The New Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 Review. Everything You Need To Know!

Again, Traxxas surprises us this time with an off-road RC beast, it’s the new Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 with so many features and things to discover.

The TRX-4 trucks have always blown us with their high performance like the Bronco and the High Trial edition.

What about the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4? Will it meet our expectations?

Let’s see about that in this review.

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Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 Design

Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 Body

The first thing you’ll notice when looking at this car is how similar it is to two other Traxxas RC cars, the Blazer 1979 and the latest High Edition Trail, but actually, it’s a licensed Ford F150 XLT.

We can say that they have the same front-end design. And as always, Traxxas always amaze us with these terrific details.

As always, Classic RC cars always come with great pieces and parts.

The Front

Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 Body

In the front, the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 comes with a chrome front bumper that you can see your reflection on.

On top of it, there are two big headlights surrounded by chrome material coming from the bumper in one piece.

In the middle, you can see the black grill as well as what’s inside, but what’s inside is not what you’re expecting (Not the motor). On the inside, they have even more details, it looks like a real car!

On top of the grill and the headlights, you will see the FORD logo.

The headlight design is always perfect from Traxxas, they are real by the way, but they don’t come with the box, you can buy the aftermarket ones.

There is a big hood, but something is missing isn’t it? Something that we are used to seeing in every RC car. Yes, it’s the Clips! But they are not since Traxxas has put them down.

With one click on the top of the wheel, you can open the body and see the chassis.

The Middle and the Rear

The middle of the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 comes with so many details like the windscreen wipers made of chrome, the black windows, as well as the side mirrors, the door handles as well as the top headlights.

Also, you can see the chrome line surrounding all around the car with some small stickers about the identity of the vehicle.

The rear of the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 is stunning as well.

You can see those cool taillights in addition to the center plate with the FORD written on it. This plate is also surrounded by chrome.

Finally, there is the chrome bumper just like the front one with a license plate in the middle.

Under the Body

Once you remove the body use the clipless system that allows you to remove the body with one click.

Under the body, you’ll find an internal cage, this cage can be used for extra protection as well as organizing the headlights and taillights wires in addition to the clipless function.

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Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 Dimensions

As you know, this RC car is a high-trail edition like the previous one, which means that it has big dimensions.

Length: 22.30 inches (566mm)

Width: 10.60 inches (270mm)

Center Ground Clearance: 4 inches (99mm)

Weight: 7.34lbs (3.33kg)

Height: 10.82 inches (275mm)

Wheelbase: 13.23 inches (336mm)

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Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 Colors

The Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 comes in two colors which are blue and brown.

Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 Wheels and Tires

The Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 tires are some of the biggest in the Traxxas fleet! They are the Pre-mounted 2.2” Canyon Trail tires.

They have a high grip that helps you crawl anything you want! The wheels are also 2.2” slotted mag wheels.

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Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 Chassis

The chassis of this RC beast looks, in general, the same as the one on the Bronco and the TRX-4 RC crawlers in general.

The design of the chassis is amazing and shows you how careful the engineers were in building this masterpiece to give you maximum performance.

You have the motor in the front right after the tires, the receiver box, and the shift and steering servos on the sides in addition to the ESC.

Then, you can see all the driveshafts starting from the motor to the rear wheels.

If you look from the bottom, you’ll see that the car is filled with so many axles which are important for off-roading and drive modes.

The frame is made of steel, it is extended to increase rigidity and stability, especially with the wide wheelbase.

Plus, the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 is higher than the 1979 Bronco, have you noticed yet?

The difference between the two RC cars is about over 1 inch. And this is because of the installed lift kit that makes your RC car higher.

But how did they do that? Well, it’s easy, they just added the extended GTS shocks by 110 mm to increase the ground clearance and be able to overcome high obstacles with no problems.

The wheels and tires have also contributed to this height by adding bigger tires than those with the 1979 Bronco.

In the end, the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 chassis will amaze you with its engineering and creativity. The upgrades and new things that have been added are crazy enough to make fall in love with this RC beast without even trying it off-road!

What about the performance?

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Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 Performance

Let’s go try this beast! First of all, the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 comes with a Powerful Titan® 21T reverse rotation, Trail-tuned XL-5 HV Waterproof Electronic Speed Control using 2/3s Lipo batteries.

Additionally, there is a two-speed transmission to select the drive modes like the low range and the high range.

Plus, you can control always the differentials that have different modes you can see from the transmitter including the trail mode and the crawl mode special for off-roading.

Here are all the parts that come with the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4:

All these electronics that make this RC car powerful are waterproof and can handle anything you put them through!

Plus the high ground clearance thanks to the shocks and the tires, you can now climb anything you want! This will give you the ultimate RC car!

You can drive through snow, water, mud, rocks, and rain with no problems at all. This can be a great RC car for your kid, it will handle him so much better, and it will be safer than a monster truck that goes at high speed.

By mentioning the high speed, the maximum speed of the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 doesn’t exceed 12 mph like any TRX-4 crawler. So, enjoy crawling in slow motion!

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Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 Transmitter and Receiver

These two are some of the most important parts you should have, otherwise just throw that car in the corner of the room/

The transmitter that comes with the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 is the TQi 2.4GHz 4-channel transmitter.

This transmitter comes with all the features that Traxxas has concerning the RC crawlers like the drive modes as well as the low and high-range modes mentioned earlier.

Also, you can always enable the Traxxas Link that helps you read more info about your RC car on your phone including the speed and the temperature.

But this requires also the receiver which is the 5-channel micro receiver with a failsafe offered with this RC car. It does require also the Traxxas Link device that you can buy from Traxxas.

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Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 Upgrades

New Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 Review

You may say that this is a new RC car, so new aftermarket updates aren’t available yet.

But, the bright side is that this RC car has so many parts of the previous TRX-4 except for some parts like the extended shocks.

Other than that, you can upgrade almost everything you want.

If you’re a beginner, one of the best upgrades you can do are the light kit which is available on the website of Traxxas.

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Great Features of the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4

In this off-roading RC car, there are so many details and features that you may not know and care about, but have a big impact on the performance!

Superior 45° steering angle: This is a cool feature that makes the steering angle bigger for better control.

Crawl Mode and Trail Mode: These two are available only on the off-roading RC car and crawlers, you can enable them and enjoy them!

Long 336 mm wheelbase for improved stability: The wheelbase of the Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 is longer than the previous TRX-4 versions.

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Traxxas Ford F150 TRX-4 Price

For the price, it seems like Traxxa is still keeping the same pace, we can’t say that this RC crawler is cheap, but it has the same price as the previous TRX-4 generations.

The price is high, however, I don’t think you’ll regret this ever, the look and the performance are stunning!

Check the price by clicking the button below:

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So, Should You Buy It?

The answer is clear, YES! you should! This is so far the best TRX-4 RC car you can buy with new technology and smart engineering techniques.

I’m afraid you’ll regret not buying this beast, especially since its price is the same as the price of the previous TRX-4 RC cars and not more!

So, just go ahead and buy it!

What do you think? Will you buy it? Is the price convenient? Let me know your opinions in the comments below!

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