NEW Traxxas TRX 4M Review. Everything You Need To Know!

Most Traxxas RC cars and trucks have a big scale or at least a medium scale. But, have you ever heard of the Traxxas TRX 4M crawlers?

Since most Traxxas RC cars have only medium and big sizes, Traxxas decided to add the small size. In fact, they took the Traxxas Defender and Traxxas Bronco which are some of the best crawlers in Traxxas, and created their 1/18 scale version.

These small Crawlers have the same shape and design but with a much smaller size.

However, do they have the same chassis and performance? Are they worth your money?

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The Design

Traxxas TRX 4M Body

Traxxas TRX 4M body isn’t that different than the one on the big-scale RC cars, you get the same characteristics and features.

Whether you take the Bronco or the Defender, you’ll have those great details like the door handles, the folding mirrors, the headlights, and the taillights as well as the other parts.

The other great feature of the Traxxas TRX 4M is the clipless body. You can’t expect to have a clipless body at this size, it requires a lot of focus to do that!

Since these bodies are the same as their big mothers, you can check the full detailed review of the Bronco’s body as well as the Defender’s body.

Other than that, here are some of the features they come with:

Headlights and taillights: This is one of the best features that these TRX 4M RC crawlers come with. They come ready to shine, all you need to add is an aftermarket light kit, and you’re ready to go!

What’s different though from the big-scale versions are the front lights. In fact, under the main headlights, there are lights that can turn on while the main ones don’t.

Folded mirrors: Even at this scale, you can still have folded mirrors, realistic door handles, the license plate as well as a lot of other small details.

Clipless Body: This is something even the big brands of RC cars don’t do yet! Traxxas has made it in their big RC cars and they’re doing it now in the smallest! That’s crazy!

There is a difference though! To take off the body, you have to click the front and the rear of the body to open it instead of the sides.

What about the Chassis? Do they have the same as the bigger ones?

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Traxxas TRX 4M Chassis

NEW Traxxas TRX 4M Review. Everything You Need To Know!

In the body, you can make the parts smaller and put them together to give you the same shape as the big ones.

However, for the chassis, it’s a different story! You can’t make the same motor smaller, or the battery smaller.

This Traxxas TRX 4M crawler is not even the same size as a normal Lipo battery! the battery is bigger than the whole car! It’s funny!

These chassis have different structures and different systems, Traxxas has focused more on the user experience to be more friendly and easy to use.

This doesn’t mean the quality is less, it is actually the same quality as the big ones because this is a steel frame chassis!

Once you remove the body, you’ll find a totally different structure, it is thin and long, and the space is not enough for two parts at the same time, so, you’ll find one part after another.

You’ll find also some of the new parts like the ECM-2.5 which replaces the receiver and the speed control at the same time with a new friendly user feature. You can turn it on and off by plugging or unplugging the battery. So simple and easy!

After the ECM; you’ll find the motor which is pretty big! it’s taking the whole first half of the chassis. (It looks like a battery which I thought it was actually).

Despite being built-in steel and having so many parts, the Traxxas TRX 4M chassis still have lightweight.

Other than the motor and the ECM-2.5, there are so many other parts that add so much value to the performance of this RC car. So, are they doing a good job?

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Traxxas TRX 4M Performance

We all know that crawlers aren’t measured by the top speed, but by the ability to crawl and handle.

These small TRX 4M crawlers, they’re some of the best!

In fact, the Bronco and the Defender come with a Powerful Titan® 87-turn brushed motor, an ECM-2.5 Electronic Control Module, with a Full-time shaft-driven 4-wheel drive.

With these parts, these RC cars can crawl anything!

There are some other parts though, here they are:

All these parts have a big role in making these small-scale crawlers legends and powerful machines capable of crawling anything despite their small size.

The electronic control module comes with three driving profiles which are sport mode, trail mode, and crawl mode.

You can change these modes from the ECM-2.5 depending on the mode you want.

Also, a great feature that comes is the 45 steering angle, which means that this RC car can turn in a small corner with no problem!

You can also change gearing for the TRX 4M. However, they don’t come included, you can buy them aftermarket.

And we shouldn’t forget that all these parts are waterproof!

Transmitter and Receiver

As mentioned earlier, in the TRX 4M, the receiver and the speed control have been added together into one piece which is the ECM-2.5.

What about the transmitter?

The TRX 4M comes with a TQ transmitter of the same size as the normal one. it’s not the same as the TRX-4 transmitter with so many options.

On contrary, this transmitter is basic, simple, and easy to use. However, it doesn’t come with so many functions.

You can control most of the functions and features from the parts in the chassis.

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TRX 4M Accessories and Upgrades

NEW Traxxas TRX 4M Review. Everything You Need To Know!

As you know, most Traxxas RC cars and crawlers don’t have many accessories and upgrades when they first come out.

But, as time goes by, more and more cool parts emerge and become accessible aftermarket.

Surprisingly, this is not the same case for the Traxxas TRX 4M models. They have so many different aftermarket parts and upgrades you can have after buying them.

There are a lot of aluminum parts, different body colors, light kits, aftermarket transmissions, shocks, servo mounts, covers and so much more…

This is pretty much everything you need to upgrade your RC crawler!

But, here is a cool accessory that you can’t find with any RC car, it’s the utility trailer. This is one of the coolest parts you’ll definitely want to have! It’s so realistic and amazing!

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Things I Don’t Like About the TRX 4M

There are a lot of wonderful things and features that will amaze you as they did for me! This review article is full of them!

However, not everything is perfect! One thing I didn’t like is the transmitter, it could be so much better if we had an advanced transmitter like the big-scale crawlers!

Other than that, these RC cars are astonishing!

Things I Like About the TRX 4M

If I ask you or any other person about this RC car, I’m sure that most of you will say the creativity and the innovation Traxxas has added!

The new ECM-2.5, the small steel chassis, the light kit, and the body details are all innovative things that have proved how powerful the Bronco and the Defender are!

Despite the small size, you can have the same amount of fun and enjoyment, and at a cheaper price!

Isn’t that crazy?


TRX 4M Price

Actually, the TRX 4M price is also one of the factors that will encourage so many people to buy these RC cars. I’m afraid they’re already out of stock!

At the moment of writing this article, you can only pre-order them and wait for the delivery that will occur the next November before the holidays.

That will make them a perfect gift for your children or even for grown people if they’re passionate about RC cars.

Check the price and pre-order them by clicking the button down below:

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So, should You Buy the TRX 4M crawler?

Power, quality, design, and good price are all the perfect factors that every customer looks for in every product.

These small-scale RC cars, seem to achieve this equation with all its components!

This is not a normal toy like the one you see in the toy store near your home.

There is engineering in every single part of this RC car including the body, the chassis, as well as the tires.

In conclusion, you’re buying a piece of art!

Just go ahead and buy it, it’s more than worth it!

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