Traxxas Mercedes 6×6 Powerful Rare Monster Truck Review. Is It Worth It?

The Traxxas Mercedes 6×6, Is It Worth it?

There are a lot of popular Traxxas cars that people love and look forward to having one day especially if they were from a big brand like the Traxxas X-Maxx, the Rustler, and the Slash.

But today, the Traxxas I’m reviewing is much different because everybody was looking forward to owning even before going out to the market. It’s the Traxxas Mercedes 6×6.

I was surprised by the number of people that were waiting for the Traxxas Mercedes 6×6 and how popular it was and still. But I knew that one of the main reasons behind this popularity is the greatness and the rarety of the Real Mercedes AMG G63 6×6.

And Traxxas has will used this key to copy not only the design of this car but also the performance and the power that comes with it!

So, is it really worth buying this Mercedes? Let’s discover this in the next few lines…

The Traxxas Mercedes 6×6 Look

Traxxas Mercedes 6x6

The body

I believe the look and design of this car have played a big role in its popularity. Mercedes has really killed the design, not only that but also, the Mercedes brand has made this car so rare that the richest of rich people has to struggle in order to find one of this masterpiece.

But don’t worry, despite not being rich, you can have this car because Traxxas has provided you with an affordable price and a better funny driving experience.

The first thing that I get attracted to and I like about the Traxxas Mercedes 6×6, like any other person, is the wheels. The 6×6 system is just amazing and looks more powerful and efficient than the 4×4 system.

The design of the car from the front to the rear gives you the impression that it’s an aggressive off-roading monster that doesn’t know where to stop and can pass any obstacle on the road!

The Headlights

The other thing I like a lot about this monster truck is the headlights and how they’re included with it. Unlike the Land Rover Defender that we reviewed the other time where you have to buy extra headlights as an upgrade for the car, which is a little bit more bothering (Except if you’re an RC car upgrading lover!)

In the Mercedes 6×6, there are 6 headlights that are all real and working perfectly while making the car looks sexy. On the other hand, with these headlights, you can have your driving experience better and much more enjoyable.

The number of details in this car is insane! Even the small badges that are located on the side of the car are placed perfectly on the car. You can’t tell whether it is a Real Mercedes 6×6 from a picture or not! There are even more details like the radars, the sunroof, the lights on the side that function also as well as the side chrome exhausts.

The chassis

Traxxas Mercedes 6x6

The chassis of this Mercedes 6×6 is different than the other Traxxas chassis. Well, this is normal because it has 6 wheels instead of four.

What I like a lot about the chassis of the Traxxas Mercedes 6×6 are the fenders that are placed all over the wheels, which make the car look so defensive against the external factors while driving like water and mud. It also gives the impression of how strong this truck is! It’s amazing!

What makes this car looks more defensive also is the aluminum shocks that are built inside the car instead of the outside like the Traxxas Bandit.

Therefore, the most beautiful and well-designed thing I saw in the Mercedes 6×6 is the front and the rear bumpers with their chrome pieces. The bumpers on the side also add a great look to this AMG G63 and give you a great impression of how high the car is.

The AMG G63 Performance

The Motor

This Mercedes 6×6 is so powerful, It comes with a Titan 21T 550 Motor which is the same as the Land Rover Defender that we just reviewed last time. This motor is able to pump out a huge torque to allow the car to be able to overcome any obstacle in the way! Of course, any powerful motor like this one has to come with a fan to keep it cool at low temperatures.

On the other hand, the Traxxas Mercedes 6×6 comes with a waterproof XL-5 GV ESC. It comes with three profiles (Sport, Race, and Training mode)

Alongside the motor, you don’t have to worry anymore about breaking the steering servo because, now, it is a waterproof full metal gear digital servo with reliable power that will give you strong steering authority.

TQi 4-Channel Radio System

Traxxas Mercedes 6x6

Not only that! to give you full control over your vehicle, Traxxas has provided you with a TQi 4-Channel Radio System that will allow you to control the differentials, enable or disable the cruise control as well as control the low and the high-speed range mode.

See more info about the Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6:

What I don’t like about the Traxxas Mercedes 6×6

I like a lot of things on this Traxxas especially everything that I covered before in this article. However, despite being an RTR RC car, it doesn’t come with a battery and a charger which is something that we used to hear from The Traxxas brand, but it’s still something bothering.

The Traxxas comes with a NiMH (4–7 cell) and LiPo (2s–3s) batteries and a Traxxas EZ-Peak Live charger for easy and fast charging performance. You can always replace the Nimh battery with a 5000mAh 3 Cell LiPo Battery to have more power and fun!

What I like about the AMG G63

All that I covered in this article are things and features I like about this monster, but, there is something that I like also which is the shocks.

When moving, I loved how each wheel has its own shock that makes it undependable than the other wheel so that you can create the maximum traction to overcome hard grounds.

I enjoy seeing the movements of the wheels on the ground especially on the low range! It’s exciting!

If you’d like to know more details about the Traxxas Mercedes 6×6 including the price, check this button below to get more info from Amazon:

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