TRX4 G500 VS Defender. Which One Is The Best For You?

The comparison between the TRX4 G500 VS Defender isn’t something that is going to be easy. Do you know why? Because these two RC cars are both monsters when it comes to off-roading!

Traxxas G500 and Traxxas Defender are two brothers but two rivals at the same time! They have a lot of similarities that you can’t even recognize which one is which.

But they have also a lot of differences that make one of them better than another.

By using those differences, you’ll decide which one to take home with you in the next few minutes.

However, in this article, we won’t show you only the similarities and differences. But we will show also you how to make a wise decision so that you can be happy about your new Traxxas RC car that you’ll bring to your home.

So, let’s get started with the comparison of TRX4 G500 VS Defender in the next few lines…

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TRX4 G500 VS Defender Design

The Body

This is the point where both RC cars have the most differences! When it comes to the body, they’re totally different!

And this is something normal because after all, Traxxas Defender is a licensed copy of the Real Land Rover Defender. Also, Traxxas G500 is a licensed copy of the real Mercedes G500.

So, they’re two different brands with different designs and different perspectives. And your choice depends on which design you prefer more!

The body of the G500 is simpler than the body of the Defender especially after adding more upgrades.

On the other hand, the defender’s body is more classic with ancient design. However, it is longer than the G500.

While the G500 seems to have a cool and aggressive design!

Yet, there is something that I love about the Defender which is the small details like the wheel on the back, the cage that covers almost the whole body on top, and the exhaust popping in front of the front glass.

These things make the car looks more adventurous and gives it a great look.

But as I said earlier, Traxxas Defender is missing the sporty design that Traxxas G500 has. And some of the best details in the Mercedes are the exhausts on the side, the headlights on top as well as the chrome running boards.

The Materials

By mentioning the chrome running boards, I would like to add that the G500 has also some built-in chrome parts. And this adds to it more value!

Unfortunately, this is something that I didn’t find in the Traxxas Defender except for some internal parts of course!

To be brief, there are a lot more details when it comes to TRX4 G500 VS Defender. But the moral of the story is that your choice will depend on which design you like more!

If you like classic design with a lot of cool off-road stuff on it, then Traxxas Defender. However, if you’re more of a luxurious man/woman, and you love design, then, Traxxas G500 has to be your choice!

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TRX4 G500 VS Defender Chassis

TRX4 G500 VS Defender Chassis

To the opposite of the bodies that were so different, TRX4 G500 VS Defender chassis are so similar. In fact, you may find some difficulties distinguishing the difference between them!

And this is because they have almost the same parts in the same places. Which means they have the same structure as the chassis.

Well, that’s what to expect from TRX4 RC cars. They have the same platform after all.

However, despite being all similar, they still have some differences that deserve to be mentioned.

And the first one is the height! Actually, you may have seen the difference.

Traxxas G500 is higher than the Defender. First of all, it’s because of the high wheels the Mercedes has. And also, because of the clearance that is between the tires and the body. Traxxas G500 also wins at that!

Another dissimilarity I would like to mention is the fact that the frame of the Traxxas G500 is built-in steel. And also, it covers the wheels even if the body isn’t there!

And this is good because those covers act as extra protection of the internal parts from dust and water. This is an advantage that Traxxas Defender, unfortunately, doesn’t have.

Both RC cars come equipped with GTS Aluminum shocks as stock parts. Actually, this is not something that just the Defender and the G500 have, but all TRX4 vehicles have a lot of high-quality parts!

Building Materials

There is a difference also when it comes to the materials of each one of these two monsters. For Traxxas G500, A lot of parts are built-in chrome and steel as well including a lot of internal parts.

The same thing goes for Traxxas Defender but with fewer parts included!

Well, in conclusion, the TRX4 G500 VS Defender chassis are different when it comes to some materials, but they’re almost the same when it comes to the structure because they have the same platform.

But, does this affect their performance? Let’s find out…

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TRX4 G500 VS Defender Performance

To be brief, these 2 RC cars are both killing it when it comes to overcoming obstacles on any terrain!

In fact, Traxxas Defender comes with a Powerful Titan 21T reverse rotation motor with an internal cooling fan. This motor is so powerful and reliable!

It comes also with a Trail-tuned XL-5 HV Waterproof Electronic Speed Control that can work with a 3s Lipo for maximum performance.

On the other hand, the Traxxas G500 comes also with the same motor. Which is the Powerful Titan™ 21T reverse rotation motor with an internal cooling fan.

And also with the same Trail-tuned XL-5 HV Waterproof Electronic Speed Control. In addition to that, it works also with a 3s Lipo battery.

So, as you see, TRX4 G500 VS Defender internal parts are the same. Well, they have the same platform in the end!

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What About Systems?

The same thing goes for systems. Because these RC Crawlers have the same systems, and they’re one of the best.

There is a cruise control system that allows you to get all Infos about your Traxxas RC car from your phone by connecting it using Bluetooth with a device that you can buy from Traxxas.

This system is also available on the TRX4 Sport as well as the other TRX4 RC cars!

Also, there is another system, which is the T-Lock Remote Locking Differentials system. Actually, it allows you to control the driving modes of your RC car depending on the terrain you’re driving on.

With this system, you can unlock the diffs or lock just the front two diffs.

There is another transmission system where you have two ranges. The low range in which you limit your RC car to a low speed. And the high range in which you go with full speed.

Using those systems depends on the position you’re in. And they’re so funny to control!

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The Weight

Honestly, for me, one of the most important factors for an RC crawler to be able to climb anything is the weight.

This is one of the major factors that both two cars differ at!

By the way, I’m pretty sure you’ll see the heavier just by looking at their shapes. And you’re right, Traxxas Defender is heavier than Traxxas G500.

And the reason why is because of all the additional accessories on the body as well as the size of the body itself. This is something that Traxxas G500 doesn’t have.

With this weight, Traxxas Defender will have more stability off-road than the G500. It is true that it’s not high as the Mercedes, but, this extra weight will help the TRX4 Defender have more traction, which means, easier climbing.

However, this weight has sometimes a disadvantage especially if the Defender is climbing a slanted road. It can flip back to the side easily!

But this is something that Traxxas G500 has more resistance to!

The Height

Traxxas Defender wins in the weight challenge, but not in the Height challenge. Because Traxxas G500 is killing it!

As I mentioned earlier, what makes Traxxas G500 so high is the wheels as well as the aluminum shocks. But the wheels have more impact on that height!

This feature will help the G500, especially in water and mud by protecting the internal parts despite they’re fully waterproof.

This will also prevent high rocks from scratching the bottom of the car or damaging any part down there!

So, in conclusion, the performance of the TRX4 G500 VS Defender is almost the same with some slight differences.

This means that your choice won’t depend on the speed or the numbers. Instead, it will depend more on the dimensions of each RC car of those two.

But adding some upgrades would make a difference? Well, that’s what we’re going to see in the next section.

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TRX4 G500 VS Defender Upgrades & Price

TRX4 G500 VS Defender upgrades

When it comes to upgrades, both cars Traxxas G500 and Defender have a lot of parts that you can add.

For Traxxas Defender, there are unlimited upgrades you can have. Whether it’s to add a great look or to increase performance.

For Traxxas G500, you can do the same. However, Traxxas can help you more with that with their accessories kit. These accessories include:

Actually, these parts are also available for the Defender. But, you still need to buy each one separately. And by the way, all the parts are so available. So, you don’t have to worry about them.

You can have even some rare parts like the all-Terrain Trax for the Defender!

But to be brief, you’re free to add as many parts as you can to these TRX4 trucks!

What about the TRX4 G500 VS Defender price?

Depending on the Traxxas website pricing, Traxxas defender is a little more expensive than Traxxas G500. I think the reason is because of the bigger body and the additional parts included in it.

Don’t worry, they just have a slight price difference.

Check their prices by clicking the buttons below:

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Final Judgement

After seeing all these pieces of information about the TRX4 G500 VS Defender, I’m pretty sure you’ve decided which one you like more!

And even if you don’t, I will help you by listing the most important features of each one.

For Traxxas Defender:

  • Big and Classic body of the Land Rover Defender
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Full of great details
  • Heavy to add more traction
  • high performance
  • Great systems
  • Unlimited Upgrades

For Traxxas G500:

  • Modern and great design of the Mercedes G Class 500
  • Comes in different colors
  • Cool details like the real headlights
  • Super high
  • Great Performance
  • Advanced tech & driving systems
  • Unlimited Upgrades

So, after seeing this list, what do you think? Personally, I would take them both! They’re really something that I can’t imagine myself without!

But, whether you take the Defender or the G500, they’re both still great RC cars and one of the best RC crawlers ever made!

I would love you to tell me which one do you prefer in the comments section below!

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