5 Simple Traxxas Slash Upgrades You Have To Add Right Now

Upgrading your Traxxas RC Car is the funniest and exciting thing you can do, especially if you’re from people who love to build their special things.

There are few reasons why some people wouldn’t buy an RTR Traxxas car, you may not have the right budget to spend on a brand new Traxxas Maxx for example.

Or, you’re maybe from people who love creating their own machines and hate going just with what’s provided from Traxxas Brand.

Taking these two circumstances, I chose the most popular car in the Traxxas Brand and at the same time the easiest one to upgraded (This tutorial is for pros as well as beginners), which is the Traxxas Slash upgrades.

Traxxas Slash Battery

Traxxas Slash Battery

When buying a brand new Traxxas Slash whether it is a 2wd version or a 4×4 version, it will come with a power Cell NiMH battery that is pretty good and can make it reach up to 30 mph as top speed.

But guess what…

If you want more speed and more excitement, you can upgrade your slash and take the 2s Lipo battery.

You can try more powerful batteries like the 3s or even more if you would like to increase the power.

And the more powerful the battery is, the faster the Slash becomes. But be careful, and always keep an eye on your motor’s temperature.

Sometimes, the battery becomes so powerful that the motor is not able to handle it, and as a result, you may lose your Traxxas Slash.

The charger

Traxxas Slash Charger

If you upgraded your battery to the Lipo battery, you should immediately change your Traxxas Slash charger, because if you didn’t and tried to charge your Lipo with the standard charger that comes in the Slash box, things won’t go well!

The best charger you have to take right now is the EZ-Peak Plus 100 Watt NiMH/LiPo Dual Charger.

This charger is so much powerful, compatible with Lipo and NiMH batteries, and can be set up depending on the type of battery as well as the charging speed.

This charger is recommended by most Traxxas RC Cars users because it’s worth it.

Traxxas Slash Motor

If you just started in the RC Cars domain, you’ll hear often two words “Brushed Motor” and “Brushless Motor“.

But what does this mean? Why do people always ask about the type of motor? And why a brushless motor is better than a brushed one?

To be simple and without entering into technical details, a brushed motor is a standard motor on most Traxxas RC Cars because it’s not complex and cheap to make.

In general, it has a good quality, but don’t expect to go crazy with your Traxxas Slash with this motor.

On the other hand, a brushless motor is more complex and needs some technical skills to replace it, and also, not all parts are compatible with it.

This means that you have to change some other parts also in order to create good compatibility between your Traxxas Slash parts.

However, the brushless motor is a lot more powerful and reliable and can reach much higher speeds than the brushed one.

So, if you want more power, more handling, and more fun, I recommend going with this brushless motor for your Traxxas Slash.

Or, you can search for a Traxxas Slash with a brushless motor.

Shock Caps

Shock caps are the caps that handle all the crashes, the pressure, and the weight of the car or any other weight added to the car’s weight.

The problem with these shock caps is that they come in the Traxxas Slash in plastic material as standard.

And, as you know, the plastic isn’t that great at handling all these shocks especially if you like smashing the car and make it give its full power.

So, what you need to do is to replace them with aluminum shock caps. The Aluminum is great at handling shocks and high pressure.

The Tires

It’s really funny when I see almost every Traxxas player criticize Traxxas standard parts and doesn’t like them, and they prefer doing things their own way.

They all have this common thinking which makes it really interesting to see each one’s creativity in upgrading their cars!

And the tires are no exception.

If you’re changing your motor from brushed to brushless, I believe your tires will have a hard time dealing with the power and the huge speed.

This due to the fact that the standard tires are programmed to be compatible with the brushed motor which has less power than the brushless one.

With the standard tires, you’ll have a hard time sustaining the straight direction of the RC car as well as they spin a lot.

On the other hand, replacing them with these tires will that are designed to deal with more power and high speeds will give you more fun.

There are a lot of other Traxxas Slash upgrades that I want to show you as well as others not only for your Traxxas Slash, but also, for any other Traxxas you own that will completely change your Traxxas to a monster!

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