Traxxas Drag Slash Review. Everything You Need to Know!

We all know that Traxxas has specialized mostly in big and fast trucks The Stampede and the Maxx. But recently, Traxxas produced something that they didn’t before, It’s the Traxxas Drag Slash.

What is different for me about this RC car is the design since we all know that Traxxas produces two types of RC cars, the trucks like the X-Maxx and the rustler, and the sports RC cars like the mustang and the XO-1.

This time is different with a different design, but, the performance will be different also, or we’ll see another powerful mind-blowing vehicle from this brand.

Let’s discover in the next few lines…

Drag Slash Design

The body

Traxxas Drag Slash

The first thing you’ll notice in the Traxxas Drag Slash is that it has the body of the 1967 classic Chevy C10. If you love antique cars, I’m sure that you’ll get attracted to them because the design of this thing is a masterpiece.

What I like more about the body of this car are the real details they included like the front bumper, grille, and headlights. These three pieces are real, unlike the other RC cars that have just stickers. However, the windows are just black stickers.

On the other hand, the Drag Slash comes also with a rear spoiler and a bumper that are also real. The spoiler gives the vehicle a great sporty look and helps it with aerodynamics as well.

What draws my attention a lot about this RC car is the rear wheelie bar with 5 different positions to adjust. This one is so long and rigid in comparison to the other Traxxas RC cars like the Maxx which has really small ones and is hard to see.

The length of this bar means that the car has strong acceleration and needs some support from the back to benefit the maximum from the power released.

Meanwhile, this bar is adjustable and doesn’t come fixed with the car out of the box, you have to install it with some screws. It’s easy.

What gives this car a great look also is the wheels. It comes with skinny wheels on the front, but a really large one on the back. And this gives you the impression that this car is not a regular one. It’s a monster!

The Chassis

Traxxas Drag Slash

The surprising thing about this Drag Slash is that it has the same platform as the Traxxas Slash. This news can be like some people who love buying trusted things because Slash is so popular, and so they won’t be afraid of buying this one too!

On the other hand, some others won’t like this because they love discovering new things and having completely special vehicles. And so they won’t like the fact that they will have to buy another Slash. HOWEVER…

This platform isn’t fully the same, there are some new parts:

The front bumper that we just talked about is a new piece. This bumper is not only normal, but it has a great ability to handle and absorb all the crashes to protect the body as well as the internal parts from the shocking effect.

The Transmission is also one of the new parts of this vehicle. It has a new case, all-metal gears, and a sealed silicone-filled 4-gear differential tuned specifically for drag racing with 500K heavy-weight diff fluid, and uses an aluminum motor plate as well. Aluminum is a lot better than plastic because it can help you with adjustment as well as heat dissipation.

The Torque-Control Slipper Clutch that we will talk about in the performance section.

There are other new technical things as well. So don’t worry about adding another Slash to your collection because the Drag Slash is so different!

The performance

The Motor And The Transmission

The Drag Slash comes with a Velineon VXL-3s that, when combined with the Velineon® 3500Kv Motor (10-Turn), gives the vehicle a huge torque.

The other thing is about the transmission that we talked about in the chassis section which is the new Magnum 272R transmission.

This new transmission is equipped with a silicone-filled differential, aluminum motor plate, steel gears, and an integrated input gear and top shaft. An all-new gearbox with reinforced arm mounts houses the components.

The TSM (Traxxas Stability Management System) & The Radio

The other important thing that seems that Traxxas gives too much value to it when it comes to such a powerful RC car is the TSM (Traxxas Stability Management). As you already know, this system remains in a lot of remarkable Traxxas RC cars like the X-Maxx and the Maxx, Rustler as well as others.

This system is so important when it comes to keeping the truck in the same direction and helping the driver focus on the drag race instead of just struggling to make the car go in one line!

Aside from the TSM that Traxxas has been creative when they came up with, the Drag Slash has also a radio controller that is compatible with the TSM. Of course, you can enable it, half enable it, or disable it completely from your vehicle.

This will increase the chances of your car being out of control especially if you’re a beginner, but as long as you learn more, you can then disable it and enjoy controlling the uncontrollable beast in front of you.

The Trans Brake System

If there is a reason I fall in love with this RC car, it will be because of this system. Let me explain to you what is it briefly. If you have a sports car, a fan, or familiar with supercars, you should know what is a launch control. (If you’re not, hold on, I will explain it to you in the next lines of this article).

Well, the only difference between the real cars’ launch control and the Traxxas trans brake system is the name!

I’m a supercars fan especially those with the launch control system because it allows the car to gather and hold the acceleration power using the brakes with a balance between the acceleration power and the braking power. And then, when you lunch the brakes, the whole acceleration power that was held is released which makes the car start faster.

Now, let’s explain it in RC car terms…

In the radio controller, in addition to the acceleration trigger, Traxxas has added another button that is responsible for this system. This means that when you click the throttle button and at the same time you hold the brake system button, the RC car accelerates without moving forward.

So, all you have to do is to make sure that the percentage of the throttle you’re having is good enough to give you the best launch with minimum friction.

What I don’t like about the Drag Slash

I like everything about the Traxxas Drag Slash, but there is one problem that concerned me after testing it. It’s the body.

As you saw in the pictures, the body is so clean and bright, but it is easily scratched, unlike the other Traxxas RC trucks. And the problem is that it can be seen even from far distances which makes the look of the car a little bit ugly.

What I like about the Drag Slash

I like everything about this car especially the brake system as well as the bodywork, the technology, and the performance of this RC car. I highly recommend it if you would like to add a new Traxxas to your collection.

The Traxxas Drag Slash isn’t available yet on Amazon. But you can buy it from the official website of Traxxas from this link:


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