Traxxas Latrax Teton. The Most Affordable High-Quality RC Car

If you’re suffering from the highly expensive prices of Traxxas RC cars, or you’re looking for an RC car for your child. Then, Traxxas Latrax Teton is the best choice you can have!

Traxxas and Latrax are one company. But Latrax is powered by Traxxas.

And if you don’t know Latrax, it is an RC car company specialized in high-quality affordable RC cars with smaller scale like the one I’m reviewing today: The Teton!

In addition to the 1/18 Latrax Teton, they make also smaller Traxxas RC cars like the Summit, E-Revo, as well as a lot of other great and affordable RC cars.

The fact that this RC car is smaller and cheaper doesn’t mean that it is not worth it! Don’t forget that they’re inspired and powered by Traxxas.

This means that in the end, you’re having a Traxxas product, like any other product.

Let’s discover the secrets behind the Latrax Teton in the next few lines…

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Traxxas Latrax Teton Design

The body

Traxxas Latrax Teton. Most Affordable High Quality RC Car

If you’re someone familiar with the gigantic bodies of the Traxxas RC cars, you’ll definitely be shocked when I tell you this!

This RC car is so small! (In comparison to other RC cars). But this is what you can expect from a 1/18 scale RC car.

However, there is something that may surprise you! This Latrax Teton is still conserving the same built-in quality.

With its bright body and great design. It’s like you’re having a baby RC car!

Latrax Teton still has the same characteristics as other Traxxas RC cars:

  • Body Clips all over it
  • high-resolution design
  • Easy to take it off and return it.

The body looks like the Traxxas Summit body with its SUV characters. It’s so simple, no cage, no special headlights.

The chassis

The chassis of the Traxxas Latrax Teton is so small (as expected). It has the same components as any other RC car.

However, it is so compressed because of the small size and there is no free space between the internal parts.

What I like the most are the long shocks. They look powerful and smooth as you press the car.

There are some great big wheels making the chassis so high! Well, it’s high from the perspective of a 1/18 scale RC car.

Moreover, Traxxas Latrax Teton comes with one battery holder, and it can afford a 6-cell NiMH battery.

Also, The Latrax Teton comes in just one piece from the bottom, with no additional openings. This will give the internal parts the best protection.

It might be a great opportunity for some upgrades as well!

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Traxxas Latrax Teton Performance

If the body and the chassis of this RC car have surprised you, you might get other big surprises in this section. Because this car is wonderful!

Let’s get some statistics first…

Traxxas Latrax Teton comes with a 370 brushed motor in addition to waterproof electronic speed control.

Actually, the whole car is waterproof. With these parts combined with the 4WD system, The Latrax Teton can reach up to 20mph!

Don’t forget that this Teton is an off-roading RC car. And having a small size doesn’t mean that it is unable to do what bigger RCs can do!

It can go off-road as well as on a simple road. However, when it comes to rocks, it’s no a great rock crawler.

And by the way, the controller of Latrax Teton is the same as the 2.4 GHz controller of Traxxas. So you can control it like any other Traxxas RC car.

And believe me, this RC car is so funny to drive.

If you have a child that moves an RC car, Traxxas Latrax Teton is the best one as the first RC car to give him. It’s super controllable, lightweight, and easy to drive.

What I don’t like About Traxxas Latrax Teton

Actually, there aren’t many bad things that I didn’t like about this RC car. I think it’s a perfect first-time RC car for a child in terms of security, fun as well as upgrades.

However, there is one little thing that has bothered me when upgrading the Traxxas Latrax Teton. And this is because of its small size.

Sometimes, big upgrades don’t fit perfectly like the tires for example. They may fit well, but when turning to the right or left, they get stopped by the chassis.

Other than that, I see that this RC car is completely worth it!

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What I like About this RC Car

The fact that a small 1/18 scale RC car can have all these features and be able to go on and off-road smoothly is a great thing.

Another thing I love about this RC car that is not available in other Traxxas RC cars, unfortunately, is the included battery and charger.

You don’t need to bother spending more money on a battery again. All you have to do is to unbox the car, plug in the battery, and you’re ready to go!

Latrax Teton Upgrades and Price

Traxxas Latrax Teton. Most Affordable High Quality RC Car

One of the greatest things a loved about this RC car despite being small is being able to be upgraded!

There is always room for upgrades from the wheels, the headlights, the battery to the shocks. You don’t need to be the techy guy to do this because it’s so easy.

In fact, I’m sure that if your kid owns one, he will have a great time not only learning to drive but also figuring out how things work. You may get a scientist or an engineer in the future! Who knows?

Concerning the price, this is one of the most affordable RC cars that I reviewed. In fact, it is the cheapest RC car on our website so far!

You can check the price on Amazon by clicking on the button below:

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