Traxxas Drag Slash With the New Fox-Body Mustang Style? Is it Worth it?

As you know, Traxxas Drag Slash is currently one of the best Traxxas RC cars in the market. This is because it comes with the exclusive Drag Mode that no other Traxxas RC car can do!

As we know the Drag Slash comes with the Chevy C10 style and body that gives it a classic and aggressive look.

But now, there is even something cooler! You can get the Drag Slash with the Fox-Body Mustang Style which is stunning!

I’m sure that once you add this style to your RC car instead of the C10 style, your RC car will change completely!

Just show it to your friends and tell me what was their reaction!

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Drag Slash Chevy C10 style VS Fox-body Mustang style

Drag Slash Chevy C10 style VS Fox-body Mustang style

In comparison to the Chevy C10 style, the Fox-body Mustang comes with almost the same dimensions.

There are a few small differences though in the length and the height.

The Fox-body Mustang is longer by a few millimeters than the C10. On the other hand, it is shorter by 1 inch which is about 26mm of difference.

This new body comes also with a spoiler as well as 4 clips.

The reason Traxxas hasn’t added the clipless feature is because of the chassis stayed the same. To make the body clipless, you should have buttons in the chassis which is not available in the Drag Slash chassis.

Other than that, Traxxas has made a stunning design with so many details that made this look completely different!


What do you think about the Fox-body Mustang style? do you prefer it over the Chevy C10 style? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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Q: Is the Fox-body Mustang style Available right now?

A: At the moment of writing this article, Traxxas is stating that the Fox-body Mustang style will be available In-Store on March 31 of 2023.

Q: Is the Chassis the same?

A: Yes, the chassis of the Drag Slash is the same, the only thing that changed is the body.

Q: I already have the Drag Slash with the Chevy C10 style, should I buy another one if I want to get the Fox-body Mustang style?

A: Actually, you don’t need to, however, you should wait until the Mustang body is available in the aftermarket.

Q: What is special about Fox Body Mustang?

A: Changing the body of your RC car is so important to avoid boredom and make you enjoy it again. When you change the body and the style of your RC car, it feels like a new RC car which refreshes the excitement of that first time you drove it! This is what is special about the Fox-body Mustang style!

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