Traxxas BIGFOOT. Top Secrets You Should Know Before Having One

Traxxas has blown me away when they started producing the Traxxas Bigfoot! Do you know why? Because this Monster truck has a great history that I’m sure that your grandfather knows about it!

But before going into more details about this RC truck. Let me ask you this: Have you ever heard of Ford Bigfoot before? If not, then, this name was after the first monster truck in the world.

Basically, it was created when a Ford F-250 owner modified his car to the Bigfoot truck. And this car was known for its great power, and it was the first monster truck!

If you can’t have one, don’t worry! Traxxas is giving you the opportunity to have an RC replica car called Traxxas BIGFOOT.

Let’s know more details about this car in the next few lines…

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Traxxas BIGFOOT Design

The Body

If you already know the Ford BIGFOOT, you will definitely notice that this Traxxas BiGFOOT has the exact same classic design.

There are so many details in the body that you can’t distinguish the difference between the real one and the RC one in a picture!

Despite using just some stickers and fake headlights (and the traditional clips that I’m not a big fan of), Traxxas was able to make a great body.

Traxxas hasn’t stopped in this only, but they also added the branding stickers for the BIGFOOT. They added even a license plate with the name BIGFOOT on it as well as the year when it started.

This is not a normal RC car for anybody. This is something for people falling in love with this car!

But despite having a classic design, this thing still looks like a monster. It’s aggressive!

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The Chassis and Performance Of The BIGFOOT

The chassis of the Traxxas Bigfoot is the same as the Stampede’s chassis. It is known for its great handling and stability.

But, unfortunately, like Traxxas Stampede, the bigfoot isn’t a 4×4 monster truck as the real one. It has just a 2WD system.

Traxxas BIGFOOT comes with a Titan® 12-turn 550 modified motor and a powerful XL-5 waterproof electronic speed control.

With these combined, the BIGFOOT can reach up to 30mph or about 50 km/H. Not bad for an off-roading RC car with this size.

A lot of people may think that this is slow for something that is so branded. Well, you may be right…

However, speed isn’t the only factor that makes an RC car great or not. There are a lot of other factors that make the car successful!

For example, the wheels of the BIGFOOT are so big that they can climb and pass through anything. For me, this is a great advantage that a lot of other Traxxas RC cars don’t have.

You either should accept them as they are or you should spend money on upgraded wheels, unlike the BIGFOOT.

The other special thing about Traxxas BIGFOOT that is not available in other RCs is the included battery and charger.

It’s like the Latrax Teton I reviewed recently. However, this BIGFOOT Monster truck comes with a 7-cell NiMH battery that can take up to 15 minutes of playing and bashing!

On the other hand, the charger is also a high-quality fast charger that you can use anytime anywhere with no worries.

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Traxxas BIGFOOT Parts

Any RC car in the world can be upgraded for more fun, and this is the great thing about RCs. And the same thing goes for the Traxxas BIGFOOT.

You can upgrade your Traxxas BIGFOOT from the suspension arms, the motor, the shocks, the body, the caster blocks. You can add even more headlights to make it look stunning!

And the great thing is that they are so cheap and easy to replace.

What I Don’t Like About This BIGFOOT Monster Truck

Despite being a great car in general. I still have a bunch of things that I didn’t like a lot.

The 4WD System

The first thing I was expecting from this RC truck is the 4WD system since everybody knows it as a 4WD vehicle monster truck.

Well, I have no problem with having the same chassis as the Stampede. But there is another 4×4 version of the Stampede. Why don’t they replace it with that?

The Headlights

The number of details in the design of the headlights is crazy. However, I would prefer to have real headlights.

But you know what?

You can create your own headlights and place them in your BIGFOOT despite having no place in there. This was the same method that darkeclipticheart did on his YouTube Channel.

Check it out in the Latrax Teton upgrades article I just made!

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Yup! It’s hard to believe! but Traxxas BIGFOOT comes with a NO TSM system which helps to redirect the vehicle and make the driving experience easier.

However, not everybody loves the TSM. A lot of people find it so boring to drive the RC car normally. They prefer to have a hard-controlling badass RC car. This is the real enjoyment. So who cares?

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Things I Loved About The BIGFOOT

There are a lot of things I loved about this RC BIGFOOT monster truck as well…

The Included Battery and Charger

This is something I should definitely mention since a lot of Traxxas RC cars don’t have this feature. The great thing about including a battery and a charger si saving time.

Also, you don’t get confused about buying a convenient battery especially if you’re a beginner!

High Ground Clearance

This RC car is so high. It’s 4 inches! You don’t need to worry about getting hit by rocks and breaking your chassis. Not with a Traxxas BIGFOOT!

It’s Cheap!

YES, you don’t need to spend a fortune on an RC car to have fun like Traxxas X-Maxx.

All you need is just a couple hundred dollars and you’re ready to go!

However, you can have other Traxxas RC cars with the same price range like the Stampede, and the Slash 2WD.

Check their prices from here:

If you would like something with a 4WD system, you can choose between a lot of RC cars like the Summit, the Defender, the Bronco that just came out in 2021, and the 6×6 Mercedes.

Final Judgement

As I tested this RC car, I would love to recommend it to anyone that is searching for an affordable, well-known, aggressive, and classic RC car. It is beginners friendly also!

Otherwise, I see that there is still some room for improvement to make it better and more exciting and funny.

Check the button below to check its price on Amazon:

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