Traxxas Electric RC cars Best Websites To Buy & Learn From

Traxxas Electric RC cars are well-known and super popular among RC cars players. However, there are a lot of people especially beginners that don’t know how to find their reviews to choose the best RC car for themselves!

This may result in bad decisions. Hence, a lot of money will be wasted.

This doesn’t apply to Traxxas Electric RC cars only. But also their parts! You need to know that every Traxxas RC car has its own compatible parts.

This is why today, I will show you the best websites to buy and learn about Traxxas Electric RC cars.

After reading this article, you’ll have a bunch of resources to make sure you won’t get lost again!

Let’s get started in the next few lines…

Ps. These websites aren’t organized. The ranking is Random!

Ps2. I didn’t have any personal experience with these websites. But, I’m reviewing as a normal user or buyer.

Ps3. This is not a partnership with any of these websites (Except Amazon because we’re affiliates). This is a genuine list of the best websites that I found useful for Traxxas electric RC cars lovers!

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Best Websites To Buy & Learn About Traxxas Electric RC cars

When we say Traxxas electric RC cars, the first thing that you will have in mind is the brand “Traxxas”. Isn’t it?

Well, it’s impossible for a big brand like Traxxas not to have a website.

Traxxas website is the main website of the brand and contains many sections including a store where you can buy directly from there as well as a blog and a community.

You can buy of course Traxxas electric RC cars, their parts as well as any other Traxxas products like boats and so on…

They have also physical stores in different locations.

Yet, being a great brand doesn’t mean that your website doesn’t have some cons!


  • In your first time using the website, you may find some difficulties to navigate through. It’s not that simple to use. However, you will get used to it.
  • No Affiliate program: It’s really shocking to see such a big brand with no affiliate program. Why?


  • The website is well organized in the menu, you can get to any part of the website you want easily.
  • Big banner in the main page of the website telling you the latest news about Traxxas electric RC cars and other Traxxas products.
  • Support open 7 days a week
  • Presence on different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.
  • Great advertising videos for each Traxxas RC car that make you want to buy so badly.

Check Traxxas’s official website by clicking here.

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Traxxas Cars Reviews

Best Websites To Buy & Learn About Traxxas Electric RC cars

Traxxas Cars Reviews is a blog (which is this blog!) specialized in reviewing just Traxxas electric RC cars. You can use it to know more about any Traxxas RC car you want.

In addition to that, this website doesn’t review these RC cars only but also gives you the best upgrading parts that you can add to any RC car you have.

It compares even these Traxxas electric RC cars so that you know which one is better for you if you’re hesitant between two choices.

Basically, this website can show you everything you need to know about your next Traxxas RC car.

Whether it’s a Traxxas Slash or E-Revo, 2WD or 4WD, Brushed or brushless, you can find everything in there.


Traxxas Cars Reviews don’t sell RC cars. However, Inside each review, we give you the best places to buy your next RC car.

And of course, they’re affiliate links. But that won’t affect your purchase at all!


  • There are no annoying ads
  • Gives you Great tips and recommendations on how to treat you Traxxas RC car.
  • Its blogposts are always updated.
  • Easy, simple to use and to navigate through.
  • It has social media where you can follow us. We are on Facebook as well as Pinterest.

If you’d like to check our blog posts, you can just do it! ‘Cause, you’re already here!

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Best Websites To Buy & Learn About Traxxas Electric RC cars

There is no way you don’t know what Amazon is. Right?

Amazon is the best place not to buy Traxxas electric RC cars. But it is the best place to buy anything you want!

Just search for what you want and with a few clicks, your order can be complete and will be delivered to you within a few days if not on the same day!

However, when it comes to Traxxas electric RC cars. Amazon has some cons that may make you search somewhere else!


  • Product descriptions can sometimes be misleading: That can make buy something that is not suitable for your RC car.
  • Not all Traxxas electric RC cars are available there: This is the biggest con about Amazon. It doesn’t contain all Traxxas RC cars.
  • Doesn’t provide you with reviews: It is an Ecommerce platform. All it has is a small description on each listing that it can be misleading sometimes. And that will force you to search first in other reviewing blogs like Traxxas Cars Reviews and then come back again to make the purchase.

Nevertheless, this big platform still has tons of pros!


  • Fast Delivery: You purchase can even arrive at the same day. (Try Amazon Prime for free for 30 days)
  • Great support: Even if you buy something that you didn’t meant to due to a misleading information, you still can send it back and get a refund. And this is thanks to a great customer service!
  • There is a Q&A section where you can see the customers questions about the product, and the seller answers them directly and publicly. You can ask him too!
  • Super Useful Reviews section: the reviews section is a great place to have an idea about the item that you want to buy. This is the section where buyers come and give their honest personal opinions! And you want to read that so that you make the right decision.

If you would like to have any Traxxas RC car, just click this link and go check it yourself! Easy, isn’t it?

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Amain Hobbies

Best Websites To Buy & Learn About Traxxas Electric RC cars

Amain Hobbies is one of the best Traxxas electric RC cars stores that you should check out second if you didn’t find your RC car on Amazon.

In fact, this is the first website on the list that has a blog and a store at the same time. And the surprise is that they have a reviewing YouTube channel.

Amain Hobbies isn’t specialized in Traxxas electric RC cars only, It’s a global RC vehicles store including drones, trucks, boats, airplanes, and more! And the same goes for its blog and YouTube channel.

In addition to that, they have a support phone number, affiliate program, discount coupons as well as store locations!

This means that you can shop with them online and offline.


Actually, when it comes to cons, I didn’t find anything annoying about this website. They’re doing a great job!


  • They have a lot of social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more.
  • Different ways to contact support using online chat, or a call. And the access is super simple and easy!
  • Accept almost all methods of payments including PayPal.

If you’d like to visit this website, click here.

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RC Planet

Best Websites To Buy & Learn About Traxxas Electric RC cars

If you visit RC planet and Amain Hobbies, you’ll see that they almost have everything similar.

The theme of their websites, the ideas as well as the organization of the products. They have different social media pages though!

Personally, I think that they belong to the same owners because they have started in the same year!

But, in conclusion, RC planet and Amain Hobbies are the same when it comes to the appearance and the system of working.

Since both websites are related in some way, then, RC Planet has a great service as well.

However, Amain Hobbies is still way too much popular than RC Planet and this is from our traffic researches.

If you’d like to visit RC planet and see the best Traxxas electric RC cars. Check it out from here!

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RC Talk

Best Websites To Buy & Learn About Traxxas Electric RC cars

Unlike Traxxas Cars Reviews, RC talk is specialized not only in Traxxas electric RC cars but also in all RC cars as well as their parts.

What’s great about this blog is that it is so simple and easy to use. However, the articles are not that organized! There are no categories that will make it easy for you to navigate through the website!

Also, the article is so short. You can’t get the details of the RC car you want. However, you can still get the essentials.


  • As mentioned earlier, no categories in the menu: This makes it hard for the user to search for topics!
  • Short Blogs: But they still give you pretty much what the official website of Traxxas can!

Despite having all these cons, RC Talk still has some great features that few of the websites have!


  • You can have access to RC Talk forum to see other Traxxas electric RC cars fans like you!
  • They have also a presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Clean design and easy to use.

Check this website from here!

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Rumble RC

Rumble RC is one of the best RC blogs that I’ve found actually just by coincidence. However, when I check the content, I just fell in love with it.

What makes this website special is not the design, neither the high traffic. It’s the topics of its content. It simply answers the questions of midnight that any RC cars user may ask someday.

For example, I checked one of its articles about how to drift with an RC car. What I’ve found was a detailed tutorial from A to Z about what to do, where to do it, and what you need to do it including the characteristics of a drifting RC car.

Rumble RC doesn’t isn’t about Traxxas electric RC cars alone, but also it has some topics about Nitro RC cars as well as a lot of technical stuff.


The last blog post was posted in 2019 which is a long time. So, the only disadvantage I find in this website is the fact that you won’t be able to learn from it after reading all its topics.


One of the best things I liked about this website is the smooth writing and the simple explanation.

Also, it’s a personal blog that is owned by an RC blogger called Cezar.

The fact that you know the name of the owner makes you trust this blog and come back to visit it again!

Check it out from here.

Roger Hobby Center

Best Websites To Buy & Learn About Traxxas Electric RC cars

Roger Gobby Center is also a blog. But not like the others. This blog is different because the topics are different!

Most blogs and Traxxas electric RC cars websites are general when it comes to talking about RC cars even in reviews. They might be technical sometimes, but not in detail.

However, Roger Hobby Center gives you detailed details about everything that you need to upgrade or fix your RC car.

For example, most blogs give you the type of battery that needs any RC car that they’re reviewing. But when it comes to this blog, it gives you the details of batteries like this Lipo battery guide or how to put gearing which is a topic that a lot of people want to understand.

So, if you love engineering and love to get into details, then, this website is the perfect fit for you!


  • Some posts aren’t related to RC cars: Sometimes, they put some articles related to the latest news which is not related directly to the RC world.


Take a look from here.

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RC Super Store

Best Websites To Buy & Learn About Traxxas Electric RC cars

RC Superstore is a Traxxas electric RC cars also like Amain Hobbies. However, it’s different by its great, clean, and modern theme.

It’s easy to use and to understand!

This website doesn’t sell Traxxas electric RC cars only but also all other Traxxas RC products as well as Latrax RC products.

In addition to the store section which is the biggest section of the website, they have a blog section that contains great reviews and topics. Well, it’s not that detailed like Traxxas Cars Reviews, but, you can still use it.


Well, honestly, I don’t see any cons that could give you, the user, a bad experience. Actually, there are some great things that should be mentioned!


  • Free shipping on orders more than $99.
  • Website categories are split on the home page as big banners to give the user the easiest way to go to its target. Great strategy!
  • Beautiful design
  • So many reviews on the products as well as on the home page
  • Social media presence on Facebook and Twitter
  • They have an offline location.
  • Phone and Email support.

Check RC Super Store here.

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Race N RCs

Best Websites To Buy & Learn About Traxxas Electric RC cars

Race N RCs is a blog specialized in Traxxas electric RC cars as well as other RC products like boats, drones, and planes.

They have a great and clean design with a simple and easy-to-read main menu with 4 categories in addition to the about us page as well as the contact us page.

They don’t do only reviews, but also comparisons as well as RC tricks and tips.

They’re almost the same as Traxxas Cars Reviews. However, they’re more general in their posts while Traxxas Cars Reviews is more specialized just in Traxxas electric RC cars.


For Race N RCs, actually, I don’t see any bad thing that could make the user experience bad. However, sometimes the ads can get in the way and let you confused between the original theme of the website and the ad.

Also, there are no social media platforms mentioned on the blog!

Other than that, this blog is a great source for you to know more about Traxxas electric RC cars!


  • Easy and simple theme to use
  • Great way of writing reviews.

Take a look by clicking here.

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RC Geeks

Best Websites To Buy & Learn About Traxxas Electric RC cars

Like RC Super Store, RC Geeks is a store that sells Traxxas electric RC cars as well as all RC brands. They have a blog as well.

The great thing about this website is that they have a simple and modern theme with a clear menu and a search bar. When you’re there, you know where to go. Because everything is simple and clean.

And actually, this website is a UK-based website, so its currency is £ instead of $.


  • In the header, there is a language button which is something great. However it’s not working! If it was working, it will be a great advantage over the other websites.
  • Unlike the other Traxxas electric RC cars stores, this one doesn’t have a support team. Or at least, it’s hard to get access to contact them. There is no button there!

RC Geeks still have some great features!


  • They have social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube as well as Twitter.
  • They have a return policy. This means that you can return any product that you don’t like.
  • Great blog covering the latest news about the RC world.
  • Free shipping for orders over £75

Click this button to visit their RC Geeks.

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Metro Hobbies

Best Websites To Buy & Learn About Traxxas Electric RC cars

Metro Hobbies is an Australian that sells not only Traxxas electric RC cars but also other brands including drones, planes as well as their parts.

They have a great user interface with an easy-to-read menu.

However, they don’t have a blog. And this is the only disadvantage that they have.

But they have a lot of advantages and pros that should be mentioned.


  • It’s easy to contact the support by clicking on a big button below the menu.
  • You can have free shipping starting from $99 (Australian Dollar)
  • They have offline stores. This mean that you’re lucky if one of them is near you!
  • They don’t sell RC products only, but also all kinds of toys and puzzle, even Lego!
  • You can pay with different payment methods
  • They have social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Click here to check this website out!

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RC Hobbies

Best Websites To Buy & Learn About Traxxas Electric RC cars

Rc Hobbies is a store also that sells a lot of brands products including Traxxas electric RC cars. You can navigate through it easily because of its simple theme.

As a store, it doesn’t have many details like the others. For example, there aren’t many notifications and ads that disrupt your experience.

However, this is website doesn’t have many sales because there are no reviews or just a few ones over here and there!

But, they still have great features that any successful store does have, like the return policy and the support.


  • No reviews on the products.
  • This website is from New Zealand and so the prices. So, if you’re from the US or from the UK, you should convert to your currency.

Yet, there are a lot of pros. And some of them aren’t available on any website above!


  • You can compare the items that you want!
  • You ca follow them on their social media pages including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
  • As mentioned earlier, this Traxxas electric RC cars store is from New Zealand, However, they can ship worldwide! Isn’t that great?
  • They don’t sell only RC products, but also nitro and fuel products!
  • They accept multiple payment methods.

You can check it out by clicking here!

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Elite Models Online

Best Websites To Buy & Learn About Traxxas Electric RC cars

Coming back to the UK, Elite Models is an online store that sells RC products like RC cars, and aircraft as well as boats. They sell even rockets. That’s insane!

However, they don’t sell the most important thing that we need: Traxxas electric RC cars!

But, I still mentioned them because they have some great products and they deserve, in my opinion, to be mentioned!

Not selling Traxxas electric RC cars doesn’t mean that they’re not selling anything related to the Traxxas brand.

In fact, they sell Traxxas parts as well as t-shirts! Well, as a Traxxas fan, you may want to have a Traxxas T-shirt!


  • They have a blog which is great! However, it’s not updated since long ago! What’s happening? Actually, this gives the user a bad impression about the store especially its services like the support!


  • You can follow them on their social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
  • There are a lot of reviews on the website, which means that it’s having a great team behind the scene.
  • You can pay with different payment methods
  • They have retail offline stores that you can buy from.
  • In the “About Us” page, all the team is presented with their leader which is something good. It’s good for the buyer to know who’s behind the steering wheel of this website!

Take a look from here!

These were the best websites that I found useful and great to buy from as well as to learn from them more about Traxxas electric RC cars!

Still, Traxxas electric RC cars are a great part of our lives and we should make sure to have great resources to lean on and learn from in order to have the best experience driving any of these Traxxas electric RC cars!

So which website do you like the most? Tell us in the comments section below!

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