Traxxas Hoss VS Stampede 4×4. Which One is Better For You?

If you’re searching for a Traxxas Hoss vs Stampede 4×4 VXL, and you’re considering having one of these. Then, you’re making the right decision! Because these two monsters are some of the best Traxxas RC cars!

Traxxas Hoss and Stampede are some of the greatest RC cars. They’re competing with a lot of high-quality RC cars like the Maxx.

And if you’ve seen my review about the Hoss vs the Maxx (Check it from here). You’ll know what I’m talking about! (Check also our recent review about the Stampede vs the Rustler).

Having one of these will make a lot of people envy you! They’re affordable, fast, high performing, and the funniest and important thing is that you don’t need to worry about their parts and upgrades because they’re everywhere.

They have the same platform after all which is Traxxas Slash known for its high reliability and quality!

Also, they’re not only for adults but also for children. This means that you can let your child play with it without worrying about getting hurt.

These features and great characteristics are great and super attractive. But, they have also a bad side. Which is: Which one to choose? Which one to buy home? Isn’t it?

Well, you don’t need to worry, because, in this article, we will help you make your last decision.

Ps. Traxxas Hoss and Stampede come with different versions from the 2WD to the 4WD VXL. This is why we will review their strongest version, which is Traxxas Hoss 4×4 VXL and Traxxas Stampede 4×4 VXL.

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Traxxas Hoss VS Stampede 4×4 Design

The Body

As you notice in the images, The hoss and the Stampede don’t have a big difference in size. There are some slight dissimilarities. However, the main shape is almost the same.

The body of the Stampede is smaller than the one on the Hoss. Also, it covers less the internal parts contrary to Traxxas Hoss that is covering almost everything even the bottom of the chassis.

This protection helps a lot even if the car is high from dust and water.

There is another cool feature that the Hoss has over the Stampede is the small cover spreading over the Hoss’s body.

There are 2 of them on top of the car, and another one in the rear. These pieces of plastic protect the body from being cracked in case of a crush.

These pieces aren’t fixed only from the outside. But also inside the car, there is a big connected piece that supporting the body.

In addition to that, the body of the Hoss is clipless, unlike the Stampede where you need to unplug each clip of the four spreading into the body. The clipless body features are more efficient and also a time saver.

So, if you have a Hoss, you’re one click away from getting to the internal parts.

I guess the reason why these additional small but useful things aren’t in the Stampede is that the Hoss has been produced after the Stampede.


This doesn’t mean that Traxxas can’t upgrade the Stampede to a new version with all its new technology and features. I’m hoping for that to happen!

So, as a conclusion, when it comes to the body, I see that the Hoss has an advantage. This doesn’t mean that the Stampede is worse.

Don’t forget that the body can be replaced. So, I don’t recommend basing your opinion on this metric alone!

There are other factors that will determine which one you choose. So be patient!

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The Chassis

Traxxas Hoss VS Stampede 4x4. Which One is Better For You?

As I said earlier, Traxxas Stampede and Traxxas Hoss have the same Slash platform. When it comes to the chassis, they have the same shape as well as the same structure of the components.

You barely can recognize which one is which! They’re twins!

Despite that, there are always some differences.

The first thing you would notice is the body mounts. Stampede has way higher body mounts than the Hoss. And this clarifies why the Stampede is higher!

Also, the shocks of the Stampede are longer. However, Traxxas Hoss’s tires are a bit bigger than the Stampede.

When it comes to the internal parts, the same structure is there. But, Traxxas Hoss’s components have newer versions than those in the Stampede.

But don’t worry, we will get into more details about the internal parts of Traxxas Hoss VS Stampede 4×4 VXL in the next section.

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Traxxas Hoss VS Stampede 4×4 VXL Performance Comparison

The Internal parts

I know that by now you’re maybe underestimating Traxxas Stampede because of the body and the new internal parts of the Hoss.

But, I think you’ll change your mind after knowing what’s under the hood of those two monsters!

Traxxas Hoss and Stampede 4×4 have both brushless motors that allow them to go up to +60mph. In fact, Traxxas Hoss comes with a huge Velineon 540XL motor and a 4WD system in addition to the 3s Lipo battery to add more power.

On the other hand, Traxxas Stampede 4×4 comes with a Velineon® 3500 Brushless Motor, a 4WD system, as well as a 3s Lipo battery.

They both have in common the VXL-3s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control. However, there is a newer version on the Hoss with a bigger fan than the one on the Stampede.

But this doesn’t affect the performance of one or the other.

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The Systems

Concerning the systems of the Traxxas Hoss VS Stampede 4×4, both RC cars have great and useful systems that you can rely on.

The TSM is one of the most important systems for these vehicles especially for the VXL version because of its huge power. The role of the TSM is to make sure that the RC car is keeping the same direction.

How does TSM work?

Simply, TSM tries to keep the car in the same direction by turning the steering wheels against the direction that the car is sliding in. With this method, the car comes back to its original direction.

TSM is needed most when you launch your RC car in full throttle. Without TSM, your RC car would spin on itself. But this system prevents that from happening.

There is another system that is so useful which is the self-righting system.

How does the Self-righting system work?

This system keeps you away from the struggle of pursuing your RC car if it flips on its back. You know that situation right? It’s so painful!

This is why, with the self-righting system, you don’t need to go all the way to the place where your RC car had flipped on its back.

All you need to do is click on a button, and keep pressing until your RC car flip on its wheels again. It’s easy and efficient!

However, the self-righting system needs one condition to work which is the 3s Lipo battery. Without it, you can’t do it.

The Traxxas Link

The Traxxas Link system is super cool, it allows you to unlock specific features in your RC car, track every single piece of info and detail about it.

Like the temperature of the motor, the speed, and the location as well from your phone by installing the Traxxas app.

Of course, this system needs the help of the high-tech controller that provides the TQi Radio System. This controller allows you to control easily your Traxxas Hoss or Stampede from long distances.

So, as a conclusion, when it comes to Traxxas Hoss VS Stampede 4×4 performance and systems, both RC cars are so close and competitive.

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Traxxas Hoss VS Stampede 4×4 Upgrades

Upgrading Traxxas Hoss and Stampede is super easy. You don’t need a lot of research to find the convenient parts.

Even their prices are medium and some are even cheap.

However, as a personal opinion, I see that the potential of upgrading a Traxxas Stampede is much higher than upgrading a Traxxas Hoss.


Because Traxxas Stampede is not a new RC car like the Hoss. The Stampede is an ancient RC car that has started in production way before the Hoss.

And this, for me, is a huge advantage to the Stampede since its ancestors (Which are the previous versions of the Stampede) have a lot of parts that are still interesting.

This means that, as a Traxxas Stampede owner, you’re not limited to the new parts that have just been produced. But you have a big variety of choices. There are a lot of people that can change their Stampedes completely!

And this is something cool because you can have your own special exclusive RC car with no one knowing its real identity.

Also, the early beginning of the production of Traxxas Stampede is so important in gathering a huge number of loyal fans. (Same story of the Toyota Supra fans).

This is something that Hoss is lacking and needs a long time to be at this level!

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Final Judgement

So, as you see, new technology is not everything. Sometimes, legacy wins!

But, at the same time, there are a lot of technology fans waiting for any new RC car to buy.

So, if you love the design of the Hoss, love the new technology and new parts. Then, Traxxas Hoss is the best one for you.

On the other side, if you love some little classic design, high chassis, and legacy. Then, Traxxas Stampede is the one!

You don’t have to buy the Stampede VXL versions if you don’t want to. There are other versions that I will mention in the buttons below so that you can check their prices as well as their features.

But, for Traxxas Hoss, there is only the VXL version.

So, what do you think? What would you choose? This is a Traxxas Hoss VS Stampede 4×4 VXL competition and you have to choose a winner.

Let me know in the comments below!


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