Traxxas T Maxx Review. This is Why You Should Still Buy It!

If you’re new to Traxxas, you’re most likely to ask what is the Traxxas T Maxx. Well, this is a legend only Traxxas’ old fans know about.

The Traxxas T Maxx is one of the oldest Traxxas RC cars if not one of the first RC cars to be produced by Traxxas.

This RC car was the inspiration for the X-Maxx that you know today since it has about the same design and size as well.

Unfortunately, this RC car hasn’t been updated over time like the Maxx and the X-Maxx. You can see the old design that Traxxas was adopting a few years ago.

Still, this thing has a lot of fans and lovers that are proud to own one of them.

But it is still worth buying this new generation of RC cars?

Let’s find out in this Traxxas T Maxx full review.

Let’s get started in the next few lines…

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The Design

Traxxas T Maxx Body

First of all, there are two versions of the Traxxas T Maxx, the 2.5 classic version and the 3.3 version like the Revo 3.3.

However, there is no difference between their bodies, except for the paint.

If you’re familiar with Traxxas RC cars, then, you’ll notice that the Traxxas T Maxx looks like the X-Maxx. They don’t have the same design but still have the overall shape.

These two have the same scale which is a 1/10 scale.

The body design of the Traxxas T Maxx looks a little bit outdated, it has a lot of curvy edges as well as great paint.

It comes with all the features that any Nitro RC car has like the holes where the motor and the exhaust are placed as well as the 4 clips since this body is not clipless.

Additionally, the body comes with no internal cage or plastic skids; just plastic. But, it is still strong enough to handle the crashes and the bashing.

The Front

Like the Revo 3.3, the T Maxx starts with a chrome front bumper that is connected to the chassis. It covers a small part of the body.

Despite being a little bit old, the design of the T Maxx still gets the attention of so many people. That’s because this design is not here anymore, most of the new Traxxas RC cars’ designs are different.

So, that’s a good point for you!

As mentioned earlier, the body comes with 4 clips, two in the front on the hood and the two others in the back, they don’t appear though since they’re installed in a dark area (Black and Red body).

The Middle and the Rear

The middle of the body is the most filled place with stickers, you will see a lot of details, especially on the sides, on the windows as well as that big “T Maxx” on each side!

On the other hand, the back comes with 4 holes. the bigger one is for the motor, and next to it, there is the EZ-Start where you turn on your RC car, while the other two are for the clips.

The rear end comes with two taillights as stickers and a chrome bumper connected to the chassis.

What about the chassis? Well, it’s a lot more interesting than that!

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Traxxas T Maxx Chassis

When it comes to the chassis, that’s another story!

The chassis of the Traxxas T Maxx is different than the rest of the RC cars.

The first thing you’ll notice in this chassis is how high it is! It has about the same height as the X-Maxx.

The chassis doesn’t come with plastic, it is built-in Aluminum which makes this RC car so tough!

There are a lot of details in this chassis that we will mention for sure!

The Front

Traxxas T Maxx Review. This is Why You Should Still Buy It!

When it comes to the front, the Traxxas T Maxx chassis starts with a chrome bumper that we mentioned in the body section above.

The front bumper is different than the rear one for one thing: It’s curvy. Yes, the front bumper has a curvy shape while the rear one has a straight shape.

After the bumper, you’ll find the suspension system. This suspension system is different than any other RC car you’ll ever see at least in Traxxas.

It’s not like the E-Revo or the Revo 3.3, but we can say that it is similar to the one in the Traxxas UDR.

This means that this RC car has 2 shocks on each side. They’re tall and look so strong!

Also, to ensure a better balance, these shocks were separated by the body mount.

The great thing about these shocks is the ability to handle any obstacle they have. They’re capable and worth having on this legendary Traxxas RC car.

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The Middle of the Chassis

If you’re not familiar with Traxxas Nitro RC cars, then, I don’t think you’ll understand what you’re about to see.

This chassis is filled with electronics and machines from the front to the rear!

Some of the first parts you’ll see in the front of the chassis are the servo, the receiver as well as a lot of other electronic parts.

When it comes to the motor, is installed in the middle rear, in front of it comes the air filter, then, the fuel tank, and on the next side, you’ll find the exhaust pipe.

We will walk through more details about the internal parts in the performance section.

The Rear

Before buying this RC car, let me tell you something!

It is really hard to tell the front from the rear of this Traxxas T Maxx. That’s because of the huge similarity between the suspension system and the body mount.

They all have the same design!

Still, two things can help you recognize the rear! It’s the wheelie bar that comes in the box with the car and the straight rear bumper.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to do it!

Another difference resides within the body mount, it has the EZ-Start included there, so, to turn on the car, all you need is to plug the starter inside and click the red button. And you’re ready to go!

So, this is it for the chassis, what do you think about it?

Let me know in the comments below!


Traxxas T Maxx Performance

Don’t forget that Traxxas T Maxx comes with two models, the T Maxx 3.3 and the T Maxx Classic 2.5.

These two have the same chassis, the same shape, and design (except for some small details in the body).

Regarding the performance, there isn’t much difference except for the motor and the transmission.

The Traxxas T Maxx 3.3 uses a Powerful TRX® 3.3 racing engine as well as an Auto-shifting two-speed transmission and can reach up to 45+ mph.

On the other hand, the 2.5 version uses a TRX 2.5 racing engine with a tuned exhaust system and a Two-Speed Forward/Reverse Transmission and can reach up to 40+ mph.

Traxxas T Maxx Review. This is Why You Should Still Buy It!

When you buy this RC beast for the first time, you better follow the instructions in the manual before driving it, otherwise, you risk shortening your motor life!

Yes, I know, Nitro RC cars are so much more sensitive than electric RC cars!

For an RC car, just out the batteries and go at top speed right away, no problems!

However, for the Nitro RC cars, you have to do a few things before the real launch. But, it is still worth buying, it’s fun!

Other than the transmission and the motor, the Traxxas T Maxx comes with so many other parts which are contributing to this RC car’s power.

Here are they:

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Traxxas T Maxx Transmitter and Receiver

Regarding the transmitter and the receiver of the Traxxas T Maxx, it comes with the TQi™ 2.4GHz transmitter for both versions.

However, there is a difference.

In the 3.3 version transmitter has more features than in the 2.5 version.

The Traxxas T Maxx 3.3 does come with Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) as well as the Traxxas Link that allows you to see so much info about your RC car from your smartphone using Bluetooth.

On the other hand, the transmitter of the Traxxas T Maxx 2.5 comes only with the basic features.

So, would you take the 2.5 version over the 3.3 even without TSM and Traxxas Link?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Traxxas T Maxx Upgrades

Each RC car has its upgrades and aftermarket parts, and Traxxas T Maxx is no exception for the two versions.

Whether you want to upgrade or change a part, you can find it easily and cheaply.

That’s because this RC car is so old that most of its parts are widely available.

You can even upgrade the 2.5 version to have a TSM and a Traxxas Link just like its big brother!

You can change the body, the shocks, the bumper, the shock towers, the transmission as well as the motor itself.

So, there are a lot of parts and things to add to your RC car. You can get creative and make your custom Traxxas T Maxx! Isn’t that great?

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What I don’t like about the Traxxas T Maxx

Actually, in terms of performance, this RC car is killing it in both versions.

The only thing I’m missing though is the new updates that Traxxas is doing for the other RC cars.

I know that some of you might say that Traxxas X-Maxx was the new alternative. But the X Maxx is still an electric RC car, not a nitro one!

So, we hope that maybe this RC beast won’t go out of production and get a new upgrade with a new body and new technologies of today.

Do you agree with me?

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Things I Like About the Traxxas T Maxx

There are a lot of things that this RC car is special for.

For example; you don’t always see double shocks on each wheel on an RC car. There is some engineering there.

Also, the availability of the upgrading parts is relieving. This is something you don’t find in new RC cars, so, you should be patient until the new parts arrive.

But not with the Traxxas T Maxx!

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Traxxas T Maxx Price

The price of the Traxxas T Maxx in both versions differs since they have different features.

However, they’re not that far from each other.

For this RC car, even though it has the same size as the X Maxx and a good reputation, its price is very cheap in proportion to that!

Here are the prices of the Traxxas T Maxx 3.3 and 2.5:

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So, Should You Buy it?

Well, as long as you’re interested in a Traxxas T Maxx, you’ll find yourself in front of two choices, or we’d rather say: two versions.

So, whether you have a problem with your budget to not, I would recommend going for the Traxxas T Maxx 3.3.

After all; it got more power and more features. Also, you’ll need to add just a couple of dollars since both RC cars have close prices!

Other than that, if you have any other reasons that make you want to have the Traxxas T Maxx Classis 2.5, then, just go ahead and buy it, it’s worth buying.

So, which one would you choose? The 2.5 or the 3.3?

I would love to see your answers in the comments below!

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How fast is the Traxxas T-Maxx?

45+ mph

How big is a Traxxas T-Maxx?

The scale of Traxxas T-Maxx is 1/10 which is smaller than X-Maxx.


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