise control that comes with the TQi Radio system.

All you need to do to enable this system is to get a small device. Add it to your controller, and connect it to your phone using the Traxxas app and Bluetooth.

After that, the app will show you a lot of information about your RC cars like the speed, temperature, and location. It’s a great system for you if you love analyzing data!

All these features make Traxxas Tactical Unit a special RC car. And believe me! It’s one of the most RC cars that you’ll enjoy driving! Especially if you add some upgrades like the roof headlights.

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Traxxas Tactical Unit Upgrades

Traxxas Tactical Unit Upgrades

When it comes to upgrades, Traxxas Tactical Unit is killing it.

Well, this is what is expected from Traxxas, having unlimited upgrades is the best thing you can have on an RC car. Because a big part of fun starts at this phase!

You can upgrade and add a lot of parts. This will give it a better appearance and more performance!

You can change the servos, the headlights, the taillights, and the wheels. But the best thing you can have for this monster is the sound simulator.

You can choose any sound of any vehicle you want, and make your Traxxas Tactical Unit do it. It’s one of the best upgrades you can have. You won’t regret it!

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Annoying Things About This Military Truck

Despite being a great RC car, there are a few things that annoyed me or that I was expecting more from.

The first thing that bothered me are the fake headlights that come with the stock vehicle. I would love it if Traxxas has put the same headlights as Traxxas Defender in there!

The other thing I didn’t like about this RC car is concerning the chassis. With this different and special RC car that has a military theme, it’s natural to expect some additional features that aren’t available in the other TRX4.

And this is something I hoped was possible.

However, this Traxxas Military Truck still has some great features!

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Great Features About Traxxas Tactical Unit

I think you already know that the first thing I would mention about this RC car is the body! It is special and gives you the impression that you’re about to drive something crazy! which is true!

Also, the updates of the Traxxas Tactical Unit are so cool, especially the sound simulator.

The high-quality parts and accessories that come with the stock version are something that, not only it is known for, but the whole TRX4 RC cars!

Traxxas Tactical Unit Price

Concerning the price, you can check the price of the Traxxas Tactical Unit by clicking on the button below, or you can even buy it now:

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So, Should You Buy it?

After seeing everything about the Traxxas Tactical Unit, this RC crawler has a lot of abilities. It will be funny to drive such a crawler especially after adding a lot of upgrades!

The night drive is also super funny! Owning this thing is life-changing!

So, what do you think? Can this RC car be a great fit for you? I would love to see your responses in the comments section below!

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