Traxxas Grave Digger Review. The Best RC Car For Your Kid!

Let me ask you this: What is the weirdest Traxxas RC car that you’ve ever seen in your life? Well, here is the answer: Traxxas Grave Digger! Do you know why? Because this RC car is the weirdest and the most special RC car in Traxxas!

If you’re familiar with RC cars and you know a few brands, I’m sure you can identify a lot of RC cars just by their looks. And so am I.

However, when I saw this Traxxas Grave Digger for the first time, I couldn’t even think of Traxxas. Because I’ve never seen something like that before.

At first glance, you might think that this thing is so different. But, when you dig deeper, you’ll find that there are a lot of common and interesting things inside Traxxas Grave Digger with other Traxxas RC cars.

And the most important thing is that your child is most likely to fall in love with this RC car.

Let’s dig deep into the Traxxas Grave Digger in the next few lines…

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Traxxas Grave Digger Design

Traxxas Grave Digger Body

Traxxas Grave Digger Review. The Best RC Car For Your Kid!

This is the most interesting thing about Traxxas Grave Digger. It’s the body.

First, no Traxxas RC car has such a design and theme. And the best thing about this body is the fact that it looks like a truck, neither like a 4×4 vehicle like the defender!

We can tell that it’s a little mix between a truck when it comes to its height. and the other half is of a crawler when it comes to the rear shape.

What’s interesting also is the high-resolution stickers that will remind you of the nineties. The freestyle design.

You might not love it if you love the minimalist simple design that we see a lot nowadays in new RC cars like the 4-tec vehicles. But, you’ll love it if this reminds you of the memories!

What about your kid? I will fall in love with it!

Despite having this high-resolution classic design, Traxxas Grave Digger still has a normal body like the one on the Slash 2WD.

There are no real headlights or body mounts. Well, the headlights exist on the body, but they’re not real.

However, you can always have them as aftermarket upgrades. And the great thing is that they’re built just for the Grave Digger!

The body also comes with normal 4 clips spread across the body. But honestly, they don’t make the design look bad since the color of the body is much the clip’s color.

In addition to that, one of the things that made this RC car look beautiful is how short the body is from the sides. This will also weaken the protection of the internal parts from sand, mud, and rust.

Other than that, the Traxxas Grave Digger body is so cool. And it is a great fit for beginners, especially kids!

What about the chassis? Is it also weird?

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The Chassis

Traxxas Grave Digger. The Best RC Car For Your Kid!

Most people will think that the chassis of this RC car is different as well. It is not the case!

The chassis of Traxxas Grave Digger is based on the same platform as the Stampede 2WD.

And as you know, Stampede 2WD is one of the best Traxxas 2WD RC cars (If not the best)!

If you remove the body, you’ll see almost the same structure as the Stampede. The motor of this RC car is set in the back. However, the ESC and the other components are in the middle end.

While the battery is installed in the middle.

The great thing about the Traxxas Grave Digger is how matched the colors with each other. Especially the green that covers the front, the rear as well as the lower bumpers.

These bumpers provide a lot of protection to the chassis as well as the motor sitting in the end!

The other thing that is well customized is the shocks. They have a green color as well. But, they’re built just from plastic like the Stampede and the Slash.

On the other hand, the big wheels of the Traxxas Grave Digger give it a great and strong look. These wheels are amazing not in terms of appearance only, but also in terms of performance!

In conclusion, despite having all these features, the Traxxas Grave Digger is still a basic RC car that can be perfect for you if you’re a beginner or you have a child. Believe us, this will be a great gift for him!

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The Performance

When it comes to performance, Traxxas Grave Digger has a lot of common characteristics with the Stampede 2WD.

Traxxas Grave Digger is not mentioned on the Traxxas official website. However, we assume that it has the same parts as the Stampede since they have the same platform.

So, based on our assumptions, Traxxas Grave Digger comes with a Titan® 12-Turn 550 Modified Motor. It does come also with an XL-5 Waterproof Electronic Speed Control.

This ESC has three modes which are the Training, Sport, and Racing mode.

By adding a 2s Lipo to this combination, you can reach up to 30mph with your Traxxas Grave Digger. Isn’t that amazing?

Especially since it has those big wheels. With their high traction, there is nothing that can stop you!

Also, this RC car is not for racing like the E-Revo, it’s hard to maintain one direction since it lacks the TSM and the other systems as well.

The best thing you can do with the Traxxas Grave Digger is bashing! Just press the throttle and go wild everywhere! (Also, that’s what kids are best at!).

This is what Traxxas Grave Digger is made for!

And by the way, it is so funny!

The systems

As mentioned earlier, like the Stampede 2WD, Traxxas Grave Digger doesn’t have any systems in place.

And for us, we don’t think that it needs any system since it’s not meant to do races. It was built for bashing.

And TSM has nothing to do with that!

You can have fun as much as you want. But, there is one thing that you’ll encounter no matter how you try to avoid it.

It’s crushing it!

But don’t worry about that, because you can have as many upgrades as you want for your Grave Digger.

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Traxxas Grave Digger Parts

As we mentioned before, Traxxas Grave Digger has so many upgrades and parts. Why?

Simply because it has the same chassis and platform as the Stampede 2WD. And if you’re familiar with Traxxas RC cars, or you own a Stampede. You’ll know that this RC car has a lot of parts available anywhere!

You don’t need to worry about their availability or their price. Because they were cheap!

You can have pretty great upgrades like the headlights that are not white like the other RC cars. They’re red!

And this is the same color that comes with the real headlights of the real Grave Digger.

You can even change the gearing for more speed. In fact, with the 2s Lipo battery, you can’t reach the 30 mph mark!

You should change the gearing to reach this speed. There is a downside, however! It’s the handling of the motor.

After changing your gearing, you shouldn’t exhale your motor by speeding so much. Why? because your motor will do much more effort, hence, it will be so hot!

This is why you should stop for some time to cool down.

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Things I don’t like About Traxxas Grave Digger

Considering its principal purpose, there is nothing I don’t like about it.

A ready-To-Run and to-bash RC car is the perfect one for a beginner.

Things I like About Traxxas Grave Digger

The only best thing I like about this RC monster is its shape. It is so different than other RC cars.

Its design can tell you this: “I’m ready! Come and let’s go wild!”

That design gives you the impression that this is an east even though it’s not that strong when it comes to performance.

But in general, Traxxas Grave Digger is amazing!

So, Should You Buy it?

Traxxas Grave Digger can be one of the best RC cars in its category due to its dissimilarity to other RC cars.

However, if you’re a professional, this RC monster is not good enough, especially if you’re familiar with high-end Traxxas RC cars like the Hoss VXL, Traxxas X-Maxx, or even the E-Revo.

On the other hand, a beginner will love this RC car for sure! First, it’s made for bashing, and it’s easy to control.

Kids might love Traxxas Grave Digger as well. So, if you have kids, you may consider having this Traxxas Grave Digger for your kid on his next birthday or Christmas!

Otherwise, you may take also Traxxas Bigfoot on your shortlist if you’re a professional.

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How fast does the Traxxas Grave Digger go?

Traxxas Grave Digger can go up to 30mph.

Is Grave Digger the best monster truck?

Traxxas comes with so many monster trucks which are so much better than the Grave Digger. If you want to have your first RC car, then, the Grave Digger can fit you well.


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